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  1. Conference was so boring and disappointing. I would have preferred a new MediEvil, or new games especially from Sony Japan studios - nope, I'm asking too much.
  2. In fact you need to capture 10 of every monster that can be captured in the game and fight all the new monsters in the arena. Barbatos is the only monster that can be captured after Seymour Omnis battle. FYI, I'm not the one who reported, I'm just passing by.
  3. That's right.
  4. I played this game multiple times on multiple platforms, and I'm 100% sure Barbatos can only be found in the area after Seymour Omnis. The other enemies can be found in Omega Ruins as well.
  5. The original PS Vita model is definitely better just because of one reason: no motion blur. I also played on the slim model in the past: while colors were fine to me as opposed to what people said, I was so horrified by that amount of motion blur. I mainly play PSone Classics on it because I'm very nostalgic, and living in Europe is a blast because there is quite a bunch of 60 hz US version games available in the PS Store (e.g. Spyro Trilogy and Resident Evil). Original European version were locked at 50 hz/25 fps, so playing 60 hz versions is really nice besides no motion blur. Also, it's nice to chill out in the bed under the blankets and play on PS Vita, especially on these cold days!
  6. Unfortunately I noticed that the Vita version isn't dubbed in my language (Italian) but only subbed, while the PC and PS4 versions are both dubbed and subbed. My bad, I couldn't find this information anywhere. I'll put this game on hold and play it first on PC someday. It's the only Broken Sword game I haven't played.
  7. How it looks/runs on Vita? Is it glitchy or something? How do touch controls feel? I'm looking forward to play it, but I don't want to play another glitchy and poor Grim Fandango remaster.
  8. Probably I'm pretty biased because I love the TV show to the bone, but I found Telltale's Game of Thrones almost as entertaining as any season of the TV series. I pretty much cared for every character, maybe Mira is an exception, but I really liked the King's Landing bits of scenery and well known characters. Story was good in my opinion, of course it feels like a sub-story, but it was well put in. I can't think how anyone would enjoy the game without having seen the first 4 seasons of the show, though. If you haven't played it yet, make yourself a favor and watch it at least until season 4. Then you can play and enjoy the game. The first episode of the game starts with a heavy TV show spoiler. You've been warned.
  9. I've always cared about completion since the PS1 era, when trophies didn't exist. I always used to get 100% (or above) on all those platform games, find all the secrets on adventure games like Tomb Raider, max level and stats and complete every secondary content in JRPG games, and so on. Now, I don't care about perfect 100% on my PSN profile - it would be very stressful for me to get trophies for games I don't like, also because I don't have that much free time anymore - but I somehow care about high completion. 90% and above would be a sweet spot for me, and I'm aiming for that.
  10. I would definitely buy Okami again on PS4 and play on a 4K set. Okami is simply the most beautiful game I've ever played. I've never found such a combination of unique and vibrant graphic style, wonderful environments, inspiring music and morally rich story in a game. This game also did have a positive effect on me in a bad moment of my life, so it will always have a special place on my heart.
  11. I used a different method than the above, and I think it is easier. While I remember I sweared a lot because of this minigame 15 years ago (when I first played it on PS2), I tried today and managed to do it easily. Here's my strategy. You need to go in a 'hidden area' on the right of the first section of Thunder Plains (there is a Cactuar stone there). Go to the far right of this hidden area and start dodging the first strikes, without EVER moving your character. You will notice that here 2 lightnings strike after a fixed period of time: one of them strikes after 3 seconds the one before, and the other one strikes 6 seconds after the one before, and so on. It's basically a loop of 2 lightnings.This way, you can predict when the next lightning will strike, and you will be able to concentrate more and stress less. Don't count seconds, just think "Ok, the next one will come soon (3-seconds lightning)" or "Ok, the next one will come later (6-seconds lightning)". Also, don't count the lightnings you've dodged, because you'll lose concentration soon - just decide your 'finish time' (I suggest 75 minutes). This way, I personally managed to dodge 480 lightnings before getting tired and hit. I also used a 10 ms monitor for this (I didn't even try with my 30+ ms TV). Hope it helps someone.
  12. Anything that would justify the EU PS+ price increase would be good, and that includes better PS3 and PSVita games (the latest were awful).
  13. I loved this game. Completed the Extreme mode on third attempt today. The only really hard part was at the end with the lava rising - you have to be very fast and climb ropes and use pogo efficiently. At the last attempt I lost like 6 lives (I had 8 in total). The game was flawless for me and never crashed on me on any difficulty. I selected Quick Cinema mode and skipped those few cutscenes.
  14. Trophies are just an added value for games. I've been a OCD completionist since N64 when i was 10, and trophies are just an evolution of completing a game. I personally don't care about getting trophies for the sake of continuously increasing my PSN level or my total of trophies earned, I just care about the single games I complete and I simply like that feeling when I get that platinum/100% especially for a game I loved and had a really nice time with.
  15. I'm having a nice time with Kick & Fennick. It's not the most perfect game in the world, but it's still better than some overrated games like Tearaway (which I'm playing too right now). Graphics are beautiful on that OLED screen. Music is memorable. Gameplay basics are simple, but mastering them takes time. The best way to play this game is on Hard difficulty straight away and doing 2-3 levels per session, completing them with the diamond stars. Don't ever rush with the mechanics of this game, because if you die you have to start the level over, and it can get frustrating at times. It's a diamond in the rough for me.