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  1. yh its a cool game...go check the trophy guide if u need help....the 100% is around 200 hrs....but i love it so much i have almost 500 hrs in it.
  2. Yh i know the feels....i have 310 ingame hours and will hit colonel soon...i spent this long cause most of my grinds were on TDM about 300 sorties plus ..funny i have never seen your in the least thats what i think .
  3. selling all my 7 games just to buy a dlc..
  4. i beat him already with gold tho... creppy???
  5. Destiny....ionno i just think it was
  6. batman arkham asylum. batman arkham asylum.
  7. i hope its good though.
  8. well its fun i guess but irritating nd does nt have variety...i gt it cause i watch the cartoon nd thought i would be an easy platinum which it is but really irritating. where did u gt the ss item thats what i need
  9. heyyo i would join but i dont get games that often but when i start i will let u know
  10. thanks bro but now i need the finall s rank treasure as well as the extreme trophy cause nagas run is irritating...
  11. oh goodie hehehe i see u precision...
  12. I know right...mehn am screwed this platinum just keeps getting more distant and distant.
  13. still lookin for someone to help me out...i just dnt have the patience...the shit does not even have checkpoints.
  14. Yeah the barriers where my downfall they reduced the space between each barrier so it got harder....and the taller barrier that was nasty. For your jack of all trades trophy you could check out the avater state tutorial....fill the avatar state bar then it should tell you to pressed both l1 and r1 meaning u never did least this was commonly missed.