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  1. Thanks. There's also a number on the spine of the case. PPSA, I think it's the region code as that's how the PS3 and PS4 did it.
  2. So with these glitchy trophies, is this a case where if you met the requirements pre-patches you encountered issues? Or could they still glitch if I started the base game today? I’m trying to gauge if I should play Hitman 3 yet or hold off for future patches.
  3. Yep it worked. Thanks, that would have really sucked to have to delete my profile and redo every challenge on the Siberia Sniper Assassin map again in order to get a x3 multiplier.
  4. I've had a similar problem with the Sniper Assassin Trophy "In a league of their own". Will putting my PS5 in rest mode help fix it? It even took a screenshot of the trophy unlocking but the trophy doesn't show as unlocked, additionally the game still acts like I haven't played the mission as I don't have a place on the leaderboard.
  5. This might be an obvious question, but how do you tell the region of your PS5 games? For the PS4 games there was a symbol with either a 1,2,3 or 4 on the back of the box. I've read some old articles saying that PS5 games wouldn't be region locked, but I'm not sure what that means in regards to DLC if your store region doesn't match up. With the PS3 and PS4 you were out of luck when it came to DLC in that regard.
  6. I'd like to believe it, but honestly how many times have we heard this rumour before?
  7. Despite following this guide I ended up getting 'Kin-Stealer' instead of 'Enchained Blade'. The only thing I can think that happened is that Dak'kon's moral was lowered by me telling Ravel that my friends were 'tools nothing more' before saying 'I didn't know Dak'kon well enough'. Or his deaths throughout the playthough lowered his moral? Just something to keep in mind. Edit: I did it again and the only thing that went differently was that I avoided the 'tools' line, the trophy then unlocked normally.
  8. Yeah, for all we know the DLC might not even be out in 2 months time. I just hope there's an increase to the level cap to keep a sense of progression for high level characters.
  9. I'd put trophies for this Fatesworn DLC firmly in the maybe camp, so don't uninstall it just yet. Couldn't you transfer the saves and the game to PS5? If that's what you mean by putting the PS4 to bed.
  10. Does anyone know if you could follow/adapt one of the existing Planescape: Torment Speedruns on YouTube for the True Neutral Playthrough? I saw mention in a Steam forum that the current speedruns don't do enough to shift alignment. Edit: I ended up doing a quick playthrough following the main story and referring to the GameFAQ for alignment.
  11. I’ve found this roadmap quite useful. I just wanted to mention another XP grind method I read about on TrueAchievements. Link: I don’t think it’s as fast as the Burial Island method, but you can use it during your first playthrough of Trials of the Luremaster. “This method is done in the lengthy quest called trial of the luremaster. Once you reach the Castle Dungeon and you get to level 4 there is a pentagram at the end of this floor. You are suppose to insert gems into the different points of the star. If you insert the wrong gem some dragon monsters will spawn and I believe they each give you 24k xp. Switch the difficulty to story mode and have your character insert and remove the gem about 10x. That'll spawn and boatload of those dragons. Now you just sit back and let your party cut them all down. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied. It's also wise to save often and go out of the area so the corpses despawn. I had my game crash once doing this. Still, it's an incredibly easy and effective way to farm XP”.
  12. I meant that, personally, I try not play too many remasters anymore as I'd rather focus on playing games I haven't previously than redoing trophies I've already earned. So a new list/new trophies could lure me back. I do care about trophies, I just try not to make them the deciding factor on what I play. Fair point about the tracking, though they could use some EA account to track the progress but that is quite unlikely. Interesting point about DLC trophies is that the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 has fewer DLC trophies related to Lair of the Shadow Broker that the original Xbox 360/PC version. So it wouldn't be the first time DLC trophies got cut.
  13. This definitely piqued my interest. I know we shouldn't let trophies dictate our gaming decisions too much, but remasters with changes to trophy lists give another reason to revisit an older game.
  14. They put more work into the trophy icons for this port, that’s nice. Seems like a decent trophy list, hope they continue this moment of porting old Star Wars games.
  15. Is it important to beat the main game first and then do HoW/TotL? Can you to the expansion stuff before the point of no return and then finish the game? Or does that mess up the setup for HoF mode? Edit: Never-mind, I started HoW after the main game. It makes more sense to start the expansion with the Blade of Aihonen you get from the main game. I hadn't read that part of the roadmap when I asked the question.