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  1. Shame, the PS1 RE titles were expected to turn up on this service and trophies would have been sweet.
  2. Yeah that was totally the problem, I didn't realise the CPU had to all share a team. Thanks for the reply.
  3. This still isn't working even when I toggle teams on. At this point I don't know if I'm setting the match up wrong or this is a glitch.
  4. Yeah I've done this multiple times and closed the games between attempts. Yet nothing seems to be working. Edit: The guide didn't mention that you need to change your settings to TEAM by pressing triangle.
  5. I remember doing an almost successful run, but one of the wolves detected me and that failed the objective that time. I remember thinking that seemed really annoying, the stealth in that challenge really see-sawed from broken to incredibly strict.
  6. Glad I double checked the threads to see if someone else experienced this issue before I made my own post. Relieved to hear that it is just a visual glitch.
  7. Interesting, thanks for the info. I guess we can consider it partially compatible for the moment.
  8. I don't suppose anyone here has tested it out to see if it works? I looked up several lists but I couldn't find mention of this (or any of Sega's other MCU games) in the compatible or incompatible column.
  9. I'd be interested to know if this caps off the Mastery Challenge storyline or if it hints to even more challenges to come.
  10. I'm also a little confused from the outside looking in, are there supposed to be more packs available now or is there a release timeline I'm not aware about?
  11. Probably is still worth playing. However, with the recent announcement of Remakes of Max Payne 1 & 2, I imagine R* will do something with 3 eventually. Assuming the remakes are well received.
  12. Definitely not trying the PS2 Version with no platinum now.
  13. It is still possible to get 100% but it seems like a real hassle if you ask me. Here’s the EU forum post with a step-by-step guide: Personally I got all the single player/ DLC trophies and left it at that. I don’t know about some of the trophies being easier in a group but that’s likely true.
  14. It's on a 20% discount. $18.39 instead of $22.99 here.
  15. Bad luck, did someone mention that in the video comments? Sometimes it helps to briefly scan the comments to see if people encountered issues or bugs related to a trophy guide. I hope you're able to eventually earn the trophy.
  16. It's possible that you missed one, unless you're very sure you opened all 32 lockers. On the bright side if you have to start a new game to collect them you'll only have to play up until Central Processing so that's some consolation.
  17. I remember never finishing Anniversary on the PS2. I got stuck on a part where you had to climb upwards whilst the tunnel below you filled with lava. The climbing was quite finicky from memory.
  18. Yeah I guess so. If they really wanted they could probably allow re-mapping buttons for certain touch pad actions. But I guess that's a lot of work for a system they're not keen on re-visiting currently.
  19. Maybe I'm miss-understanding this but isn't the middle tier basically like getting a back catalogue of PS4/5 games? The description of the Extras tier even mentions that the games are downloadable. That could have some value to someone starting fresh on Playstation and sounds different to what I currently understand Now to be.
  20. Just noticed that Vita titles aren't in the mix at all. Admittedly it's not a large backlog but you'd think they try and find a way to include them.
  21. The fact the PS3 games are cloud streaming only instead of having a download option like the others is a bit of a bummer. I guess they really couldn't get around the constraints of the PS3's console architecture.
  22. I think it must be possible to sequence break it but, thinking back, I'm not sure how the OP did it. I think it probably has something to do with Balthazar's Monastery having multiple secret entrances that could cause you to skip a quest trigger by accident if you enter the area without first talking to Balthazar, maybe the game then auto adds the locations on your map. Just a guess, maybe it was just glitched for them independent of anything they did or didn't do.
  23. I bet that's because you can transfer progress from the demo to the main game. Surely its not sustainable to constantly update the demo to remain in parity to the main game, unless they're essentially treated as the same thing file wise.
  24. Which in theory should give me the Chaos trophy anyway if I can beat it. Okay I’ll give it a shot.
  25. Which I can't do yet until someone determines if the update changed anything.