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  1. You can simply play for a while until earning your first trophy. Afterwards, (maybe days or weeks) use your save file to pop all the trophies
  2. How is platting Overwatch in 2021?

    1. Copanele


      A massive headache. Some characters' trophies are very situational, to the point where you most likely will end up boosting in a group. 

      And that's the platinum only. 100 % the game is a nightmare due to unreasonable trophies like Cratered (hit the entire opposite team with Doomfist's ultimate) . 

  3. Well I understand then This plat seems more lucl and time consuming that skill actually
  4. For you Super Meat Boy was comparable to this plat?
  5. Actually yes, they added Invincibility in Jak 2 into the PS VITA version. Personally, I used it all the time due to bad controls in VITA. Worst port ever that one.
  6. What are that exceptions? As far as I know any delisted game still remains in your download list, I would like to know about that exceptions and how the developers return the money or yeah I mean you bought that product. But now that you mention this, I remember downloading Tekken Revolution back on the day when it was free and I think it is not available in my download list. I am not sure but yeah...
  7. Metal Sonic trophy for me did not pop, but once I selected Metal Sonic in the Action Stages Menu, it popped, just in case someomq gets frustrated, I know thay invest another 30 hours to get 130 emblems are insane (specially those Big The Cat Missions)
  8. YESSS! Finally a Sonic game with platinum, my hardest 100%'s are my Sonic games and no one has plat besides Generations, still I am missimg Unleashed (but already played on PS2).
  9. I don't know, maybe thats why it still is 9.99 for me?
  10. Wait, since when is there a rarity leaderboard? Why I did not know? I thought it was just a possibility, How can I see my rank in that leaderboard? Amd why it is not viewable in the main page?
  11. Well, they are selling platinums actually.
  12. Some people and friends are getting PSPlus for 1 dollar it seems like a sale, but still it appears 10 dollars for me: Some of them told me I need to wait for a notification.... what about you? Did you get plus today fot 1 dollar?
  13. It took me 7 years to have 99 platinums + some hard 100%s. Anyway, I do not understand why people buy trophies, it is pointless for me. At least, if these "games" were fun and enjoyable then it could be understandable, but besides that: people are trying to increase their ego and numbers with artificial platinum count.
  14. Thank you so much. I really apprecciate it :))
  15. Oh understood, people buy codes and redeemed in PSN, well I understand.