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  1. Fixed it! In case anyone else runs into a problem: I removed my save data and got it on my next try. Maybe something in my save game or accessibility options was preventing the trophy from unlocking?
  2. I've tried to speedrun the game twice, but the Accelerated Justice trophy isn't popping. I timed myself the second time and I was well within the 10 min limit. Anyone know what to do about this?
  3. Yeah, Colin has mentioned on Sacred Symbols that he wanted to make the PS5 list comically hard. Very curious about how rare this plat ends up to be. My backlog beckons so I won't jump back into Habroxia right now... but I do really appreciate the effort they put into making a whole new trophy list for PS5!
  4. I feel so cynical saying this... but this seems like such a publicity stunt. Big corporations should take some responsibility and do good things for the planet regardless - without asking their end users to put in some kind of "effort" and having them earn it. The max amount of trees they will plant is 288,000, which does feel like a rather small number for a game that will sell millions of copies?
  5. Very glad to hear it!
  6. Wow, happy to see a ton of DLC trophies appear! Will definately pick this game back up. Anyone got any idea how this came about? Edit, tweet from the developer about this:
  7. Damn, sounds pretty intense. Cool that you watched Angel, loved that show back in the day.
  8. I would never want to spend this much mindless time grinding on a single platinum... but congrats! Very impressive. What was it like doing this @Vextens? Didn't you go crazy at some point? 😬
  9. Beat bosses with a weapon you haven't beaten the first/last boss with yet (If I remember correctly those two award titan blood), or increase your heat level (you'll also see info about the rewards you'll get in the heat level screen at the start of your run).
  10. Very curious about the trophy list for this one!
  11. Can't have your life be lead by these OCD tendencies.
  12. The game seems more stable on PS5, but load times are still very long.
  13. It's not quick, I started back on July 28th and played quite a lot to get the plat. I found getting quests to trigger and relationships to progress to be the most time consuming in the end. The game itself is difficult at first but once you get the hang of it & get to know some powerful builds it's not too bad :-)
  14. Thanks for the response! :-) Good to hear FFXIV's story is more character focused!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm new to the game, and have been messing around in the free trial a bit. I've heard the story is great, especially when you get to the DLC. Getting there is quite the time investment though, and I was wondering how people here feel about the story in general and two specific things: I've heard people say the story in FF XII is great also, but I ended up really disliking that story. It just seemed very nonsensical to me with unrelatable characters. I also really despise the 'fancy' old English way some characters speak. Does this game keep that same vibe XII had? Is the main story told mostly in cutscenes, or is it very speech bubble heavy?