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  1. I couldn't care less for those stickers, (sorry sly ) so a "hackers caught" sticker or a prize along the same lines would mean nothing to me. Also reporting hackers is a privilege for premium users so it's pay to win dammit! But yeah I agree with the other posters here, it might backfire and make you a target Nobody wants chubby 13 year olds attacking them online so it's best to keep the reports discreet.
  2. Hey.
  3. I buy used most of the time, buying new and on day one seems like too much of a risk nowadays, so many companies wanna push games out too fast, like battlefield 4 for example and they're straight garbage on release date so they need fixing via patches afterwards. So fuck that, I'd rather wait a couple months and buy it cheaper and used. I buy new via pre order sometimes (very rare). Last time I did that, was with the last of us. Most games rip you off if you buy full price and new, there's so many shit games on the market that go to a bargain bin sooo fast, I'm looking at you rambo that buying new/full price seems like the wrong way to go, thanks to game publishers being so money hungry and not very trust worthy. Also £45 for new game, is ridiculous, I'll wait a year and buy it used for £5. Unless it's in a series I already enjoy, like fallout. In that case I'm there at a midnight launch paying £100 for the special edition.
  4. Just do what the title says I'm sorry if this is a thread already, I've searched for it for like 30 minutes lol, if this is already a thread, please link it so I can post there, cheers!
  5. Dark, like the inside of my... nevermind. Buried alive or boiled to death?
  6. Anyone who somewhat values money prefers physical. Pro's of buying digital. - No changing discs in between games. - Can't brake your game and can't have it stolen. - You have an impressive digital collection. Cons of buying digital. - Can't resell - Can't lend it to friend, - If your console turns off incorrecty (power cut ect) you may have to reformat your system. which includes completely wiping your system, if you have no internet connection at the time, no games for you, no re downloading anything. - Depending on your region you may pay more for digital then you would retail. - You can't break your game or have it stolen because you never got one in the first place. - No cover art or manual. - If you buy digital on the vita the game is locked to one account (via locked memory cards) no playing it on a second/guest account, There's literally no argument. The only time to go digital is when there is a great deal on the store. If not, you're literally just getting ripped off.
  7. wow man, that's fucked.
  8. The god father 2
  9. Time, because time travelling would be the shit. Would you rather have No arms, or no legs?