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  1. That's legit part of the game, i just love invading noobs. Too bad that there isn't too many cracked red eye orbs.
  2. Hello, i'm hosting minecraft survival server and playing with my friend. We are looking for some ppls who wants more from this game than just platting it. If u are into building something fun, feel free to add me to friend list. Also, we don't tolerate griefing and stealing. PSN ID: jacotnik
  3. Feel free to add me to friend list PSN ID: jacotnik I'm looking for someone who love this game as much as i do, to play some pvp's, transfer some items for low lvl invasions etc. I can also help with some bosses.
  4. Czapal from guitar hero wariors of rock.
  5. Go for wipeout hd! It's a real skill challenger
  6. a ja jem placki ziemniaczane bo co?
  7. 9/10 Razing Storm huh? I can't imagine how it was pain in the ass...
  8. Star Ocean I've heard a little bit of its trophies.
  9. Two worlds 2
  10. Definitely Wipeout HD and Catherine. That was nightmare with campaign on the hardest difficulty and babel tower.
  11. I think your motorstorm : pacific rift plat. I heard its tought one
  12. 5/10 Nothing very hard there.
  13. Good collection ,but i don't see anything harder I will give you 6/10.
  14. I wouldn't play this for free.This game is funny only on smartphones.