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  1. Sniper Elite II - 5.78% way back in 2014
  2. I'm stuck on game modes. It's been showing 56 events until level 5 and will not budge - only thing needed for plat 😡
  3. Completed Asemblance and Turing Test after getting bored on Ghost Recon Wildlands 100% Completed 100% Completed I'd probably go back a replay Turing Test, found it to be a nice little puzzle at times.
  4. So, a little change to my original plan but managed to Plat Wolf Among Us, Day of the Tentacle and Hitman Go and 100% Walking Dead Season 2 all as of 11pm UK time. Not done such intense gaming sessions for a while but really enjoyed this. Happy Birthday Vita!!
  5. Hey, absolutely love this idea and want to join in...this will give motivation to play PS4 less and give the vita some attention. Games - Minimum Wolf Among Us Walking Dead S2 If the day job allows, i'll try to get a couple to complete of the below: Gravity Rush Killzone Mercenary Grimsby Fandgo Day of the Tentacle
  6. Platinum - Sniper Elite 3 Now back to grinding Watchdogs 😧
  7. The Last of Us - although skipped Survivor + and went straight to Ground + Just Left Behind dlc now for 100%
  8. I'm premium member and i'd pay $2.99 - I don't know how often i'd use it but its mainly to support psnp.
  9. Late to the party but this was big help, thanks.
  10. Never played the first but really enjoyed it this. As said 'hard' is pretty easy after pretty much max upgrades on first run through but fun plat to get.
  11. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
  12. Same here. I've gone 6 months without playing but playing pretty much every day at the moment. I come across a good boosting group so that helped the motivation but still got a stack of games to get through and ones i still want to buy.
  13. Hey Dante, welcome to PSNP.
  14. Mine is my name and staff number from an old job - couldn't think of anything fancy.
  15. Sniper Ghost Warrior. - My first, never really did the whole trophy thing before, just played the game but getting into it.