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  1. Using this to save some time on NG+ sounds temping. Though I probably wouldn't want to bypass everything, it is a fun game after all.
  2. I'd be willing to bet that at some point in the future they'll sell it on the store.
  3. Thanks, couldn't get it to load properly through twitter for some reason.
  4. Is it really that bad? Games often have multiple foreign language stacks and GOTY lists, it's not too different to this.
  5. The images look a little compressed for me. I can only really make out some of the trophy names not any of the descriptions.
  6. Makes sense, it's a great little gateway platinum.
  7. Interesting, still can't rule this out as being handled differently by some other devs. Guess we need to see how Spider-Man, MK11 and Borderlands 3 handle it.
  8. I guess being mindful of world tendency will still be important for some of the rings and things like the Istarelle. The fact that Istarelle has a trophy tied to it makes me believe that missing it was quite a common thing to do.
  9. I'm not completely sure if this would end up as an auto plat as a lot of the trophies are completion based with a few takedown/combat trophies. Not saying auto popping is a bad or anything, but you could be looking at a very quick completion time. Though I suppose you could argue that's what the new trophies are for and it is undoubtedly good for anyone who is mid-way through the PS4 version.
  10. The Original Borderlands isn't too bad of a platinum journey.
  11. I wouldn’t worry about it. Personally I don’t think there’s much to completing a series on this site if it means you have to 100% complete the duds or every single stack of the same game. For example if I 100% completed The New Colossus, I wouldn’t feel the need to do it again on the German version.
  12. Personally I PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game to have different lists. It also makes it less annoying to use the trophy advisor on this site for a specific platform.
  13. It's a neat touch that the there's only a trophy for the bad ending 'Seekest Soul Power' whereas the original only had a trophy for the good ending 'World Uniter'.
  14. This also confirms that season pass 2 will have trophies.
  15. I wonder what specifically about Syndicate doesn't work well for BC. It seems a little odd considering all the other main titles are ostensibly working.