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  1. It has been over 3 weeks now. Can I get a reply from CRT, please?
  2. Game disputed: DmC Devil May Cry Flag Reason: Health and DT upgrades are rewards for completing the secret missions. It shouldn't be possible to upgrade both of them before finishing both of them. The final upgrade would be earned alongside the mission completion, if it was the final one. My dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: One hell of a party! trophy glitched for me. Glitch is mentioned here: And here: After finishing my first playthrough I started Son of Sparda playthrough where i collected rest of collectibles (keys, souls). I unlocked all secret mission doors and completed more than half of them in story during this playthrough. After finishing Son of Sparda I still needed more orbs so I started my next playthrough (Heaven or Hell). Eventually got enough orbs to unlock health upgrades. Finished rest of the secret missions in menu I skipped earlier but didn't get One hell of a party! trophy. Unlocked my final health upgrade though and bought it with orbs and Let's rock,baby! trophy popped. Since I was pretty mad about this glitch I finished everything else in the game including dlc then I had the motivation to do an extra playthrough just for One hell of a party! trophy this time completing secret missions in story upon door unlocking and trophy popped. Back then trophy guide didn't mention anything about this glitch. My stats said 19 or 20/21 secret missions completed if I remember right. I may have completed 1 or 2 secret missions on my first playthrough which messed up my save even more. Unfortunately I deleted my saves after getting the plat so can't check this. Hopefully I provided enough information.
  3. Game disputed: Aliens vs Predator Reason the game was flagged: These trophies are nearly impossible to earn this close together let alone in general. Many bugs related to these trophies, the whole fact this individual platinumed this game within a week is insane. Something doesn't seem right, thanks Your dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: I used the proxy glitch for multiplayer rank trophies which is guided at I boosted the rest of the multiplayer trophies with a group i found on this site. I didn't have any problems with the singleplayer. What else can i say?
  4. That's not how this works😀 Edit: nevermind
  5. Bioshock infinite.
  6. My name is Mayo