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  1. For those who are interested, there's a patch for the PS4 version that adds Hard Mode, but there's no trophy for it.
  2. Tammy Rose will be 100% on the pike, because the baby belongs to one of the Whisperers. I can already picture a scene at the fair where the Whisperer mother in disguise goes nuts as soon as she sees the baby and lure Tammy to death. I would also bet on Father Gabriel, Nabila, one of those three kids at Hilltop and someone of Magna's group (probably Kelly).
  3. There are easily worse games out there. The only real bad part about the game was the bland and uninspired level design, everything else was nice/ok, and Knack is cool. It is a 6.5/10 game for me.
  4. Devil May Cry 1 HD was the first in series I've ever played. Normal and Hard mode were a breeze for me, but Dante Must Die mode was kind of painful and a test of patience! I would have preferred bosses with less HP but with more damage inflicted. Seriously. Luckily I got a stock of Untouchables from the previous playthrough, they were so useful. I had most troubles with the last form of Nelo Angelo since he was so fast and his moves were so unpredictable. He could kill in just one hit if he wanted. On the opposite the easiest boss for me was Nightmare because of his predictable attacks, and once I understood how to completely avoid that "limbo" attack. Looking at the rarity percentage, it looks like I platted the hardest game in the trilogy. Is that right?
  5. Child of Eden. Last time I checked was 4,4% on PSN, and it's 0,96% on PSNP. It surprised me since it's quite hard. Maybe a lot of them used downloaded saves? Who knows.
  6. I just picked up the Dead Space 2 Super Bundle. First game was sweet, and I already have Dead Space 3 on PS+. Now I have the full main trilogy. 😎
  7. I liked both FFXIII and XIII-2 and Lightning Returns is on my list, but I have a big backlog of games to play and only little time because of work, so I tend to prefer to focus on shorter experiences at the moment. Maybe this summer. Believe me, I really tried to like Dragon's Dogma, but it's so badly designed in my eyes. Only one save allowed, boring fetch quests, poor graphics, non-existent soundtrack, irritating pawns, unintuitive controls and uninspired plot? No, thanks. And this comes from someone who even liked Two Worlds 2! To each its own, I guess.
  8. Dragon's Dogma: I don't understand the appeal for this game, it's quite a mess in every department. I gave it another chance this year, but nope, I can't find a reason to like this game. Everybody's Golf (Vita): too difficult, so probably no chances to get the platinum for me.
  9. I bought Knack for €5 a few months ago and it was worth every cent. I'm not sure Rime alone makes this month worth it.
  10. Getting 100% for this game would have been fun for me if titles were not required for the Archives trophy. Difficulty trophies aren't stackable, so you have to the play the game four times and one of them has to be with 2 players. 2 players can be done solo, but it's awful when QTE appears on bosses because you have to input them correctly on both controllers, and you have to be fast. Luckily there are infinite continues, I can't imagine the pain otherwise.
  11. I still have to complete episode 5, but episode 2-4 were free of glitches and framerate was stable for me, and no freezes. So, it looks like Episode 1 was an exception. Episode 4 was also my favourite episode of the season - looking forward to play the last one! Even if you aren't a Batman fan, but you generally like playing Telltale games, you should give this one a chance. Fortunately it's better than the forgettable Season 3 of The Walking Dead. That one was really disappointing in my opinion.
  12. I played it digitally on PS4 Pro when it was released on PS Plus, and the only issue I can think of was a few slight dips in the most crowded scenes, like the wedding or the party in King's Landing. Apart from that, it was flawless for me and it mostly ran at 50-60 fps. I can't say the same about Batman. 60 fps one moment, 20 fps another. Ugh.
  13. Unfortunately it looks like all of the latest Telltale games have some bugs and glitches here and there. TWD Season 3 was a serious case, it kept hard freezing my PS4 Pro - a real nightmare - and it was vastly inferior to the previous 2 seasons. No issue whatsover with Game of Thrones and Tales of Borderlands, tough. For Batman, I only found this glitch and unstable framerate at the beginning, finger crossed for the next episodes!
  14. Is the title of the game a play on "Little House on the Prairie"? That's really cringeworthy. My PS Vita deserves better.
  15. If you want to see that glitch, you need to make a choice halfway through the first episode. You just need to It's not exactly a spoiler, but just in case.