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  1. The four controllers might help you out, however, I do not know if it makes the AI intelligence easier (maybe yes) bit part of the joy in this game is that sense of satisfaction that you get when completying the events or the stars. The only thing that should concern to you are the expert ghosts (those are actually the hard part of the platinum), and as I told you, you do not even need the DLC, just unpatch the game and you will be fine for Yokozuna, the rest is a 7.5/10. Note that those who vote this agme for a 9/10 is because we played with the patch installed so we were asked to do the expert ghost. If I never found the glitch trick, maybe I would have never finished all the expert ghosts,some of them still makes me feel nervous haha.
  2. Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed was for many years my proudest trophy. Actually, it was just bypassed recently by the trophy Earthworm Never Dies. I am going to give you a brief explanation based on my experience. I do not have many ultra rare trophies, and at the time I got that platinum I had just like 20 UR's. However, I was afraid of how difficult would it be. And HOLY SH***T it was. Take into account that you need to delete the patch in order for Yokozuna to unlock glitched and that way platinul trophy is just an 8/10. Nevertheless, I did not know how to do it back on the day and as far as I was concerned I "needed" the DLC for the glitch, (but actually no!!!), so I gave up on it and I started doing the expert ghosts. I did like 80 in my innocence, I am not going to lie to you I spent like 8 - 10 hours per day on these ghosts. Finally I was told that deleting the patch will give me the Yokozuna easier, and it did, however, most of the job was done, but I end up doing the glitch even if U was just pretty close to al of the ghosts to finish. I do not regret since I increased my racing abilities even more than when I tryharded Mario Kart back on the day xDDD. With glitch 7.5 - 8/10. Without glitch like in my experience it us definetly a 9/10 or even 9.5/10. That glitch has helped rarity to be 1.46%instead of a ~0. It is the game that I have most tryharded actually due to its hard expert ghosts. Probably the only game that is close to it is when I tryharded Fall Guys last year to do hundreds of wins and wins in a row.
  3. It will remain, I am missing the super kills as well, they are very luck based.
  4. Thank you so much.
  5. I mean to speed up leveling procesd, however, I read Bungie nerf it. Idk.
  6. Hi there! Maybe I am wasting my time but yesterday and today I created two extta Titan chatacters to speed up my level. However, what is bettet? 3 of the same class? Or three different characters? Currently I am level 1548 + 12 bonification = 1560. Is there any hope for me during the following 5 weeks? I am free to play
  7. What about the collection of Red War? I am thinking in doing it since I have 10/29 unlocked in my Titan Or is it unobtainable?
  8. I am doing bounties for each vendor almost all the days, but I can not afford all the days, my time is very limited, thats why I have no DLC, lets see if I can. I hope the level cao next season remains prerry close,maybe 1590 so I can do it next season
  9. I am currently at level 1533 gear + 11 bonus = 1544. However, I do not own the DLC but I am completing all weelly challenges. Any possibility? Maybe I can get my artefact at +20 ***at most, in the best scenario***
  10. On VITA, I did the jumping trick, I did the same jumping trick on Jal 3 - did not worked I will try and let you know, if it does not work I will end up doing it legit, time consuming and only 2 or 3 sidequests that are nerve-breaking Pff what a job with that owful controls on VITA
  11. It is a good point, but I want all Jak and Daxter plats on all versions since it is one of my favourite sagas, and sadly this port is really bad. Not always you enjoy games as a trophy hunter, Jak 2 was the worst for everybody even in PS2 or PS3 due to its horrible checkpoints, imagine it in vita, If I need to do it legal then I will, sadly, on this version
  12. I already did it on PS2. And btw, do you know how frustrating it is to play this game in VITA with less than 15fps, races under 15 fps, and holding the vita with one finger since you can not touch the back of the vita due to the fucking 4 tactil "buttons"
  13. Last year I did it in Jak 2, but now I cant do it on VITA, I will tey activating dark jak to see what happens
  14. I tried the jumping method today, I landed on the orb while reseting the missiom and it did not count. Only Super Jak? Or is it patched as well?
  15. Difficult or mostly time consuming?