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  1. I checked now every mission of that list and i've done all of them. For the trophy aren't necessary DLC mission, it's true?
  2. Yes man, but i followed that list and checked everything. It's soo strange.
  3. ackendo_ Call of Duty: World at War I was in a lobby with friends.<br /> it's not my falut. Spare Parts All trophies unlocked in one min are regular.<br /> Check with other players please. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within You can complete the game in just one hour on easy!<br /> Speed run in just 17 min;<br /> So please change this. Kingdom Hearts I haven't any hack on this game.<br /> It's all done by me.<br /> There aren't any unobtanible trophies with 1 min.
  4. Hi everyone, I need help for this trophy: The Legend Returns - Completed all quests with "S" rank. I have done every mission on S. Any trial (48), any battle(30) and errant quest(11). S rank on the dlc it's not required for the plat so red mission are not required. Can anyone help?
  5. I don't know how more users can do this platinum in under 6's impossible!
  6. EDIT: To do assist phrases in an easy way do like this: Use your boost to gain much PP as possible every match. Do 2 match first route Do 5 match second route and arrive here with 100'000 PP Do Rank S or A or PERFECT at the boss. It's the only true method when you'll arrive at the end of this trophy! Enjoy!
  7. Help us!
  8. Are 3 days...I don't think so...
  9. Hi everyone, I have a little problem. When I achieve a trophy the notification of it doesn't appear. I have all notification turned on! When I get in to the trophies menu I see which trophy I have unlocked but there is no screenshot. My HDD it's not full and the time of my PS4 is auto. Any help?
  10. I have this problem with trophies in general. I can sync them but I can't see the notification...strange...
  11. Good I'll but it when I'll finish this one
  12. China version!
  13. Hating cats right now...
  14. China version
  15. horrible this thing i have to play only for 3 hours...this is China ahahahah