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  1. It was just a guess I made at the time. This edition releases tomorrow so we'll find out for sure then.
  2. Yeah that's probably true and I do think Bioware's assets are probably still around for Mass Effect and DA. I've just heard of these things getting lost and affecting remasters before e.g. Silent Hill HD. That being said they're probably only going to remaster 7th generation games, like most people have speculated, so I don't think they'll be digging that far back.
  3. I wouldn't expect anything remastered that E.A doesn't currently hold the licence for. Which would include older 007, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings games. Amalur exists in a weird place of partial ownership where they own the first game but not the series anymore. Considering E.A has never been pleased with Dead Space games sales I'm also uncertain about that, as much as I enjoyed the series. Unless they see Dead Space as money for old rope or something. Also if E.A has only just changed stance then how well archived and organised are their older game assets to begin with?
  4. Yeah, I've been putting it off for almost a month now just in case but it does seem a rather slim chance. Guess I'll just give it a go and hope none of trophies glitch because I don't think anyone here has been able to figure out a viable workaround. Still, hope the Jedi Academy port doesn't have these minor save issues.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Do you think they are likely to fix saving or the Secrets trophy? I'm just curious because I don't want to complete it and then find out it got some QoL improvements.
  6. Does anyone know the total number of saves you can have before you have to delete or is it variable?
  7. I understand now why there were unreleased games in that post when you put it in the 2019-2020 backlog thread.
  8. I think you meant to post this somewhere else.
  9. I'm starting to get the feeling that the chances are very slim.
  10. Update 1.51 just popped up. No new trophies have been added. I think it's safe to uninstall now if anyone wishes to do so.
  11. After thinking about it, I guess it's all on disk content with no additional downloads required.
  12. Wait so what, if any, difference is there between this and the Croft Edition?
  13. So I guess the ‘coming soon’ note on the DLC page was an oversight they forgot to remove after all.
  14. It's been nearly a year since this announcement with no further news. I guess getting the publishing rights for the original game has proven difficult.
  15. In all honesty, what are the chances this game gets a patch to add overwriting and deleting to it’s save system? That’s what I’m holding out for at the moment.