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  1. Since the latest update, I've noticed a strange bug. After pausing the game and pressing the guide button to go to the XMB I've noticed that my controller inputs won't work in-game when I resume the game (I can still access the rest of the PS5 just fine). The only way to fix this is to quit out and reload the game. Not a huge problem due to frequent auto and manual saves but I imagine this will cause issues for Impossible mode. Edit: The third time I tested, it seems to have gone. I'm still uncertain as to if it will come back.
  2. Oh, wait it seems that I did play offline back in the day and my 22 previously earned stars are safe. Phew that's a relief.
  3. Does this mean that you would lose your previously earned time trial stars if you only played online prior to server shutdown?
  4. Can confirm that you don't need to complete the story to get access to the horse mask, the only requirement is completing the mission Eye of the Horse. Edit: Finally found the Zebra, still feels like a blink and you miss it kind of thing. Edit 2: And of course I find the one after it less than a minute later. I don't care what anyone says, RNG trophies are the worst.
  5. So why did that one guy get banned from PSN and why did your run get taken off the leaderboard? I don't recall that happening to people with the Jak debug mode.
  6. Yeah, I think I was making the same mistake. I haven't found one yet, but I'm just assuming it will really obviously look like a Zebra when I finally do see one. I also read somewhere that you can get the horse mask before finishing the game apparently you only have to reach the tournament quests for it to appear, I hope that's true.
  7. The person who made a video guide for Shadowrun Returns has uploaded one for Dragonfall. These videos can provide a handy visual reference in the place of a more traditional text guide.
  8. Wait someone on the trophy guides comments said "You can complete the main quest. What it makes always night is having completed all sidequests". I hope this is true.
  9. Are there any images on the black and white Warhoof in daytime? It's kind of hard to distinguish it in these images.
  10. It's nice to see a Premium game get trophies patched in. I don't know much about the series but I assume the list isn't that difficult if people are completing it in three hours.
  11. This is legitimately quite big news for the service. At least for those interested in trophy hunting.
  12. It's weird that the guide recommends completing this quest before finishing the game because it apparently results in perpetual night-time making it more difficult, but also mentions getting the horse mask which only spawns after finishing the game. Is permanent night really that big of a deal?
  13. Thanks for the insight, I hope it'll go on sale soon so I can wrap it up before RE4 Remake launches.
  14. The platinum tile looks pretty aesthetically pleasing.
  15. I'm surprised there hasn't been a sale for this yet. I can't find any sale data for the RE7 season pass before 2022, so I don't know if there's a precedent for this or not. Do Capcom not typically discount their DLCs?