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  1. Really weird buddy, but it seems yoy need to replay the entire stages in single player. Anyway you have to beat again all bosses as SuperSonic so that should not take too long, and the game is pretty short actually, (for a 9.99 dollars damn). And what about your friend? Did he got the two trophies? Or were you playing local multiplayer?
  2. I suggest buying all the stuff you need. I am sure this is temporaly and in 2-3 years the stores will be shut down for good.
  3. Portal 2 turns 10 years old today! Great game, sad to say it is unobtainable
  4. Well done for getting the Untouchable trophy in Sonic 4 Ep 1 :D

    1. Pottercito_


      Thank you! It was hard even for Sonic fans like me haha

  5. I guess it is possible, a trophy requires you to upload a coop offline score to the leaderboards. So, for me it would be very weird if an offline trophy is unobtainable in PSNow. Probably yes, but if someone can confirm you...
  6. Sign me up, it looks nice this type of content. Good videos and good idea!
  7. This is the first time it happens, I mean it sorts it by the last trophy earned except today
  8. Nope mine is normal, and in case that is true, my latest game played was Sonic Racing I do not think so, when I earn trophies for several games in a si gle day, thay show normal, for last trophy earned. I mean this would be normal if I have had sync first Sonic Racing in other PS3 and then sync my Sonic 4 trophies from my console. But that is no the case, I only have 1 PS3. A bug I guess from sony
  9. Hello community, this is very weird and it is the first time I experience this: I completed Sonic 4 episode 2 and earned some trophies, it is digital so the disc I have in my console is Sonic Racing and I decided to play a bit and earn a trophy I sync the trophies but sonic 4 appears as my latest game, instead of the trophy of Sonic Racing, and no I am not using 2 PS3's. This is very weird afaik
  10. People I would rather delete that game, it is an only-digital title and it was not a primary game that I needed, as it is digital only will be very suspicipus btw. It is better to delete and not to play something that I refund.
  11. If someone has played a game that they refunded by having it in their console. Can you tell me your experience?
  12. Possibility of being banned? I mean I "own" that game but I asked for a refund of that game xDD
  13. He can do that I mean, but if his PSN acc is with his main user, can he sign in again with his accountt in a secondary user in his PS3/PS4? Even though he is already logged in his main user
  14. I mean it is weird. Does it happen to anybody else? What would happen if I play that game? Lets say offline, willmy money be charged? The game is not in my download list actually. Nope, Expires: - Owner: Pottercito_
  15. I have platinumed the PS2 trilogy. They were tough, even though I already played them in the past and hack n slash games are games in which I am good. Personal opinion not a 10/10 but yes an 8/10, maybe a 9/10 for DMC3. I have not played DMC5 but it seems a 9/10. The trilogy can be overcomeby grinding objects if you are having a bad time, but that is not the idea but if you are stuck just do it. Maybe that is why the trilogy platinums rarity are not lower, peple tend to grind items for DMD difficulties, but DMC5 requires combosamd S ranks so in that game you MUST suffer. I am not also a very good player with combos, like B-A average in DMC3, sometimes S, but without items it was reaaaaally hard to beat kn DMD, but if you grind items, platinum difficulty is a 6 lr a 5/10 but more time consuming. Great games btw, but yes I will not lie to you, they are hard,and if youdo not havr the PAL version in PS3 of DMC trilogy... you will have to BEAT BLOOD PALACE WITHOUT THE GLITCH, and it was really hard and boring in my personal opinion that I have the US copy.