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  1. Just curious if anyone is currently working on a guide for Peril on Gorgon? There's a few scattered videos and individual guides out there on TA, but I do enjoy the tracking function/ planning roadmap of the guides here. I'm in no rush to get to the DLC so if a guide is in the works I might just wait for that.
  2. They've fixed the crashing issue with the Adessa Armory and the Cynric Quarry on the original PS4. Don't know if the Red Marches fast travel glitch was ever fixed so look out for that. Loading times are still a bit of a drag and some spells can slow the game down. It's definitely doable/serviceable, but I'd advise having the old wiki or something open and making yourself aware of quest bugs. There's other content coming and probably a few more patches so I imagine more things will be fixed. It's up to you if you want to go for it, I have a feeling that this game will probably go on sale a lot in the future so waiting could pay off.
  3. Still it would be nice to have some of the good ones ported to something else, for the moment they're stuck on the GBA/DS. I know some people hate re-releases but I don't think it's ever a bad thing to have more options to play older games, especially for the sake of preservation.
  4. To be honest with the massive hype around full fledged remakes these days it wouldn't surprise me if Konami tried to cash in on that with at least one MGS remake.
  5. The Outer Worlds DLC is available on PS4, there's even an expansion pass.
  6. I bet the trophy is coded to pop at 190 reagents (10 for each), but there's a glitch where you get it for harvesting 190 total instead of divided between the 19 individual ones. Not complaining though, I was able to put my skill points into something more useful after that.
  7. Also could they even legally buy out the entire third party industry? Surely there are limits to how much of the pie you can have?
  8. And here I thought waiting for Skyrim DLC to come to PS3 was bad. I mean Dunwall City Trials is pretty bad to the point where it is probably not worth doing, but the rest of their body of games and trophy lists are fairly solid This, owning multiple consoles seems a bit outside my price range at the moment.
  9. Maybe going for a Might/Sorcery build is the problem and pure tank is the way? I started dying less from Mel Senshir onwards but the enemies still felt like absolute damage sponges, especially the Prismere Trolls. However the game became very generous with Greater Damage potions in the final few zones so I guess that balanced it out. Anyway I'm changing the difficulty now that I've finished the main story, I hope this doesn't affect potential difficultly trophies in the upcoming DLC.
  10. Yeah I've found it harder than I thought it would be, which leads me to think that something has been changed in this rerelease as old posts talk about how easy this game was on Hard or how quickly you get overleveled. Fighting groups of Jottun Runewielders who resist my damage, stun me with cold and only give 200 XP at level 33 is fun. However I haven't noticed any major lag like you are describing, but I imagine the high level mage abilities like Meteor can cause things to slow down.
  11. I can also confirm that I can now get into the armoury. I wonder if the Quarry is also fixed? Edit: The Cynric Quarry has also been fixed, so now everyone can complete that location's associated quests.
  12. Update: Okay I've just done the quests following the recommendations on the Amalur Wiki and did not experience the fast travel glitch. I'll copy paste them here so everyone can benefit from them, please note that 'Her Righteous fury' is especially weird as it requires you to knock poisoned enemies of a bridge which is something that is a little unpredictable. From the wiki: Before accepting any of the quests in the Red Marches be sure to create a save which you can revert to in the event a bug occurs. The quests Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury and Into the Breach are related and begin in Galette. It is suggested to avoid fast traveling until after the completion of Into the Breach. It is also advised to use the available bedrolls to sleep and allow the quest giver(s) time to return to camp. It is recommended to complete the quests in the order of Worth Fighting For, His Brother's Keeper, Her Righteous Fury then Into the Breach to avoid bugs. Do one quest at a time; It is possible to get bugs/crashes if you do them all at once.
  13. Unfortunately there is bug that causes the game to crash when trying to enter the Adessa Armory during the quest 'Outside the Box'. This is troubling as it prevents you from finishing the Traveler's quest-line and earning that trophy. Now your milage with this glitch might vary seeing as people on this site have logged the trophy, however I've read numerous posts on reddit and the like of other people encountering this bug. In the threads people reportedly tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game and creating new characters to speed through the Travelers quests, to no success. It is speculated that it is more likely to effect you if you are playing on an original PS4, but that might be conjecture. So be aware of this issue that may or may not get fixed. A similar problem exists with the Cynric Quarry location which may prevent you from completing several quests.
  14. Yeah after reading up on the loot bug and the crashes that occur when trying to enter Cynric Quarry or the Adessa armoury, I feel fairly confident that the fast travel glitch is 'probably' still present.
  15. Does anyone know if the Re-Reckoning version has fixed the infamous glitches related to quests in The Red Marches that could leave you unable to fast travel?