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  1. Isn't it possible to chapter select straight to Abby to complete her upgrades? Or does it not work that way?
  2. I find it's always good to take some downtime after a game. Clear your mind before you start something new. Read a book or watch a TV show. I just finished Pathologic 2 and that was so deep and depressing I can't really bring myself to start something else, lol.
  3. I'm having an issue with hidden trophies, hoping someone can give me some advice. I have hid trophies in the past, but decided to unhide everything a while ago. My psnprofile says I still have 16 hidden trophies. I checked and I know which games those are (Destiny, Strider, Outlast and Watch Dogs). I checked on my PS4, PS3 and Vita, on all three platforms the trophies for these games are not set to private or hidden. I tried to set my entire profile to private, update psn so it says "aww no trophies here", earn a trophy, set it back to public, earn a trophy again, update my profile, still having the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. A patch is coming, currently in the final stages of testing: Thanks to @hail2starscream on Twitter for contacting the devs.
  5. Loved Peggle 2, can't wait for this to come out soon on PS4. Looks like a good trophy list!
  6. Curious to hear your opinions. Big DBZ fan, but still on the fence whether I should play this. How would you rate the game?
  7. I know this game is old, but I got Ultrawarrior yesterday super easily all of a sudden after a week of struggling. My tips: You can play with all ships. As long as you keep using the basic weapon and don't pick up any weapons it doesn't void the trophy. I would recommend the fortress. I got the trophy on my first run with the fortress after a lot of failed attempts with the blaster ship. Fortress has more health and takes less hp damage when you get hit. You can tank through a lot if you pick up 'damage enemies on hit', 'explode enemies on their death' (very useful for late game waves and the carrier boss), shields, some hp, faster weapon/shield reload, and any upgrades to your weapon & special ability. Rocket circus becomes pretty OP when upgraded. Using a seed doesn't void the trophy either. Seed 206 is a good one for the build I mentioned above. Avoid fighting optional bosses, picking up a reward from them makes the game harder! (I didn't notice this for the longest time, kept beating the garbage collector after stage 2 for the free upgrade, and wondering why there was such a difficulty spike after that...) Also, the game ran like shit for me on PS4 pro, especially when there was a lot happening on screen (using the fire blaster + rocket circus). However, the lag actually worked to my advantage. I got to do most of the final boss in slow motion 😂 Cheers! 💙
  8. Divinity: Original Sin 2, platty 119
  9. So you can basically work on two plats in the same game? Let's say I play Iceborne and I hunt large monsters specific to the DLC, I could get the 'Hunt 500 large monsters' from the trophy list of the base game? If that is the case, that's very cool!!
  10. So I was pretty nervous about getting through the game on tactician difficulty/honour mode after reading about the difficulty online. I ended up playing through tactician difficulty twice, the first time just to enjoy the game and play as I wanted, the second time on honour mode while getting all missable trophies. I found out it's actually very doable. A few things that helped me in my playthroughs 😁 Number one: be very diligent about backing up your save file. Never allow deaths in the middle of the enemy's turn, unless you have a recent save backed up online or even safer: a back-up on USB. I lost hours of progress twice because I got stuck in an inescapable death loop. My party consisted of 2 mages (Geo/Fire/Witchcraft + Aero/Hydro/Witchcraft), a ranger and a tank. What I would do differently: My mains were a mage and ranger (while Madora tanked), which made my mains much more likely to die in a few hits. Having a tank as a main is much safer! Go through the order of quests as intended, never enter areas you're underleveled for. Maximize experience by winning the rock/paper/scissor encounters, then still kill the NPCs when you're done interacting with them for extra XP. Quests like war of the stone and closing the rift can also be completed with way more experience by engaging more enemies. Closing the rift specifically nets you way more experience if you destroy the blood stone while engaged with a bunch of demons (they are killed instantly when the stone is destroyed). Maybe an obvious one: be smart about using your surroundings and tools at your disposal. Carry oil/ooze barrels with you, teleport enemies/bosses away before the fight, and use elemental grenades/arrows as they are super powerful. Have multiple characters that can charm the enemy using charm arrows, rapture and love potions. This makes fights with orcs/humans/goblins really easy. End game spells like meteor strike, thunder storm, hail attack, arrow shower are OP, especially if you have two mages in your party that are able to cast them. The final bosses are a breeze if you spam hail attack scrolls (I had about 8 of them at the end of the game). Guaranteed to apply frozen and do a ton of damage. Use multiple characters with summons for an extra line of defence (another reason why two mages is a good idea, plus give Nick to your tank/ranger).
  12. Ah I found it, got it after beating magnate of the gong
  13. Ah I figured it out, it's the boss door and it opens after solving all the mask puzzles
  14. Ok I figured it out, got it after magnate of the gong