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  1. Mapgenie has also a interaktiv map. Work in progress. https://mapgenie.io/elden-ring/maps/the-lands-between
  2. Hey, i got the free version of destiny 2 and started it. At the beginning I got the information, that the forsaken campaign will be deactivated with the beginning of the new dlc. So I can’t get the trophies anymore? Or do I have to buy the game or dlc? thanks for your help.
  3. It's been a while since I bought it, but I don't think there was a bundle for it. But you are probably right ;)
  4. It was free for me, I don’t know why?
  5. Hi, what means Loremaster Trophy fixed? i am missing 14 Loremaster Stones with the DLC loremaster stones right now an no Trophy popped. Does anyone know if you have to collect every single Loremaster stone with the new update now? thanks update: i collected every single lorestone + DLC Lorestones and the Trophy popped
  6. Warframe does store the Data Serverside and it wont work. I deleted my local Savegame but no Trophy...
  7. I Think i depends on the Game. Warframe for example Autopops the Trophys PS4 to PS5 but does not autopop PS5 to PS4. And on top of that some of the Trophys are glitched then, because the game thinks you have the Trophy...
  8. Yeah I got the Bounty Hunter trophy on PS4 by redoing the 6 bounty in 60 minutes. Trophy pops. I wrote the support because of the Spelunker trophy. We will see what they will write „In-game achievement displays earned for both versions“ that’s not correct, it displays only the 30/30. it is still a lock on the picture. Both trophy’s on PS4. Bounty Hunter of course not anymore Have you tried switching between applications? Yes several times, and deleting saves. No trophy
  9. I got 100% 2 weeks ago, so it is possible. The version downgrade is not that difficult as it sounds
  10. I unlocked vallis spelunker trophy on Ps5. No Auto Unlock on PS4. I visited all 30 caverns again twice. No unlock. The counter is 30/30. the bounty Hunter trophy I have also unlocked on Ps5. No Auto Unlock on PS4. The counter stands on 6/6, but if you do a bounty it resets to 1/6. so I think the trophy will unlock when you do the 6 bounty’s.
  11. I unlocked 3 trophies on Ps5, no Autopop on PS4....this suxx big. So I have to play the PS4 Version so that the trophies autopop on Ps5.....this game is a nightmare
  12. It is already downloaded completely. I have all DLCs and it has 108,8 GB on my Console. If I disconnect my console then it hangs up at the loading screen of comrades
  13. I downloaded the game on PS5 and I can Start Comrades and I can create a character. But after that it goes back to the comrades main menu. Can someone explain what do I have to do to play comrades?. After 500+ comments it’s very hard to understand for me, because my English is not the best. Thanks