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  1. Looks like your hunch is likely to be correct.
  2. It should work so long as both accounts recognise your console as their primary console. I've done something similar for other games in the past and it worked then.
  3. That's strange. Does it mean anything concrete at this point though? Asides from the PS1 classics does RE have any previous exclusivity with Playstation?
  4. Ouch, yeah definitely go with the physical option there. I think for me the prices are almost exactly the same (without applying the discount).
  5. I did the math and it seems a little cheaper digitally for me and I've found that to be true in the past. Of course it all depends on where you live and how your brick and mortar stores set prices.
  6. Hm, it’s got a -10% PS Plus pre-order discount. That’s pretty tempting.
  7. There was that time he lived in Japan, trained with Samurai, got married and had his soul forged into a sword. Jokes aside, there probably is varied location potential in telling a story over his centuries old life.
  8. Very interesting. I wonder if they’ll keep a D&D inspired combat system or change it? I don’t mind either way but I imagine that will be a point of contention for a lot of people.
  9. Definitely interested in trying this out after playing the AWE DLC for Control.
  10. Ok, so after looking this up a bit I've decided to save myself some hassle and buy the game again from the US store whilst it's on sale. I just have few questions, do I have to buy a PSN gift card? I can't just use Pay Pal or something else on the US account? If I want to get a gift card I should check on Amazon US? (Sorry if this is an obvious question) Finally, once all these steps are done is there any way to tell if I've installed the correct version without playing it? Can you check product codes or something? Would it be in the technical data on the main menu? Aside from the fact that it probably will have a padlock in the top right corner or something.
  11. Okay, cool I didn't think you could. You definitely talked about the pause menu at around 2:50. It's alright I just wanted to see what you meant.
  12. One more thing, in your video you say you can pause the in-game timer at the pause screen. At lot of people online are in disagreement as to if this works on not. Do you remember anything related to this?
  13. Alright, thanks for the prompt response.
  14. Just to clarify, there's 12 videos in that playlist, split into 2 sets of 6. Is the only difference between the two that one has commentary and one doesn't?
  15. I've recently earned my platinum for Resident Evil. In the process of going for the speed run I made a lot of notes that I'd check in the door animations to keep me on track (Heard about this tip in a speedrun I watched). Rather than delete them I'll post them here in the hopes that some one else finds them useful. The room names line up with Evil Resource. I'll also include the playthrough order that was recommended to me by other PSNProfiles members to earn the platinum without having to deal with One Dangerous Zombie mode. Please note that these speed run notes probably make the most sense if you're already familiar with the game. I'm not an expert by any means, but I thought breaking it down like this might help make the run more manageable. Just for reference I beat the game in 2:01:23 when I went for the speed run. For additional reference this is the speed run video I watched beforehand to create my notes. RE HD Playthrough Order 1. Nook and Cranny with Jill on Normal (Good ending) 2. Speedrun on Normal with Jill (Bad ending) 3. Knife only on very easy with Chris (Good ending) 4. Real Survival with Jill (bad ending) 5. No Save Run with Jill on Very Easy with Rocket Launcher (good ending) 6. Invisible Mode with Chris on Very Easy (bad ending) Speedrun Notes Jill Normal: Part 1: · Equip knife/ grab ink ribbons · Cutscenes skip · Go upstairs and grab arrow from mirror hall · Run to graveyard and get the sword key · Make first save in the dining hall Part 2: · Collect the Herbicide/ herbs · Collect the Dog whistle/lighter from upstairs · Dog collar/ use herbs on balcony if necessary · Unlock west door to mirror room · Grab Armor key · Grenade launcher/ herbs (If Barry is there, if not you risk getting attacked going for the herbs) · Trigger the Richard cutscene · Get Serum/ stash gun, knife & sword key/ collect first aid/ make second save in medical storage Part 3 · Collect battery pack on the way to plant room/ Use herbicide/ get death mask/ herb mix if you need it · Save Richard · Collect sheet music from dark room · Collect wooden emblem from dining room · Go to bar and get the gold emblem · Get shield key from dining room (Large gear right twice) · Herb from pillar room if you need it · Get death mask from yawn room · Get death mask from the jewellery box in the armor room (Upper right, lower left, lower right) · Head to east wing storeroom · Collect first aid and incendiary shells · Store lighter and make 3rd save Part 4 · Head to the art gallery for the final death mask · Mask order left to right (eyes, eyes/nose/mouth, nose, mouth) · Crimson head prototype boss fight (use minimum 3 grenade shells) · First aid and battery in garden shed · Head to cabin to get square crank and store armor key in item box · Head to residence using square crank · Get herb and red book from rec room (Blue herb mix if poisoned) · Push crate · 4th save in residence storeroom plus extra ink ribbons and battery Part 5 · Get key from bathroom in room 002 · Get control room key from bathroom in room 001 · Head to aqua ring via room 002 bookcase · Push those crates to get into aqua ring · Head to control room and drain the water · Get the gallery key from the shark · Pass through gallery get the 003 key from the bees using insecticide · Solve room 003 puzzle to fight boss · Make 5th save Part 6 · Use flame rounds on Plant 42 · Head to balcony and use 3 rounds on the boss · Get helmet key · Red herb from the gallery? · Make your way back to the mansion · Blue and green herbs in main garden if adders poison you · Battery, grenade shells and first aid from garden shed · Head to east wing storeroom and make 6th save Part 7 · Optional green herb in resting room · Head to sliding trap room to get eagle medal from secret passage (Grab dagger just in case) · Kill zombies in concrete passage 2 (extra Dagger) · Power up the elevator · Take kitchen elevator to elevator corridor · Grab acid shells, battery pack and battery from the materials room · Head through mirror corridor to get to attic (Kill zombies here with flame shells now) (Switch to acid shells at some point) · Kill yawn (3 acid shells should do it) · Get wolf medal · Backtrack through attic to the mirror hall (Green herb in corridor too) · Head to trophy room and get the red gem (extra Dagger and grenade shells too) · Outside balcony herbs if necessary (Beware hunter) · Head to large art room (Extra ink ribbons here) to get to mirror room (extra dagger) and get the jewellery box · Open jewellery box to get emblem key and then head to courtyard study via cemetery & gallery · Kill hunter in corridor outside study · Get metal object and battery from study · Use battery on elevator and then square crank to get rid of waterfall · Head to entrance passage and make use of the save and item box (7th save) store medals until they are needed/ store square crank Part 8 · Get hexagonal crank · Take knife to cut webs in black tiger room, take green herb too · Avoid boulders and get the shaft piece · Take elevator down (Code 4231) · Push crate (battery in underground storage) to get broken flamethrower · Grab final jewellery box (extra herbs in this room too) · Use cabin storage box to create stone and metal item/ store knife & crank · Make your way back to the mansion (remember to take the second stone and metal object back) and head to the altar typewriter · 8th save (save in a different slot if you’re worried about time) Part 9 · Complete altar section on track for the bad ending (grab Barry’s magnum, save one shot for the Tyrant) · Enter lab (wolf on left eagle on right) and make 9th save (again in a separate slot) Part 10 · Head to Laboratory B3 · Kill zombie in O-room near the operating room door · Operating room computer (John- Ada) (Cell) Unlock room on B-2F and B-3F · Head to visual data room for power area key (use code 8462) · Kill zombie in elevator entry near power maze entry · Collect fuel supply capsule (Kill chimera near the fuelling device) · Kill zombie in X-ray room B and refill capsule · Walk it back and then restore elevator power from the power control room · Make 10th and last save in lab lounge room (Grab any necessary first aids) · Kill Tyrant in lab with Barry’s magnum (grab lab master key and remember to turn off the electronic lock) and then race to helipad
  16. So essentially you have to keep every cleared save data from each play through you complete? Doesn't that mean you'll eventually run out of slots since there's only 8 available? What if I botch a speed run? Or does your latest cleared save then become your prime save to use in once again?
  17. You'd probably be hard pressed to avoid increasing your legend (which unlocks a story trophy) if you do a lot of the exploration trophies.
  18. It does seem a little odd, for example Control got tile art that was sized correctly for the PS5 list.
  19. Just noticed this myself. Speculation is all well and good but have the developers issued an official comment on this? It seems strange that they wouldn't acknowledge this at all.
  20. Yeah I think my controllers slowly becoming ineffective was the biggest factor for me retiring from PS3 trophy hunting. However, what I would do and you should probably do, is give repairing a through go before you try buying a new one. You might end up saving some money and what's the worst that could happen, they already don't work.
  21. I didn't know Final Fantasy 7 and GTA 3 were in the same universe. Jokes aside, yeah I don't envision them changing much (Especially since Claude being mute is maintained in San Andreas) but hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised.
  22. I wonder just how different these will be from the PS2 classics versions of the games? Having some general improvements to the controls and checkpoints would definitely help. These are going to have to be different from those ports in some, meaningful, way or why bother? Yeah, money I know.
  23. You're probably right. But wouldn't a lot of the heavy lifting concerning bugs and localisation be inherited from the original versions of the games? Don't know much about emulation but what you've said makes sense. Guess I'd grown used to leaks/listing being shortly followed by an official announcement.
  24. How's work on the gameplay guide progressing?
  25. The more time passes, the less certain I feel that this is real. I don't know much about game development, but I imagine announcing and porting GBA titles isn't a lengthy process. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.