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  1. I got Log 9, but the trophy didn’t pop. The card for the Ruins survey says I’m at 97% on survey and 83% on logs. I have logs 1-19. I have not beat the biome 3 boss or anything beyond yet. Is there a log you get later in the Overgrown Ruins, or is this a glitch?
  2. I was able to get all 3 online trophies today through matchmaking, despite the broken netcode. Through much trial and error, here is the most efficient way w/ matchmaking: Create a room, make it public with only 2 players (avoids lag and more variables), choose the shopping area from world 1 so that it is a quick level, wait for someone to join, play through the level until you beat the first ex and get to the world map (getting to the world map triggers the necessary autosave). I did this with all 6 characters available from the beginning, but I'm not sure if Knives is necessary. This method got me all 3 trophies. It can be frustrating finding people who will play half a level with you, but it seems like plenty of people are playing right now. I just watched TV while trying to grind for this. Stage 2 and 3 always crashed for me, mostly during the end battles or the ending illustrations. I would stick with world 1. I hope this helps others!
  3. Reported Crime: Needle in a Haystack becomes bugged if you hack the door open and loot instead of opening door manually and looting. Now I can’t get Watson trophy on this playthrough... So stupid!
  4. Wow thank you for doing that! You’re awesome for actually getting a clear answer from them!
  5. So I’ve tried this, but it is glitchy. I left it for a day, and it said 25 hours in the stats. I then started a new game to play more, but when I checked the stats again it went down to four hours. I’ve tested it a few times, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Not sure if the trophy goes off the time stat or not, but I’m unsure if I have 75 or 95 hours left now. Not sure if I should leave it on for 5 days or what.
  6. So I did like 10-12 matches of just running around along with all my regular Predator matches before the new patch today, without getting the trophy. I did three more rounds of that today with the new patch, and got the trophy. Idk if it was: glitched and now fixed, 100 km is longer than I thought, or if it is still glitched but in a way where you just don’t get full credit every match. Moral of the story is I got it today, so it’s possible.
  7. Not only is it short, but the trophies are an exact copy of the game's three trophies from the recently released Kunio collection.
  8. 227 Hours, platinum achieved. Would have been around 200 if not for that damn Daora gold crown.
  9. Well I have taken a day and a half to try to get the Kushala Daora gold crown. It is the only one I need to get the platinum. I have killed 67 of them, and I could have sworn several were Godzilla big. I even used the measuring videos to find several big enough monsters, but still no crown after killing them. The largest I've gotten was 2334, which feels like a cruel joke because that is less the sixty away from being a gold crown. I have tried most of the hunts on investigations with at least a silver and gold. If anyone has advice I will gladly take it, otherwise I am just posting this rambling complaint in the hopes that it gets me better luck. Thank you for reading if you did. Update: OK this eerie! Literally the next morning after posting this, I got the gold crown my first try. The platinum is mine! Idk what kind of RNG magic this site holds, but posting your problems here seems to work.
  10. So I sent a complaint to Rockstar about this glitch’s aftermath (not being able to get the weapons after the cutscene where you’re supposed to get them). Here is their response: Hello QuietCool187,Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.We understand that you are missing Arthur's weapons from story mode and we are here to assist you.We would like to inform you that we do not have an option to modify the progress of the Story Mode as the progress is saved in your console. Kindly try to access the previous saved games file from the console and see if you are able to retrieve the previous progress. If you are still facing the issue, please feel free to let us know. So basically, if you got glitched you’ll have to use a previous save and do everything over again.
  11. Got it! Thank you very much for the tip! Took me a bit to get past Omega Rugal, but on my winning run I ended up beating him twice!
  12. UPDATE: I had the same glitch OP had. The new patch was supposed to fix this glitch. However, unless there is something I am missing, I still do not have previous weapons. Maybe they fix the glitch trigger, but not the aftermath? If anyone one has found a work around this glitch (finding lost weapons), I'd be curious to hear about it.
  13. Hey all, I just found a quick way to get the trophy for beating Street Fighter Alpha 3. If you follow the instructions to trigger "Final Battle Mode" (instructions found in game's info screen), you will most likely fight M. Bison. I did this just because I never heard of this feature, and ending up fighting M. Bison with Ryu. I got my ass totally handed to me, but even though I lost I still got the trophy for beating the game. I felt guilty for getting the trophy this way, so I ended up beating it normally for fun afterwards. My hypothesis is if you use this "Final Battle Mode" and participate in the final battle, you will get the trophy win or lose. Again, I have only confirmed it with Ryu, but I have a feeling it would work with everyone. It's not the hardest trophy to begin with, but I thought people may want to know about this shortcut.
  14. Does anyone know if this trick works on the North American version of the game? I can't even seem to find the language settings...
  15. Hey, I'm trying to get the movie gallery for my final trophy. I can get through 61 people in Endless using Orochi, but Goenitz keeps defeating me. I'm assuming the people after him are just as tough. Any tips from those who've gotten the trophy? Thanks in advance.