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  1. Unfortunately legendaries don't drop from enemies. You get them from quests, world tier rewards and expeditions. I think the legendary modifier from the world tier only affects what level legendary you get when you receive one. It's worded in a dumb and confusing way... I also played most of the game wondering why no legendaries were dropping...
  2. This trophy was acting weird for me as well. I did everything with a coop partner, we had 11 armor sets (2 of them from the DLC) and the trophy didn't pop. I went to get another set solo (the Twisted set from The Gallows on Earth) and the trophy popped. However, my coop partner joined my game, got Twisted armor in my game, but no trophy for him... He's going to try and find another armor set in a solo offline game and see what happens...
  3. Yeah, finally the amazing soundtrack to this game is on Spotify. The titles are in Japanese, so you might have to look for a while before you find your favorites. Heads-up, 'Those who fight further' is track 56 ;-) Love that song.
  4. Strangely it ended up fixing itself for me. Which is great because I only have one DualSense so couldn't swap controllers :-)
  5. Really love the game, but having to wait days or weeks to finish this 100% was starting to annoy me. So I tested the good old manipulating the Playstation time setting, and it works. You can also go back to the fun Christmas/Halloween themes that way. Just set your Playstation's clock forward or backward and get the Daily/Weekly relics quickly without having to wait. You can make it even more quick by going into the weekly, kill your character, get one puzzle piece as a consolation prize, set the clock back a week, repeat.
  6. I just wanted to vent here a little bit, and say that Sony support is the worst. I've e-mailed with them some more about this issue, which honestly seems to me like a bug in their system (since I have tried every possible solution but the problem persists. God knows I know my way around a Playstation and should have been able to fix this issue if it was in my power). So what did they do? They told me it is something they cannot fix, and that I should contact the developers so they can fix this issue since it has to do with the in-game privacy settings (???). They even sent me links to the Ubisoft and Bungie customer service pages!!! I asked them how they expect Bungie to change a privacy setting in my Playstation Network account. Where is the logic in that? I know this 'problem' means nothing in the grand scheme of things (although I would love to have it fixed), but this stupidity just annoys me. UGH.
  7. Haha, I agree with you, especially on the music and the game(s) being gorgeous. But I also loved XIII-2. I recently went back to get the platinum. The story is a bit silly, but I really like the open structure and Pokemon like addition to the battle system.
  8. Great to see this game on PS5. I'm however experiencing a really annoying bug. Jesse's sprinting animation stutters all the time, and she doesn't want to keep sprinting for more than a few seconds or doesn't even trigger sprinting at all. I've changed the key input to something else than L3 and set it to hold instead of toggle, but the running animation still feels janky and stuttery as hell. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Thanks for the reply, but I've already tried that :-( multiple times.
  10. Honestly I'm glad there's no autopop. I loved Control and PS4 and can't wait to play through it again on PS5. After I'll jump back into the PS4 version to get the DLC trophies, will be nice to have 100% on both lists :-) Will be fun to see the difference between the two versions side by side.
  11. I seem to have a rather obscure problem. I have 34 hidden trophies and have tried every possible way to unhide them (everything mentioned in this thread and more) but nothing I do unhides them. I ended up contacting the Dutch Sony costumer service. After many weeks of back and forth e-mails, they told me this is due to language packs for these specific games (which are Outlast, Destiny, Strider and Watch Dogs). According to Sony these packs are messing with my privacy settings and I need to "turn the language packs off". However, as far as I can tell, I don't have language packs of any kind for these games, and if I did I wouldn't know how to turn them off. Has anyone here heard of this before?
  12. Great tip, I ended up doing it this way :-) Took some retries, but Beetle Queen jumped off the map eventually!
  13. Nope. They ask me for more info every few days or ask me to try things like delete my user profile and such, but nothing yet that fixes it. I actually switched to a different PS4 recently (a borrowed one, since I sold mine in anticipation of the PS5). But still the problem is there. I don't get it. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that before, and just tried it again to be safe, but no change. My problem is on the PSN side, since my PSN friends also can't see the trophies which show up as hidden here...
  14. I followed your steps exactly, but the trophies are still hidden 😖 Thanks for sharing though!
  15. Me too! :'( No updates yet. They've asked for additional info a few times but no solution yet. I'm going to give them a call next week if I don't hear anything.