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  1. Can confirm that they do count.
  2. Additionally, does anyone know if the challenges with The Bank Heist DLC contribute to this trophy? I would assume so, but you never know.
  3. Okay, I'll give it a try and be aware of what not to do.
  4. Interesting, the guide here says it’s not a problem but other sources say replaying is a bit limiting. I think I might have read something poorly worded, looking back it looks like it’s referring to not being able to boost the trophy with the same challenge. These are the quotes I read that made it a bit confusing: “You can, if you want, replay missions to boost your objective count. You cannot get the same objective over and over again. You can, however, replay to get an objective you missed, or to get the objective tied to a different playstyle than you got the first time through.” “This means that by replaying chapters through the chapter replay points, you can bolster your objective count by grabbing objectives you haven't gotten on previous runs. You CANNOT get the same objective more than once, but if you played chapter 1 and got "Collect All Loot" and "4 Headshots (Predator)" on your first run, you can replay it and get "Extinguish 9 Light Sources (Opportunist)" on your second run. Your in-game statistics will say you have one objective, but the counter for this achievement will be 3.” The guide author for PSNprofiles also mentions that they got the trophy in a way that didn’t match the stats. “To check your thief challenges you should take a look at your statistiks there you can see ALL challenges. But you might get the trophy before you got 25 (I got mine with 23 on Ps4 and with 25 on Ps3 but I can't say if this is the normal case)”. So maybe there’s an invisible counter for the challenges.
  5. Reading up about the Thieving Challenges has me a little confused. It states that you're unlikely to get them all in a single chapter because they are tied to what the game decides your playstyle is. I get that, but I've read conflicting things about earning challenges in mission replay. Some sources state that once you earn a particular challenge, you cannot earn it again on subsequent replays. This apparently guarantees you get a lower score if you attempt it again whilst going for other challenges. My plan was to attempt 1 or 2 challenges per story chapter and then earn the rest via the side missions. My questions are, is it actually possible to earn all challenges in a chapter and can you make progress towards this trophy via mission replay. If anyone has any experience with these challenges, I would greatly appreciate their input.
  6. Just a quick update for any interested parties, I've had no issues obtaining the commonly glitched trophies for this game. I even managed to earn Weapons Expert without getting two BFG kills at once. Now I did start the game after title Update 1, which launched in mid-May, so many of the milestone tracking issues could have been fixed in that patch. However, it is also possible that I just got very lucky with these trophies. I'd need more examples from other player's experiences after Update 1 to say for certain regarding trophy bugginess.
  7. Is this still working after the mid-May patch? Edit: Yes, it still works.
  8. I think I'll just give it a try and hope for the best at this point. I got lucky with avoiding glitches in 2016 so maybe it'll happen again.
  9. Has the new update changed anything? The patch notes don’t list any fixes.
  10. That's the kind of thing I was worried about. It really seems like a 'your milage may vary" thing with the trophies in this game.
  11. How long does it normally for the stats to be resolved?
  12. Thanks for helping.
  13. Thanks for the reassurance. What's CRT stand for?
  14. Here's direct link to the video and description. Link: I would consider this to fall under "In-game glitches/exploits - These are considered mistakes not found or fixed by the developer by the time of the release of the game and due to them being able to be found by accident by anyone, it's not considered cheating. Online glitches and exploits possible in-game are also allowed." If this is not the case then please let me know. I understand that the timestamps are probably what caused this but I didn't do anything else on the list of flagging offences. I'm not sure if deleting a patch to get a trophy is considered taboo here but I've seen it recommended on this forum many times before for different games.
  15. bikeman223 Buzz!: Quiz TV There's a know trophy glitch for Buzz that allows some trophies to randomly pop, I didn't use cheats or save-editors. Is this really worth flagging considering the game's platinum trophy has long been unobtainable? If this is not negotiable I would encourage you to leave a note/warning on the game's page on PSNProfiles so people who discover this glitch through this site, like I did, are aware that it is a flag-able offence.