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  1. I have the same question but a little bit different. I understand that you need to hold L1 and hit New Game. What I don't have clear is if you need to hold it all the time? Or should I hold L1 and press start and then new game? Or just press L1 at the same time I press New Game. It is a little bit confusing.
  2. If I am lucky. Someome with an extra online code? I bought PS Now in order to get these two trophies and other games of my list and..... PUM... I can not stream games, my internet is really good but I am in Colombia and that affects with the servers in USA. So I spent 25 dollars for nothing, as @DirkBenon said, it is unfair 10 dollars for these. I spent 25 dollars for nothing (all that remains is to download some PS4 games available for download, because my expectations were to play rje classic Sonics and some PS3 titles that I can not stream). If I am lucky maybe just *maybe* someone has an extra pass. Thank you!
  3. Thank you. I heard that PS Noe is coming to Mexico, Brasil and Argentina in this first three months Is it real? Then this can help me because Colombia is near to Brazil.
  4. People in my country can stream, it is hard but some people say they can.
  5. So you say that it is all about luck? What if I change DNS in order to be more "near" to the US servers? Im in Colombia and PS Now is in USA.
  6. The error says: Unfortanently, your delay connection might make PlayStation Now unusable in your area. Yo can use a Lan cable and tey again. I am using a LAN cable! This feels so bad I wanted to play Sonics in streaming
  7. That I have 14 days if I want to change thus service. But it is unfair!! Can someone confirm if changing DNS like here says: https://www.increasebroadbandspeed.co.uk/guide-best-fastest-dns-servers-ps4 works? Is it legal? No ban? I really need help
  8. I can not stream. I paid 3 months today. I have tried but it keeps saying error. I have 30mps it is a good internet. I am dissapointted. I feel I have lost my money. Im in Colombia but I have a US account. Can someone help me? Thank you
  9. Hey, thanks for the follow, man!!

  10. Hacking cards with Sony? 😱😱 I did not know that, and once you pay you can delete your cards from your profile as far as I know
  11. So, the unique option is to buy a PS Now card?
  12. I am also from South America. Can I enter the debit card of my mom and buy it with my 11.26 dollars? Or is it impossible?
  13. I have my wallet with 11.26, and each time I buy the 1-month subscription it keeps denying and it says I need a payment card (paypal or credit), and I do not have that! I always buy in PS Store with pre-paid cards. Is there any way to buy it?
  14. Huge thanks. I am not going to bother myself, I will buy it all. Amazon just has one seller. Curious...
  15. I am a big fan of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World of J.KRowling. I know you need a 1 PS Move (Or do I need 2?) and a PS3 Camera. But there is a book that is necessary for the game, isn't it? Withouth it I can't play it or can someone explain me well? Thanks!