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    I enjoy playing games on both the PS4 and Vita, and although not really a trophy hunter or trophy addict, I do enjoy attempting to platinum games that I enjoy.

    Since May 2014 I have been attempting to gain at least one platinum per month. As of June 2016, there has only been November 2015 when I did not achieve any platinum trophies.

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  1. Also having problems like many others where the Chongqing shortcuts are bugged out and can't get the Inner Courtyard one to pop.
  2. Custom skater + 4 pro skaters 100%'d, all gaps, platinum scores, get-theres (easy + hard), a couple of speed runs and a few secrets done. Level 71 ATM. Really feel like there needs to be some more challenges added with big XP rewards (even if they are hard). A large number are just the skater challenges which award very little XP.
  3. Yeah, I am just amazed that so many people have managed it, I must have spent another few hours the other night trying to get one and I literally couldn't even get within 10ft of the hole.
  4. Crazy. The online open course has had mega cups both today and yesterday so not been able to retry grinding for a condor. I spent about two hours the other day and only came close maybe 2 or 3 times out of probably at least 100 attempts.
  5. I wouldn't really worry about it too much, maybe it was actually an Unoffical round or something, I've now twice jumped out of my seat thinking I have nailed a Hole-In-One (and the trophy) only to realise I accidentally started an Unofficial tournament! The first course has a few Par 4's which are well within driving distance where you can get to the green, and then reposition your ball with your 2nd shot in an attempt to line yourself up for a 30ft+ putt, especially as the greens are all very flat and relatively easy to read. If not, you are likely to just nail this at some point as you progress through the game further, good luck!
  6. I too am currently Level 13, after having moved between 12-15 several times as I keep attempting to do some stupid super side-spin shots in an attempt to get the trophy (still no luck there), and also continously playing the two hardest courses (Vortex & Imperial) for the last ~40 people I need for the gallery. I have now had 4 spawn so it does indeed seem to be roughly 1 per day.
  7. Yeah, I am not too sure how to get them to show up, I have only faced two so far, the fishing guy and the luchador mask guy, both of whom popped up after returning from an Online Open Course.
  8. Nice, in off the flag! I managed quite a few in the Vita version, probably at least 4 or 5 in my time to platinum it, but I still haven't managed one in this yet!
  9. You need to beat the fishing guy in a Special Rank VS Rematch (Rank 7), he then teaches you how to catch the ??? fish.
  10. The first one i need to learn is SPIN, When to use it, when not to and how it effects everything. Backspin when you need the ball to stop quickly once landing, typically for shots onto the green when you don't want the ball to run away from the hole, etc. Side-spin is mainly only really useful for crafting shots around obstacles (trees, rocks, etc.), or when you want the ball to run at a slight angle from your current angle between yourself and the hole. Front spin is useful when you want the ball to just roll further, and can be also be used to perform crafty shots where you skip bunkers by 'hopping' over them with a good forward burst once the ball lands. All of these are highly dependant on the course, weather, wind, etc. Another thing i would like to know is which clubs i should level and how. Is it worth using the 1W to try and level "control"? and also how these stats effect my shot. Power is a given, but what about control and backdoor? Of course the higher the level of your clubs the better they will be. Control affects your ability to hit the ball in a tighter area on where your aiming marker is. A low control rating may see your ball slice or draw to the side, even if you get Perfect Impact or good impact. Backdoor is something of a measure of how likely your club is to making the ball drop in the hole when the ball approaches the hole, e.g. if the ball is travelling to fast to the hole, a higher Backdoor rating will make it more likely for the ball to just about drop-in or circle the hole a few times before dropping in. How do you perform a Super Backspin? Super backspin is performed by holding when you set your power (the second press of in the 3-press shot mode), and then holding when setting the impact. You will also need to achieve a Perfect Impact in order for super backspin to trigger. There is also Ultra Backspin, where you need to basically do the same thing but instead of holding the directional arrows, you need to TAP them in time with your presses of . You can also do Super Sidespin and Super Frontspin using the same method, but simply change the D-pad buttons you press ( then for frontspin, then for rightspin, then for leftspin). Note that Ultra Backspin is only unlocked and can be triggered at Rank 4 or 5. How do you do a Rising shot? Super Frontspin the ball directly into the flagpole. This can only be done once you reach a certain Rank (3 or 4?) How do you do a Homing shot? Super Backspin the ball directly into the flagpole. This can only be done once you reach a certain Rank (2 or 3?) How do you do a Spiral shot? Super Sidespin the ball directly into the flagpole. This can only be done once you reach a certain Rank (3 or 4?) How do you get it to skip over water? Frontspin helps, but main thing is to ensure the angle at which the ball hits the water isn't too high, the shallower the angle the more likely it is to skip. Applying even standard frontspin on a 1W shot should mean the ball would skip at least once on a 100% power shot.
  11. It is Hole 12 of Alpina Forest Golf Course (Course 2). I've been able to get on the green once or twice (in about 20 attempts), but nowhere near the hole.
  12. I think the game is the perfect example of a game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. It's very quick to get started, has a great learning curve by starting at easy courses before letting you play on the harder courses, and also gradually increases the level of competition as you go which eases you in if you are new to the series.
  13. Fantastic run. I've gotten to the end in roughly the same time (~3 minutes) but those 3 birds at the very end always seem to have gone 'out-of-sync' with each other and don't quite line up right, and the last bird to jump on ends up just a bit too far away from the platform. Will give it another few tries later.
  14. #68 - Final Fantasy XV (PS4) Only the 2nd Final Fantasy game I have ever played to completion after VII, and the latest since playing X on the PS2. A really enjoyable game with a great set of characters and a decent story, with some great moments. I paced myself through the game a little weirdly, spending over 30 hours before even getting past Chapter 6, and subsequently finding the remainder of the game (and many side-quests) fairly easy at best and laborious at worst. Overall a fun game, in an unusual direction away from the usual genre of the series. Time To Platinum: 60 hours. - I spent a long time levelling and doing many side-quests in the early portion of the game, and once I jumped into Chapter 8 I ended up finishing the rest of the story within a few hours. Only real annoyances were Gladio's survival skill (It was only Level 4 when I finished the story!) which took several hours of just walking about aimlessly, and defeating the Adamantoise which took me around 2 hours. Difficulty: 3/10 - Nothing very taxing in the difficulty department, although in truth I had levelled quite high early on and was Level 52 by the time I began focusing on finishing the story from Chapter 7 onwards. Balouve mines final boss was hardest, although purely as I wandered down early on and was completely under-leveled. Enjoyment: 8/10 - It took me a while to get into it, but I ended up really enjoying the game and getting stuck back into my first Final Fantasy game since the PS2 days.
  15. I breezed through it at level 63 using Durandal, Sword of the Father & Iron Duke. The puzzle towards the end was a little confusing and I fell into the 'trap' room a few times before I eventually figured it out and reached the end boss, I think you need to move the correct blocks to reach the elevator in the central chamber? The boss fight is fairly straight forward and should be fairly easy if you made it that far.