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  1. If you got the trophy did you get it grinding out private matches?So to date and with the latest patches, can you still get 500 / 1000 matches played as Jason and as a counsellor in private matches? Still no in-game or on 'game website' stat tracking for matches played? Can't help but feel like they either reset that stats recently or no longer count private matches towards matches played trophies.I know offline matches do NOT count towards matches played or for kills with bots.Correct me.
  2. Are thei servers region locked? Can someone with an EU version boost with someone with a NA version?
  3. Looking to boost and help boost anyone who has this Sphinx riddle as it requires at least 3 players since it as I think it can only be done in Deathmatch and/or TDM mode which is only accessible in ranked if at least 3 players are searching, never with 2. Correct me what you need to do with this one." IN 1 GAME WITH 1 LIFE, BRING 3 ENEMIES DEATH. AND THE DRAGON ARRIVES, BRINGING HELL WITH ITS BREATH "I have an alt so I am 2 players.StaufwayGMT-6
  4. Please download and vote my creations. Message me and I will return the favor as I have done so for several other boosters. I only have 1 track and 1 kart, the rest are mods for download. If I am not on your Friend List just use search by text option and type in my psn name. Thank you. PSN: Staufway
  5. Thank you for your input it is appreciated. I believe I had a similar issue with DRIVER SAN FRAN as well but for the rest of online played no problem. Will try static ip
  6. As per topic as I made numerous attempts and can't join, seems to get stuck in that "Joining Game" message for long time that I have to cancel. Yes, same region, same disc versions of KZ3, same DLC map selected for specific mode. I was able to get in with someone else that helped out yet not my own alt like WTF!? POFS servers.