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  1. It's possible to play the entire game co-op with friends? How many players can join the play?
  2. Life is strange
  3. Thank you for your fast reply, it helps Can you send me the direct link of your blog? Some informations are pretty useful
  4. I'm almost at the end of the game and i'll start soon the mistery class grind, but exactly there is an easy way to find a specific classmate? If i'm aiming at a class leader and i haven't contacted him yet, how am i supposed to find him?
  5. 15 lvls to go, 7 hours , that mean 2 lvls per hours more or less with all the buff actived... Jesus
  6. Probably i'll be higher, actually i have beated shonen doll and i am at lv 22. Haven't you platted yet?
  7. Thank you very much, the hint in your blog are very helpful, for now i think i'm going to the end of main story and then, in the postgame i'll go for the rest of the trophies by any chance , what's the racommended lv for taking down the final boss?
  8. As i can see you miss only the trophy of lv 100, congrats. Have you followed a guide for solving the mysteries of every class? And character episode too? Can i get all these trophies before the final boss or even in post games? I want to know if there are permanent missable.
  9. I'm using a tablet but as soon as i have My desktop back i try to do what you have suggested. edit apparently everything working fine by now, i don't know if someone of the staff take action because i have dome nothing.
  10. I don't know if there is a thread for this one so i start a new one. I have issues with premium member trophy card, even if i change icon layout it won't work, i have always game and trophies. Also the image, even if i change and save there is always custom image. Any help?
  11. Hyper light drifter
  12. So, it's missable in fact. Too bad
  13. I dunno, anyway i have completed all subquest before, then i have received a message from Mishima a week before Shido change of heart.