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  1. This. I've been mostly playing with one character I really liked, even though she wasn't anything special skill-wise but she was pretty And still the glitched trophies didn't pop.
  2. Yeah, got my PS3 and PS4 years after release. So, day 1 for PS5
  3. Mass Effect series by far!
  4. Jelly of my first trophy? Huh? Arkham Asylum is an ok first trophy if you really care about it. I've seen far worse.
  5. Oh damn, dat sale! RIP wallet..
  6. So it begins.. Red Dead Redemption!

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      Ah... no dead nation?

  7. Persona 3 The Movie 2: Midsummer Knight's Dream I'm slacking lately with my anime watching. Its really hard to find some time, too much gaming he he.. Anyway, I had to see this one even though I already know the story as I played the game a lot.
  8. Its really hard for me to find a good horror movie. I've seen many of them and most of the time, there is no reaction from me.. jump scares are becoming way predictable. Though, I must say I really started to dislike gore movies.. Hostel, Saw, The Hills Have Eyes and such. Sick and pointless carnage. I like those, creepy ones like Dead Silence. The one movie that bothered me the most is called Mirrors (2008). I think it was in the first half of the movie where this chick dies in the bathroom. Don't want to spoil it or anything but that death bothered me so much I instantly closed the movie and just said fuck. this. shit. Never seen the end of it. It wasn't that scary or anything but I kinda like the actress and usually you can see her in comedies, you know.. happy movies. It felt weird in my head, my stomach and my heart.
  9. #18 - Lollipop Chainsaw Legendary Zombie Hunter 100% Complete! Thank you for playing! I forgot to mention this "recent platinum" which was completed few weeks ago, so here it is. Lollipop Chainsaw was an awesome game! I wanted this game even before I got my Playstation 3 but as a former PC user I couldn't get it. So it was a must buy when I finally bought the PS3. After playing through the whole Mass Effect trilogy it was a nice change to shut off my brain and just watch Juliet kick some zombie ass. The game was fairly easy to complete, the only problems were the damn minigames (I'm looking at you Gondola section). Also too bad it was so short, I wanted to play some more but after getting the my platinum I had to move on and start playing other games as my backlog is getting bigger and bigger. #19 - Rogue Legacy Ergophobia Earn every other trophy This game is my most recent platinum and by far the most difficult game I ever played. I mean, I knew it'll be a pain to plat but damn.. The game itself is a mixed bag for me. I like it and at the same time I hate it with burning passion. Remix bosses challenged me like nothing before and I was sure I will never beat them but after many, MANY hours I killed one by one. The last trophy left was Thanatophobia and it took way to long but I managed to complete it as well. Usually I feel great when beating a game or a section in the game which is challenging but in Rogue Legacy i felt empty (I'd gladly put a swear word here). I think the same thing was in Joe Danger on psvita. I'm probably gonna play something less challenging for a while now because this game took few years of my life, lol.
  10. I made it! The nightmare of Rogue Legacy is over and I'm still sane, heh.

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    2. ZeroXOF


      Congrats! The only problem is that the nightmare ain't over. :D

    3. GrimArts


      The game was quite enjoyable until the remix bosses.

    4. TheYuriG


      at first, i thought remix bosses were bs, but then i started crawling slowly through their destruction and it made me feel accomplished in the end. I liked it

  11. To be honest, I'm not pleased with this month's lineup, but thats my opinion. My expectations are always too damn high Glad to see most of you are happy with it though
  12. Jesus christ.. I'm so tired of this game. I SUCK at remix bosses, especially Ponce de Freon. I know what to do and yet I can't. I'm too busy evading his "poop" to even find time to attack. Bah! Lets try some more, I guess...
  13. Thats right. I've just updated my console and noticed PS Home is missing. Lucky me I never even started the damn thing
  14. Ah, good.. it's not only me. Got me worried for a second there Well, lets just wait patiently folks!
  15. Stood Fast, Stood Strong, Stood Together - Mass Effect Trilogy completed.

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    2. GrimArts


      Nah, with good gear you can kick ass :) And thanks Kashiyuka ^^

    3. AbyssRex


      I'll hopefully play part 2 soon. Good job!

    4. Dragon-Archon


      That's quite the accomplishment, congrats :D.

  16. #17 - Mass Effect 3 N7 Elite Acquire all trophies I still remember my first time finishing the game, back in 2012. And after many playthroughs the feels are still present. There are so many scenes that brought me to tears, I can't even count. You care about Shepard and his/her crew through this incredible journey. It was so painful to play a renegade Shepard, I kinda hated myself for killing someone special or let them die. Just wanted to try it once. Never again. Good thing all DLC's were discounted for 70%. Perfect timing, thanks PSN! Now, lets wait for Mass Effect 4 or whatever it'll be called.
  17. Mine is at 46.74% Not bad, I guess
  18. Can't wait...
  19. #16 - Mass Effect 2 N7 Elite Acquire all trophies People say ME2 is the hardest of the trilogy. Well, they are right. I never played on Insanity before because for me the most important and interesting thing in this franchise is the story. Pew pew pew? Not so much. So, it had to be done in order to achieve the platinum. It was quite frustrating in the beginning as I started a fresh character for my Instanity run. Funny enough I died to the first foe I met, lol. As the story progressed so did my Shepard and got better. It was quite rewarding to finish the game on the highest difficulty. I felt like a god, like a biotic god! "I am a biotic god, I think things and they happen! Fear me, lesser creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!"
  20. All aboard the feel train! Next stop, Mass Effect 2.

  21. #15 - Mass Effect (also 1000th trophy) N7 Elite Acquire all trophies Ah, this game man. Mass Effect is in way a masterpiece of its own and also a total mess. I don't remember the game being so glitchy. Sure, it was also on PC but not so much as on PS3. Eh, no need to rant about it, the game is old anyway.. I've completed Mass Effect many times on PC and I'm a huge fan of this franchise, my favourite of them all.. so I decided to go through it again on my PS3. Finally I can play ME2 now which is far superior than this one, with better graphics and gameplay. Oh, and also Miranda :3
  22. #14 - Diablo III Diablo III Platinum Trophy Collected all other Diablo III Trophies Second platinum this year and my first on PS3! Omg, this was one hell of a ride. I've played Diablo III already on PC and I gave up on it quite early in game, actually have no idea why I've bought it in the first place. Anyway, got the game for PS3 and decided to finish it this time. I've already expressed my opinion on the game in some other thread so no need to do it again. I hated the grind. So much grind, so boring. I had to blast some music behind just to stay awake while doing the last trophy (All That Glitters). I'm so happy its over.
  23. Yeah, I thought I'm gonna plat this game quite fast but this trophy might take some time. It would be nice if it was like 2mil or something like that. I really don't like to farm the s**t out of this game just for one trophy and its not the first time this happend. Got a ton of ther games to play and finish too..