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  1. Could you help me get over with the pet trophy. I enjoy grinding for stuff but that bone key and seasonal items instantly turned me off from plat. i dont want any items just the trophy unlock.
  2. we have a badass over here
  3. I just platinumed Demon Souls and Im going to say that farming a pure bladestone is no fun. Message me if you want one.
  4. COD games have the most generic storyline while ghosts sits at the top in the generic and plain story section. The ending was so predictable that i felt stupid playing it.
  5. If there was no frame issues and that load screen it would be easily a 100 for proper people.
  6. GOTY definitely. The only problem i had so far was the loadings screens and near severe frame issues at the beggining of Old Yharnam. Sometimes when i help people in there lag+frame issues makes that area unplayable for me.
  7. Do you have the game? Dark Souls 2 was given a 6.
  8. Yep, go to
  9. Is it me or Act 4/ 13th scene is bugged (Hardmode)? Every time on the second part of this level I try to hit the enemy marked below and the game crashes
  10. You have to get exactly the number of kills for it to pop up.And in case you die at exactly that number wait for the trophy to pop before respawn.
  11. You have to be pretty lucky to beat the remixed bosses. Out of nowhere i beat remixed alexander.
  12. The Mind Kill Satan with The Lost - The Binding of Isaac Rebirth - 1.48%
  13. Well there is Silent Hills with Norman Reedus and directed by Guillermo del toro.
  14. by the looks of it it will contain more stuff on Afterbirth
  15. It has to have a random factor and upgrades ( Binding of Isaac/ Rogue legacy). It makes me believe i can do it next time without getting bored. BTW i just got the rogue legacy plat and couldn't be happier.