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  1. It seems this version of Bayonetta was launched in february, but there are no game owners but eleven recent players????
  2. Great gesture, multiplayer in God of War is AMAZING, I still play this mp mostly on weekends. if somebody still plays this, contact me xDD
  3. Rare, I don't know nothing about this game, but surely there are unobtainable trophies, if nobody in this Trophy Hunters site has this plat, surely is because there are online trophies impossible to get, or maybe glitched trophies or trophies with an extremely rare description I think. I searched in the trophies, there is a guy that seems to be a completionist, and he doesn't have the plat :/
  4. Thank god. I thought my save file was corrupted. So next playthrough I will see the cutscene. I skip them because I already played this game back in PS2.
  5. I don't have it, actually I searched it in my rings inventory, but I do not believe seen it in the items either
  6. It has no commentary, but my platinum trophy walkthrough is perfect if you want all the trophies, you can follow the visual guide and my guide in this site. I did not die in the entire playthrough, earning all trophies and in Titan Mode.
  7. I'm following the site guide, and I want to dupe my first Demon's Soul but I do not find the Nexus blinding ring in my inventory, where can I find it? Thanks
  8. Sign me up I have all the platinums, in all platforms as well, all ten , also you may want to include my trophy guide.
  9. What do you mean about downgrade? How to do that?
  10. I plat this game in 2017, but I deleted my old save file, if I buy the DlC's can I play them without having to replay the main story?
  11. Actually the first platinum trophy ever earned goes to Rippa, https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/34-uncharted-drakes-fortune/1-platinum
  12. But they should know that this game is very popular and if this becomes real, they know they will have good sales.
  13. This game looks great, the platinum is unobtainable, I think it would be great if they do a remaster on PS4, this game has tons of fans and I saw some posts in other websites, in which people ask for a Portal 3 Game. Do you think this remaster can be real?
  14. I don't know how they hack but I would like to know if Sony does something about these, because it seems there are too many hackers at the leaderboards.
  15. While all of you are sharing tips/opinions and feedback to others, there is one guy that already finish this 100%/Platinum in 35 seconds, take a look here: https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/8675-kingdom-hearts-iii