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  1. After playing a bunch of diverse games for a month and never encountered a single freeze, I can pretty much say my launch PS4 Pro is not failing. It doesn't even overheats with the more demanding games - I played GOW again for a couple of hours straight, and I RYNO'ed through Ratchet & Clank in Challenge mode. It's probably an issue with this game playing on a specific PS4 Pro batch (or my unit has a soul and doesn't want me to lose precious time on this game lol). Well, I'll try again when I get a PS5 (hoping that this game will be backwards compatible).
  2. I think it's worth it. The game has clearly its design flaws, and I hated the long loading times, but it's a better "walking simulator" than some of the highly acclaimed ones, and has its charm. Graphics are nice, but the game just ends like that, I think it was supposed to be the first episode of a series, I didn't found anything about a second episode. Special note: this game may induce funky dreams in the night - well, it happened to me, especially after seeing that
  3. Maybe it's just on a few PS4 Pro or on a specific PS4 Pro batch. I don't understand why it's happening only with this game. I'll try playing other games, and if the issue won't appear anymore, then it's definitely because of this specific game. I'll update this thread in a month or so, just to be sure.
  4. Do you have a PS4 Pro? Now I'm playing other games fine, and never experienced similar issues before. And no, it looks like I'm not the first with a PS4 Pro having this problem: https://www.google.com/search?q=ni+no+kuni+2+freeze+ps4+pro+site:www.reddit.com&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjS7qaXz-7oAhXGG5oKHU8lDq4QrQIoBDAAegQIARAP&biw=1366&bih=663
  5. Basically my launch PS4 Pro has frozen 3 times with NNK2, and I'm still in the first 2 hours of the game! First 2 times froze in the very first battles on the world map - the console hard-locked itself and I could only unplug and re-plug the power cord. Then I tried to rebuild my database, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and patches, disabled 4k and Boost Mode, but soft-froze while in the first dungeon and the blue report screen appeared. Is this a common issue with the game or should I worry about my console being faulty? Btw I then played Sleeping Dogs for 2 hours straight without any issues...
  6. The Council.
  7. Wow. Valkyrie Queen was such a b*tch on Hard Difficult that I gave up after a few tries and beat her on Easy (although Normal would have been fine, but at that point I was so frustrated and just wanted to go on). I started the game on Hard and never ever changed the difficulty until there. The difficulty spike was just ridiculous. If there was a trophy such as "Beat Valkyrie Queen at least on Hard difficulty", platinum rarity would be like 2% lol.
  8. I played all three games on PS3 (digital version) and had no issues with bugs. By the way, Sands of Time is an old-style game and not a fit for everyone. It's like the earlier Tomb Raider games versus the newer ones, you can't compare them. The worst is PoP 2008. I hated it for the most part.
  9. I'm considering buying the Layers of Fear + Observer bundle. Are they any scary/good? Feel free to share your opinion.
  10. Forbidden Siren 2, followed by Project Zero 3. After playing all Sirens multiple times, I still think 2 is the best (and the scariest). Project Zero 3 is basically all about dreams, and I'm an avid lucid dreamer, so 3 hit me the most.
  11. I think I'm just gonna get those 2 online trophies via PS Now. I believe there's a 7-day free trial for it, so I'll try it. I don't want to pull out my old PS3 now. Don't care about the DLC trophies, not anymore though, but the idea of a forever unobtainable platinum triggers me a lot lol.
  12. It was short, but a really intense experience, something you should play in one sitting. Lewis' story was unique and I somehow can relate to it. And when the credits rolled, that's when onions attacked me. On a side note, I also appreciated the reference to Unfinished Swan, another game I loved and suggest to play.
  13. I kind of stopped caring about the 100% completion on profile when I realized getting 100% on Uncharted 3 on PS3 would have required 200 hours of grinding. Then I started TxK, a game I thoroughly enjoyed on Vita, but didn't know it had glitched trophies, so I completely stopped caring from that point on. I still have fun getting trophies for the games I like, and try to platinum/100%ing them if they're not too tedious or grindy. I look at them as a nice addition to the games, not as the main reason for playing them.
  14. Sunset Vista is ridiculously long. The fun fact is I got the platinum relic the first time I managed to get to the end (after ~20 tries). I was like - "wha, platinum? No way, I even hesitated on a couple spots". So if you want a tip, don't rush too much here: as opposite to a few levels in the game, I believe you don't have to be perfect to get at least a gold relic. Just be careful of those timed blocks and stands and preserve the Aku Aku masks for later in the level.
  15. I'm aiming for Platinum on Velocity 2X (been playing on PS4) and I'm really close to it. For me, level 47 and 50 were the hardest part, especially level 47 since it's quite long and you can easily screw it. Low input lag TV and high reflexes help a lot, and practice and memory are key. Speaking of the game itself, it's absolutely beautiful on the big screen. I love the soundtrack and the simple yet effective gameplay, a total improvement over the first game. I had this game with PS+, but I will also buy the DLCs someday to support the developers.