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  1. So, I also changed my ID from "Zer0_Eight_81" to the new "Trellgoth_Prime". However, I can only sign in on the main page as Zer0_Eight_81. If I try to log in with "Trellgoth_Prime", it mentions the user does not exist and I have to register first. But when I register, I get an error saying the email is already in use... How can I actually log into my new user? Both seems to be present on the main page, but I can only log into the old one.
  2. Borderlands Remastered - No Issues found Dragon Ball FighterZ - No Issues found (all DLC also works fine)
  3. Switched from "Zer0_Eight_81" to "Trellgoth_Prime". No issues so far for me. Games tested: Borderlands Remastered Borderlands Handsome Collection Dragon Ball FighterZ Evrything still fine with the above. Including all purchased DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ.
  4. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened
  5. Though, is it only for selfies? Or can you also use a front facing camera (like a regular photo mode, so to say)?
  6. And still, the game is not available in the EU Store...
  7. Release EU will be 25th of October. Edit: There was already a topic for pre order thingies, started by myself.
  8. This is actually a pretty good addition in the photo mode. Looks real good with the outlining/sharpening. Can make some nice shots with this option! Thanks for sharing this! Gonne boot up the game again soon and check things out.
  9. For those who are playing the game. Can someone confirm if this game has a Photo Mode or not? A while before release, I heard something about the controller layout showing a photo mode button. So I am wondering if it's actually true or not. If it is true, how is the photo mode in this game? Any good? (example shots always welcome)
  10. Where is the source of this? Last thing I saw pass by was $29,99 (which will probably be €29,99 as well). Is there a source of this? The main site in general still says October 18. I see multiple "news sites" mentioning this, but can't find any official word on the delay, whatsoever.
  11. Which is weird... because, the website still mentions a release of October 18. However, even the pricing on the website is stated as " undetermined". Some weird stuff is going on regarding this title...
  12. So, the game is due to release tomorrow, but it's still not showing on the PSN Store for some reason. On the website of this game, it states Pre Order bonus will be a Theme and avatar. But how are we supposed to get this, as there is no pre order option? Hope/guess the Theme and Avatar will be included with normal purchase, though.
  13. Hmm... not sure about an alternate intro. I myself have 4 characters bought and used, but intro did not change. Was still vanilla, so to say.
  14. Have uploaded a lot of work. Let me know how you like it. Spider-Man PS4 Street Art Spider-Man PS4 Street Life
  15. I like Spider-Man over Arkham, actually. Played the Arkham franchise on older account before, and started with the 'remastered' versions on current account on PS4. The thing with Batman, even though the combat system is awesome and everything, it feels a bit slower and "forced" in my opinion. Where Spider-Man is a bit more fluent and faster, it feels more natural, so to say. The atmoshpere in Batman is a bit darker, and perhaps a bit more aimed at a more... adult... public? Not sure how to describe it. Spider-Man is more a funny atmosphere. But, that's Spider-Man in general, I think. Overall, both great and awesome games. But personally, I like Spider-Man more. Not because of Marvel vs DC and everything, but because of the gameplay, mechanics and feeling. For me, Spider-Man wins on all fronts.