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  1. Well if I have to rate 100% I would say on a Scale 1 to 10 1=very easy 10=very hard it's a 3 or 4. If you just want the Platinum it's a 2 or 3
  2. Well you get some Gadgets if you are first and some if you are last maybe there are some if you are 2nd or 3rd. BUT there is a way to get as many if not almost all in one race. Choose any track and turn of AI. So you should get all random.
  3. Hey Platinum Achiever here. It was a bug for me in Version 1.12. I had gold everything last week also I had STRANGELY some missing golds in the Episode with Jim Clark with I made in Gold in Version 1.11 because the last 2 wheren't gold. And Yeah that's why I got this trophy. Maybe if you replay some Episodes again and make them gold you get them too? Maybe they fixed it in 1.13
  4. Yeah also did get the new gedget 5 Times. WHY?? You get so many other useless stuff but not that which you need for the trophy.
  5. I Think free DLC's always have kinda 45 points. Take a look at new game + on spiderman or horizon zero dawn. But the latest episode had only 30 points which is really a shame. Why no Silver and a Bronze?
  6. Well I think A Rank is not really Correct. B and C should work to. If I try to make a B Rank Mission to A Rank I only get XP. Also in the lower Bottom there is a hint you need A to C Rank for stuff. But I also Only find about 15 of 20... That's a really bad trophy if you ask me.
  7. Yeah I was thinking: Where is James May in this Episode? Only Clarkson and Hammond? Because Actually I was playing the Game Before watching the show. Well then I found out they cut out the hole Alpine stuff which is strange... Because in Episode 1 of Season 3 (I think) You had a replay of a previous Episode with a kinda same car and then there was a Prototype Car wrapped in some kinda Foil. Well Personally I hope if the Game is finished it's kinda OK.
  8. I think you only need those for 100% but not for platinum. But I'm also not a big fan of those trophies because it's mostly always the same. Finish Episode, Use 50 the Gadget X, Do something special in the Episode. All bronze no silver or gold.
  9. Well now I played it. Had some funny Stuff but it kinda get's boring fast because you only get new episodes every friday. If they just could also add some more old Episodes from Season 1 & 2...
  10. Well is the New Episode also a new Version of the Game if Yes EU (Germany for me) doesn't have an update. Or just adds into the 1.01?
  11. Yeah I can see it now. Hope that this fixed the problem. Thanks anyway.
  12. In my Profile there is But the soon never really changes because I have the Same problem.