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  1. Just to be clear most of these are metroidvania, with the exception of Dracula X. Even then you have save states and rewind so you’ll probably have a better time than you did with Requiem.
  2. So this’ll be the final update for Eternal?
  3. I used that walkthrough as reference for the missable trophies per episode. I also used a separate video guide for the collectibles. Link:
  4. Must have sucked not having access to high jump for that long.
  5. Looks like the VC Cannoli trophy will be returning, which means I won't be. Unless this is universally considered to be the best version of these games or something.
  6. Yeah, it’s pretty wild that they put in the effort. They could have just used the same or created something that didn’t resemble a Plat like they did for Control.
  7. Legion's Soul in Aria of Sorrow is missable if you don't completely destroy its outer shell before defeating it. I guess saving Maria and Annet is technically missable in Dracula X/ Vampire's Kiss, however if you follow a guide to get the best ending you should be fine. Link:
  8. I wonder if the PS4 stacks will still use the visual of a PS5 Platinum for the Plat image, they probably will.
  9. As far as I remember, as long as you don't complete every single simulation objective you won't lock yourself out of anything. As someone else said it becomes less confusing once you play through it a few times.
  10. This seems accurate. The Shadow Knight’s soul took longer to drop then the soul base would indicate, however that might just be RNG.
  11. I found DSS Cards easier to get in Circle of the Moon. Of course there are fewer of them and maybe I had good RNG. I did read an old forum post where someone cheated and gave themselves 999 Luck, it still took 30 minutes to farm some souls.
  12. I find it weird that the soul grinding seems pretty random, I can't find any drop rate stats. Also I seemed to have stopped getting XP, is this like Circle of the Moon where you stop getting XP if you're 10 levels over the enemy's level? Edit: Nevermind, the Mandragora doesn't give XP or a Soul if you attack it too early. You have to wait for the skeleton to pull it out of the ground.
  13. I mean, we'll never know for sure, but I don't think the final game was going to be first person. I think that was just a technique in the demo to disguise what franchise it was. I can't imagine Kojima hiring a celebrity and then sticking to a first person viewpoint.
  14. I don’t know about that one. There was a lot of bad blood between Kojima and Konami after MGSV and Silent Hills. I’d of thought Kojima would be more interested in working on original stuff at this point. Also wouldn’t you approach Kojima Productions to work on Metal Gear instead?
  15. Hm, there’s certainly been a bevy of rumors over the years. My instinct says there’s probably something in the offing, whether it’s reboots, remakes, remasters or MXT filled spinoffs we’ll just have to wait and see.