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  1. By overnight I mean more hours then just two. It was roundabout 16 hours
  2. Every Telltale Game should have been made by Dontnod Games.
  3. Or they are pupils, students, pensioners, early retirees, handicapped, incapacitated, have a mortal disease etc. For example the character "Lenny" from "How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)", a handicapped pupil with a mortal tumor who finds relief in coding and gaming. And then there is someone like you, who defames these people as "weak" and assumes they have "mental issues" as if only bad humans have mental illnesses. Thank you for showing us how toxic masculinity (forcing everyone to be strong, to be a "man" and not to show weakness) and mental health stigmata work. Gaming is literally a valve for people to blow off steam and forget about their everyday life. There are a lot of people here suffering from bullying, depression, anxiety. There are also some people here who collect trophys because of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. So what? Gaming is not just a fun hobby but also a coping machanism. Especially for people who can't afford therapy or are afraid to go to therapy because that would be a sign of "weakness" in the eyes of toxic people. Gaming is not a substitute for therapy but it can help a lot. These people aren't weak. They are exhausted because their life requires a lot of strength. SO WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE?
  4. You goddamn genius! Haven't touched this game for 7 years and now instantly got 100%. Luckily my old 3rd party controller has a turbo mode, so I let the game run overnight and got roundabout 700,000 coins even without 2x multiplier DLC. Unlocked the last 5 costumes, 2 jetpacks and spend the rest on revives and blasts. After 13 tries I finally got the 5km. Thank you! I have no idea, sorry
  5. Just go to YouTube. There are already plenty of it in different styles: Trap, Rap, DnB/Jungle, Eurobeat, Dancehall, LoFi and even a Metal Cover
  6. darkSector and [prototype] are my rarest, because they're prohibited in Germany due to extreme graphic content. It is not illegal to buy and own them, but I can't sell them without trouble
  7. Idk if UK store has same games as EU store, but maybe this thread from german trophy forum has a lot (second and third post):ünstig-spiele-mit-platin/
  8. FIFA09 (hidden) - I don't like football. A friend wanted to play this. It was back when I played on my brothers PS3 before being able to afford an own console. I wasn't aware of throphys at that time and how important they'll become. The Last Of Us - Lend the game to a friend, who moved and never gave it back before server closure (at least she send me 20€ as compensation, wow). Only got 3 Trophys, maybe I should hide it. Crysis 2 - I really had a good run on this game, but the server downtime that lasted for 1 whole year before getting fixed threw me off track. Sadly I didn't come back in time before server closure. Hurts my soul, because I really love the franchise. Resistance 2 - Played this on my brothers PS3 before he lend his copy to a friend who never gave it back (We have shitty friends, eh?). Bought the game as soon as server shutdown was announced, but procrastined too hard and didn't make it in time at the end, because Multiplayer was crap. Koop was really enjoyable but boosting partners were annoying noobs. Far Cry 2 - I never give up. Ok, there are exceptions. "Nobody ain't got time for that." BF: Bad Company - Another exeption. SP was a hell of fun, but the MP Trophys... are they fookin' serious? (I have the impossible photo trophy tho) WipeOut HD - Usually I am good at racing games, I guess it was the lack of tyres and hard to learn game mechanics. I really loved the overall design and look of the game. Soundtrack was awsome. CoD Black Ops II - Skipped this game and lend it spontanously from a friend 4 years later without looking in the trophy list. Stupid. I had a very long conversation with Treyarch support where I urged them to patch the "Big League" trophy. Fan service is not a priority for Activision. A**holes. Gran Turismo 5 - Only one fookin onloine trophy missing. Dayum. Bombing Busters - What a crappy bomberman clone game. It is hard as hell. AI enemies get unfair pretty fast. I should hide this game too. AMY - As seen on many "Worst games of all times"-Lists on YouTube. Well... I could finish it, but it I'll get cancer in the process. I am Bread - This game is awsome, but controls and physics sometimes... pure luck. Army Of Two: 40th Day (hidden) - Lend this with a friend from a video rental shop. Now imposible, Transformers: Revenge (hidden) - Servers Down. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - I just need a second disk and a second PS3 to get the missing Coop-Trophy. (If you live in northern germany, DM me and we can get this together)
  9. Thanks man. I'm glad that it's still installed. Maybe I'll grind TF out of it and delete this crap. I have no idea, but it's actually not worth it. Too time-consuming.
  10. Same. SC Conviction was outrageous. SC was my favorite franchise back then and I had a cosplay project running until the developers stated that "Splinter Cell was allways more of an Xbox Franchise SO FUCK OUR DEDICATED PLAYSTATION FANS" (not exact quote). I cancelled my cosplay project, stopped hunting trophys for remaster trilogy and never touched an SC game again. Yes, I was disappointed.
  11. - Assassin's Creed - CoD4: MW (Xbox version had achievements btw. why TF did they never patch them on PS3?) - Dark Sector (actually bought this after playing Warframe on PC and later PS4, because I wanted to know the original story. Had to import it, because it is restricted in Germany due to extreme graphic execution animations) - Devil May Cry 4 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (best virtual Hogwarts so far) - Heavenly Sword - Motorstorm - Resistance FOM (PS5 Remaster Trilogy pls) - Splinter Cell: Double Agent
  12. Depends. If you're talking of other games, you're right. But Burnout Paradise? I fucking love this game. The soundtrack, the sound-design, the gameplay - this game is so satisfying and fun as hell.
  13. UPDATE: Servers are active AF because Burnout is on PS+ double-discount atm (Europe). Bought and downloaded the game with my friend on monday and we played 3 hours from 11 PM to 2 PM. I started a lobby and soon the server was full of people eager to do challenges. There was even a Twitch streamer who flamed me if I didn't start a new challenge for a minute. Meeting in Stadium wasn't a problem at all. I remember doing this trophy on PS3 by begging people to come to the stadium or I kicked them from the server if they didn't obey.
  14. +++UPDATE+++ Should we give it a try on reddit then? I don't have a reddit account, but I would create one and do that post if I could get enough support from here. Maybe I should not do that only in a Playstation-Trophyhunter exclusive subreddit, because it would also be nice to get support from the Xbox-Archievementhunters.
  15. Well, go to, click support and see what happens Call of Duty support is centralised on the activision page.
  16. +++ UPDATE +++ Second Answer "Hello Thomas, Thank you for reaching us once again. We appreciate all of your suggestions I will also make sure to get this to the proper department. I hope you have a nice day. Aaron Paz Elite Trouble Smasher | Player Support Stick together, we'll come out on top."
  17. Woohoo, I finally finished the last death mode levels on Sound Shapes! 6 stacked Plats are a good compensation for that torture.

    1. DARKB1KE


      Hard game? I can't even figure out how to unlock campaign mode....

    2. Maewerl_1992


      Just finish the tutorial, then you'll get to the main menu :D But I warn you, Sound Shapes is simple and has just a common platin, but really tricky and luck-based when it comes to death mode. So it is enourmously frustrating when you fail over and over again...

    3. DARKB1KE


      I did the tutorial but there's just nothing in the menu.

  18. Opened a case on Activision Support and won't stop annoying them until the'll fix it. First Mail "Hello! The "Big Leagues" Trophy is not achievable anymore. I know that it is only achievable in an active season, but there won't be an active season on league play because Black Ops II League is outdated by Black Ops III Arena. Seems legit on one hand because you want to focus your support on more actual games, but on the other hand it is a huge let down for the Trophy-/Achievement-hunter community. Espscially the trophyhunters on the Playstation community are pretty disappointed because they can't achieve the platinum trophy on a game that is only 4 years old. I think I can speak for the whole german trophyhunters from and the international community from as well as, when I beg you to fix this problem please. All we, the community, your fans, want is a small hotfix, that makes this trophy achievable again. Don't forget that we are your fans, we are your customers and we payed for a game which we cannot experience completely. Publishers and developers are just as good as their service and dedication to their dear customers and fans. So, please please please fix this. We need to get our CoD-Trophy-Collection 100% complete. Thank you! sincerely, Thomas *********** and all trophyhunters worldwide" Answer "Hello Thomas, Thank you for contacting us. We always take all suggestions seriously. I will make sure to get yours to the appropriate department. I hope you have a nice day. Aaron Paz Elite Trouble Smasher | Player Support Stick together, we'll come out on top" Automatic Activision Support needed me to update the case, otherwise it would be deactivated within 5 days, so I answered. Second Mail "Hi, have you already found a solution? Pre-season league play is still available, but the trophy will only unlock in an active season. Maybe you could change the trophy unlocking parameters to pre-season games. It is just a little workaround. A few lines of code to make thousands of gamers happy. sincerely, Thomas ***********" I will keep you updated on this case. Don't tell me this won't work, they must give in if we stick hard enough to this. Feel free to open up your own case about the same topic on (you can log in with your PSN). The more pressure we make, the better. But don't copy my text 1:1, that would be too suspicous. If a whole bunch of customers ask for the same thing, they have to give in. Hope my english articulation is not too bad
  19. Hi guys, I have borrowed the game from my brother and played it through on easy mode in 2012. But I still need the 4 Gold Trophies including "I Chose the Impossible" and all DLC Trophies. I also want to play and plat BioShock 2, before going over to the Remaster Collection on PS4. So I am planning to buy the Ultimate Rapture Edition. Is the savegame from the original disc version compatible to the Ultimate Rapture Edition?