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  1. The patch was already downloaded when I got home, turned it on and it uploaded my save to my character just running and I couldn’t move her. Then after I restarted the save again key places on the map just were not located where they said they should be. Then the kazoo only went to one place when all were found. Idk what happened but now my progress is bugged post patch.
  2. So I just got back into this game to clean up the trophies I didn’t get when it first came out. Know No Fear is one of the reasons I dropped it because it would not pop when the game first came out (didn’t know why). Now I know not to do the daily missions and last night I did all the missions and left out the daily missions and then completed those today. Still didn’t pop. Total missions beat on hard mode as of today is 37. Anyone else encounter this issue?
  3. Mine was cancelled and I only received $27.52 for my refund when it's $89.99. Guess I have to contact support in the morning to get it sorted because as of now I will be spending more to just get my preorder back.
  4. Well I didn't know if other players had their own way of doing it. I remember trying to complete some of the missions with someone from Germany and he had some spots that would make it easier in our favor. Didnt know if more ways were found by players because it says if you need help try setting up a game session. Thanks for the reply though.
  5. So I fell off this game a while back when the one trophy was glitch for being the top player in free for all. Never got back into it and I'm only missing a few trophies. I still have the missions to complete which were damn hard on release. My question is has anything changed since the launch? Are trophies easier or are there methods now to obtain the mission trophies, routes for example to stick to and so on. Let me know and if anyone is interested in helping me out I would appreciate it and I would return the favor. Thanks.
  6. Hey everyone I need help bringing Terramorphous down its the last mission I need to finish "did it all". I'm also looking to power level if anyone is willing, I'm a level 50 now. I'm on pretty much all the time so just sent me a request of your willing. Psn: letsholdhands101 Thanks hatiesdeath
  7. That's exactly what it turned out to be. Being how I thought it was a corrupted save I deleted my save because you can only have one and started a new file which uploaded to the cloud and erased my cloud save. I was a champion rank with everything collected and now I have to start all over. Thanks for your reply though.
  8. So I read another player had this same issue but he never replied to me if he found a solution. I have all but one sync point which is in the Infernal Machine, it's the one at the very beginning to the left of the player on top of the tower. Right after I got the point we failed, a counter went up over the point saying it will be back up in 24 hours. I waited and now it's there but I can't pick it up. This is the only thing keeping me from a Plat and I really hope that after everything I don't have to replay everything to get this trophy. Anyone have this problem or have a solution. Thanks in advance.