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  1. As latin, it is a shame that our fellow country Ecuador gets eliminated from World Cup after doing tremendous exhibition of soccer, specially vs Netherlands. It is true that today's presentation was awfull, sometimes having two results in favor can make you lose in this kind of competition since you do not mind risking too much as your rival will do, which is what happened with Senegal. Senagal itself has nothing to loose, too much to win, so they went to the victory no matter what. As for Qatar, it is surprising the poor football this country has as a host nation of a FIFA World Cup, 0 points and the worst presentation from a local team ever. I don't know how the hell they managed to win the Asian Cup. Now, let's hope our other three southamerican teams succeed in the World Cup. WORLD CUP SHOULD RETURN TO SOUTH AMERICA. Let's go, no matter if it is the sixth title from Brazil, the third one from Argentina or the 5th one from Uruguay, I want the World Cup to return home. ARGENTINA - BRAZIL - URUGUAY πŸ’–πŸ†πŸŒŸ
  2. You must wait until the weekly rotation has a Forsaken Nightfall available.
  3. Hi! Look: Each character in the game has three subclasses starting with just one of them. You have to complete the main story-line missions, which are an introductory missions for the game mechanics. Each of them is pretty much the same with slightly differences and it will take you 2 - 4 hours per character. Take into account that once you are done with the main missions you are asked to create orbs and to do arc/solar/void kills and things like that, so it requires little farming. The three golden trophies might take you around 10 hours at most. If the trophy does not unlock, you should switch between the different subclasses or going to the orbit in order to unlock the trophy. I hope your question was answered
  4. A friend just gave me a copy of this game and it is an EU copy, I already have the NA versoon platted, however I am going to give another try to this game and plat it again. However, I am planning on buying the DLC's as well for both versions. My account is from USA, but ny secondary account is from Spain. Can I buy the DLC's in my EU account, activate it as principal, and get to play the DLC's and obtain trophies from my main account? Thank you!
  5. If people have got some of them it might be due to cross-play. However, as far as I know it is bugged on all platforms, people that are getting it is because they did it long time ago on PC or Xbox. I would like to now that as well, a friend told me they lasted 1 year to fix a trophy, so who knows? Can someone confirm if logging in Xbox or a PC unlocks the trophies? I highly doubt since I have seen complains in xbox forums and steam forums.
  6. I would not congratulate Bungie so much, content vaulted goes against the client, but at least trophies remained obtainable. However, the platinum trophy is currently unobtainable if ypu don't have the subclass trophies. Five months have passed and still no fix, let's see when they fix it (if they will).
  7. Only Forsaken seals count. Dredgen title is easy, only hard part is to kill the entire oppositive team, but it will eventually come as long as you play too much gambit. I ended up with 8 Army of One in total lol. Try to use Titan with arc, the super that does a punch is the best to do the super kills and the Army of One in my opinion.
  8. And seems it will return. Maybe this new rewards system attracts more people to Trophy Hunting
  9. It is surprising that almost 5 months have passed since Witch Queen and there is still no solution. It would not surpise me if Bungie keeps them unobtainable for more months. Or the 'easy' Bungie solution would be making them a lot harder. Who knows? Tomorrow throphy changes to "Complete The Corrupted nightfall strike in Grandmaster difficulty solo" xD.
  10. On PS3 it is harder ti get Diamond cup - nearly impossible. You should aim for gold cups ALWAYS ALL DAYS, and maybe a coupoe of diamonds. If more people star working on the challenges due to the servee closire it mught helo increase the player count so it would be "easier" to get diamone somehow, oretry good game and loved to tryhard it back on 2020. I did gold and silver per day for 3 months, seems you need to do GOLD EVERY DAY IN DAILY AND DAILY EXTREME. Seems pretty hard and time consuming per day
  11. Buying a PS3 account with the game is your unique option, yeah it is sad to see delisted games specially games like these that has its separate trophy list. Thanks God I bought them all before this, I am only missing the Sonic adventure 2.
  12. Do you know what would have been good? To combine all trophy lists from Sonic 1/2 CD from the PS3 versions into this game with some new trophies related to Sonic 3 and bum the platinum. That would have been nice since the games kn PS3 required you to do speedruns and without dying. Dissapointing to have this list. Combining all three trophy lists + platinum and some extra trophies related to the new features would have been cool.
  13. I get your point, but Overwatch and online centered games can be enjoyed by casual gamers, I suggest people to mute othets and thats it! I do quite enjoy Overwatch still, playing some matches here and there, mutting others when I am trying a hero that I am not good at, to avoid people complainig at me. However, if there is ahero I do tryhard, then I enter in my "competitive mode", but without insulting others obviously Destiny 2 Prestige trophy changes for completing a nightfall strike in Grandmaster difficulty. So yes, trophy requirements can be changed, I am working currently ln destiny, Grandmaster is even harder than Leviathan, but thats how it is, trophy changes can become easier or harder, it depends ob developers
  14. Xbox doing it exclusive to microsoft systems before OW2 launches. Now, on topic, it shluld be weird since there is no point in delisting a massive competitive shooter game, give it some days could be an error or so. The good thing is that even if it becomes delisted, you can buy a physical copy of the game, thanks god physical copies still exist.
  15. One of the best trophy cabinets I have seen so for (yeah I am talking about that sexy girl collague, awesome), I would say special love for J-RPGs in general