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  1. Is the Bureau trophy meant to be a Unity reference?
  2. I’ve been considering making a similar topic for a while now. At this point I think it would be a surprise if they added DLC trophies. That’s not to say I’m 100% certain.
  3. I don’t think think that’s a given. The thing about a Remake is that you can change a lot more then a Remaster. If they’re taking a leaf out of RE then a hypothetical DS3 Remake could have different character scenarios (à la Leon and Claire) in place of the Co-Op. I think it’s more question of would they even Remake DS3 in the first place? Most Remakes are based on fan-favourites with a lot of nostalgia. I’m legitimately curious, has any studio ever remade a game that wasn’t originally a big hit/highly praised when it originally released?
  4. It's strange, this might be one of the few remakes where I played the original version. I think most remakes I've played have been from a few console generations before I started gaming.
  5. Same thing happened to me, except I lost.
  6. Yeah I'm sure it'll be find regardless. I managed to finish EMD with 20-ish handgun bullets and 30 machine-gun rounds somehow.
  7. Ethan Must Die 2: Die Harder
  8. Probably best to just stick to the platinum then. Kinda makes me wish that the PS4 version had excised the Multiplayer content.
  9. Thanks, I think I might switch some of these around e.g. start with Nook and Cranny with Jill on Normal and then do a speedrun. But this is still a good list to work from.
  10. Does the grenade zombie also turn up on Pure Survival and Invisible enemy?
  11. Thanks for the reply. So if I avoid clearing Chris on normal I can postpone the Grenade Zombie from unlocking right? Thats probably the best thing to do if I want to get a feel for the game. The unlockable weapons can't be used on the bonus modes, so the only real use for them would be using the infinite handgun to help with the faster speed run. Basically when I get around to RE I want to make sure I save the right way to unlock the weapon trophy but to avoid unlock ODZ mode.
  12. Curious about some of the things mentioned in the guide. Once you unlock something is it available for all difficulties or only the difficulties you’ve already played? What’s the deal with this tip? (ALWAYS save the clear save on the same file (slot) every time) Can’t you do a knife only run at any time, why is that recommend first in the guide?
  13. I don't know how but I just did it. I would have been killed if I had missed that shot on the explosive zombie. 15:01 Minutes.
  14. How exactly does the flamethrower work effectively? It doesn't stagger Zombies like most weapons so if a group is coming towards you it won't slow them down and it feels like a slow burn damage-wise. Also do you need to maintain line of sight with the Spark Shot, I saw in a video that someone continued to use it whilst strafing behind an aisle. I had no idea it worked like that.
  15. Personally, I didn't think LoS2 was as fun. It has some really questionable mandatory stealth segments and the ending is quite weak. By all means give it a go and experience it for yourself. Don't forget about Mirror of Fate HD, in fact maybe play that one before you play 2. There's some important story beats in MoF that 2 sort of skims over. I still think the first LoS is a really solid GoW clone with some fun and memorable bosses. I'm a big fan of the Vampire Killer design from those titles and I appreciate how Gabriel's armour design is inspired by the cover art for Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest.