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  1. Does it mean that I cant buy games in PS3 and VITA soon? Oh no I understood bad, I can buy games in my respective consoles xD. Sorry. So I suppose it is removed from desktop and mobile only.
  2. Does it worth it in PS3? I'm concern about servers shutting down :/. Can I start with online challenges at the beggining? Or do I have to get to a certain level in the game to acquire points in the challenges?
  3. It means that I have to beat final boss twice in order to unlock secret episode. So should I finish the game, then pick up the last sticker (hope trophy pops), then finish the game again and unlock secret episode? The other possibility is to back up all these save files. Wait until doing all the reports (idk if secret episode unlock if my game "dont recognize I have all 60 stickers), and after this copy my save files again to my PS3 and delete system data, then save with terra and ven for my game to know i have all of their stickers then load up my aqua file, collect remaining sticker and finally the trophy I guess. Can someone confirm me?
  4. Can someone help me? I have all stickers and I have arranged them for Ventus and Terra. I read about the glitch, that's why I have a back up of my Aqua's save file. I have just 2 stickers remaining (one in disney town and one in the mysterious tower) i have picked both of them 5 times, and no trophy. I also arranged the stickers and nothing. I picked them up, arranged them, quit the game - repeat. Still nothing. Is there any fix rather than deleting system data? Because I need to finish the reports.
  5. Seems a really hard trophy. What difficult do you put for this trophy? 8.5/10?. Good video, I will see it completely later.
  6. Yeap I see. I really liked this game. Sadly I can't get it :(((. Unless I find someone who can sell me an account with this game. But that is nearly impossible, and in my city if I find it, t is not original. Digital games- no liccense here.
  7. This happened to me in Spyro Trilogy, I loved them, but in PS4 it was a challenge to play them.
  8. Sorry but what does it mean? Hacked?
  9. Do you think servers will be up even on PS5 era? And is it true that trophies might be unobtainable or can be earned by doing other tasks?
  10. A guy earned this online trophies recently. Maybe we can ask him and know how he did it. And I don't really think he is a hacker... it seems he is not a dedicated Trophy Hunter.
  11. And what about the shortes one? If someones know Note: Great trophy descriptions.
  12. I've seen this: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/14-linger-in-shadows/10-greetings-to-farbrausch Wao that's so large. What is the largest or the shortest trophy description? It was curious D
  13. I tried on my PS4 and I couldn't but on my PS3 i synched two trophies today and worked fine.
  14. Guys I have just compared my profile (I have plat in all my games or 100%) with someone in the same level and % here, the difference is that he has just 1 platinum and I have 81, I compared in PSNP and I went to the other PSNT site and he is 7 levels below me. So it is not too much differences with platinum value, I mean it seems that 7 levels are too much but in this new version I think not.