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  1. I summon a guy before the battle against the gargoyles, I tried 1000 times but my summon couldn't pass, it says that "he retorned to his world". Maybe my explanation is that in that area there is a dark invader and I did not kill him because it is very hard, the "Bell Keeper" something like that is a dwarf, maybe that's why my summom can not enter the fog, I killed the gargoyles though, but will it happen with future summons? With Lucatiel? Pleaseee...
  2. Ah okay I understand you then, but it seems very unfair to be honest, unless for a top ranking.
  3. I've seen the top fastest platinum achievers, I did this plat in PS3 but it seems like 2 hours, or maybe 6 hours are imposible records, I played 70 hours to earn this plat following the guide of this site, I can admit maybe 8 hours or 10 I don't know, maybe some hardcore gamers using exploits in game, but 2 hours? Is it real? Can be possible?
  4. I also went to the grocery store, and I did other in game medals that was no needed for the trophies haha, thank you man.
  5. Okay, to let you all know, I earned the plat and sync it, Im the second fastest achiever, just seven minutes left for the first place, I played this game in PS2 and I spent hundred of hours there, I love Harry Potter (thats why my profile is Pottercito) and I got the plat quick, although I could be the number one in the world, but I ate, I was at bath haha, so thank you all for your replies a new plat #69.
  6. Ok people I'm doing it offline in my main account just in case not, I will delete the user and create another one, but for the moment I have 30 trophies earned and nothing rare is happening, the game is Harry Potter 6, for some who wants to know. Thank you all.
  7. I don't have theme, movies, images, almost nothing, only trophies. All right to answer you, because I bought a game with some scratches, and I'm going to plat it offline in my main account/user, so in case the game gets damaged and I can't continue earning the trophies, then I will delete that user and create another one, so to keep my completion right, probably It is not going to happen, but in case. Sorry for my english, I'm from Colombia.
  8. Oh okay thank you, so I'll delete the main one, create another user and sign in with Pottercito_ PSN Profile and continue my trophy hunting. I've heard that if I sync my trophies the first time in the online mode it will take some time depending on my trophy count.
  9. So you mean that I have to delete the old user, and log in with my psn id (Pottercito_) in the new user before earning my first trophy or then it will get with missing timestamp? That's what I understand.
  10. I'm going to create a new user in my PS3 system, but I want to still be able to earn trophies and sync them to my PSN account, is it possible? Nothing will be wrong?

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    2. DamagingRob


      As far as I know, yes. Haven't tried it myself, but people will often do that if they're worried a trophy may glitch or something. 

    3. Hemiak


      If. You mean create user 2. Earn trophies, then synch them to your mqin psn then yes its fine I believe. 

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  11. I'm going to create a new user in my PS3 system, but I want to still be able to earn trophies and sync them to my PSN account, is it possible? Nothing will be wrong?
  12. Demon's Souls, Dead Space, Uncharted, God of War games, chose some of them, they are great and wonderful platinum trophies.
  13. I bought a PS3 game (Harry Potter 6) and it has little scratches, is it true blu ray discs can not be damaged? I mean, it has scratches but all the world says that blu ray discs are very hard to damage at all. Sorry for my English, I'm from Colombia.

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    2. skateak


      You will probably be fine. I have seen some pretty bad condition blu rays with no issue.

      work with no issue*


    3. Pottercito_


      Thank you, I hope that, in case, I'll play offline, once I get the platinum I wil sync the trophies, if I have issues I'll delete my user and create a new one in the PS3 to continue my trophy hunting,

    4. PooPooBlast


      Blue ray discs are indeed resistant to scratch damage. I've had a few games that were used in that condition and no problems occured. 


      However, im sure that very deep cuts may cause a problem but it's no where near the level of ps2 discs where a tiny scratch could make the game not work anymore. 


      So there's a high chance that you'll be okay. 



  14. Uncharted 3, actually there are no other games to search for, I also love to be a completionist.
  15. That's my question, is there any videos with a complete platinum trophy walkthrough without shortcuts? Any guide that I can follow from start to end, recommend me if you know. Sorry if you find mistakes in my English, I'm from Colombia 😂