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  1. Oh understood. So I will 100%the base game and then I will buy the DX. Thank you!
  2. I just want to be sure but is the DX upgrade (which contains Metal Sonic and +60 missions) the DLC? It costs 2.99 I just want to be sure at all.
  3. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷😞😔😔😔 The Hand of God and the goal of XIX century will never be forgotten
  4. Hey there. Im starting this but... When can I start daily challenges? From 7 level? Or can I work on this daily challenges from earlier on? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have never had this problem. Will it happen to me in the future? And what is that of "controls generations"? Generation 1/2/3. What is that?
  6. I just would say that Devil May Cry 2 in this site is a 3/10. But Bloody Palace doing it legal, and the multiple playthroughs of this garbage game was a 10/10 for me. Just so boring and repetetive that deserved a higher difficulty rating. DMC3 and DMC1 are harder than 2 in DMD but were ENJOYABLE. And BP can be done with suoer costumes.
  7. I really hope that happen. South Americans like I want that feature!!
  8. The NA version requires VR? If not I will pick it up
  9. So it means the game is still 100% achievable. Nice! I will give it a try.
  10. Wao, I did not know that, I thought this game was completely only in disc.
  11. So the online pass is activated in PS Now? How good has to be your internet connection to play on PS NOW? Many games if my list are there, I should pick it up for one month for 9.99. But I don't know if I need a really powerful internet connection, I dont want to waste my money
  12. How do you bought this game digital? It is an only-disc game
  13. Hope ps stores don't get removed from vita and ps3's systems. Or what do you think?
  14. Wao. I already changed my password! People must be pro hackers to hack a PSN Account I guess
  15. Yeah exactly that happened to me. The avatar stay grey and generic instead of my Sephiroths avatar. The color changed from black to the generic grey.