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  1. Nice to see an appreciation for the arcade classics! I've reached my rep max today because I gave them out like candy in the "latest platinum" thread but I'll be sure to give some rep to you and the wise folks who purchased the new [Crash Bandicoot] game just as I have (except I now have to wait a couple days beyond release date because my preorder had already shipped by the time I desired to simply purchase the game in-store to avoid waiting an extra second for such a long overdue title). So, as I wait for the orange fur to fly, my most recent PS4 game is none other than Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero - Risky Beats Ed. w/ the cool box and all.
  2. #31 NIOH You Are Nioh Nearly 1 year to the day that I got my last platinum (Bloodborne). Yep, I'm Nioh, all right... and a glutton for punishment because oh boy Team Ninja knows how to deliver the punishment. Severely underleveled throughout most of the New Game campaign (and even more so in Way of the Strong mode aka NG+), my William turned full-fledged ninja in honor of the famed Ryu Hayabusa relied heavily on the skill and dexterity stats while mastering the art of ninjutsu (and the magical godsends, SLOTH and CARNAGE—but that was by the end of the game and so many kills too late) and sliced through yokai with blindingly fast dual katana techniques. The trophies for the most part were straightforward and easy to attain, with many coming naturally throughout the course of the game. Though I will point out the 2 trophy requirements I absolutely despise: Spa Lover - Bathe in 20 hot springs spread across the map. Some easily visible while others cleverly hidden away from prying eyes. Kodama Leader - Find 150 little green bastards hiding about so merrily, waiting for William to send them back home to their beloved Shrines—all the while yokai thirst for his blood and relentlessly try to prevent him from receiving their Kodama blessings. Such a pain to explore every nook and cranny of some of the godforsaken labyrinth-like maps. Truly unforgiving in the Samurai from Sawayama and Spirit Stone Slumbers missions. I HATE them. Amazing that I preordered this game only to let it sit for several months before even playing it and appreciating Team Ninja's efforts in blending Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden into an awesome action rpg... and a PS4 exclusive to boot.
  3. Sony,
  4. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for the PS3. One of those games that thankfully allows players to play custom bgm from the PS3 hdd—a good excuse for me to occasionally play online co-op despite having earned the platinum ages ago.
  5. No platinum for Resident Evil 4 is quite unfortunate indeed. Not even a trophy for obtaining the Handcannon? The payoff would be a worthwhile (not to mention the Handcannon 1-hit-kills almost any enemy) en route to what I suspect would have been a rare platinum trophy at the very least given the difficulty of S-ranking every Mercenaries stage with every character. Wasted potential there for the trophy hunters.
  6. Figured I'd get the PAL physical copy versus the more expensive NTSC digital version.
  7. "Yeah... Don't worry, we'll catch our break, too... We just got to keep our eyes open..."
  8. Blasphemous but I actually prefer Dark Souls 2 SotFS over Dark Souls. I highly recommend both, either way. As for what I like better in DS2SotFS and what I think is worse...

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    2. Kittens Are Awesome
    3. Flop


      Yeah, it was Darklurker. Oh, and I think I struggled just a bit with some sort of giant frog with a skullface. Demon of Song, or something, it was called? I think I only struggled on NG+ actually.

    4. HaSoOoN-MHD


      DkS2 has the best mechanics, easy.

  9. That's why he's got to have consequences for his super-heroic tasks: timed missions requiring the Man of Steel to rescue distressed Metropolis citizens and fly through levitating sky rings lest he receive mission failure... The last decent Superman game was the "Death and Return of Superman" from the 90s because it was a fairly straightforward beat 'em up.
  10. Anyone recommend WayForward's "A Boy and His Blob"? It's $2.49 on Steam, PSN. Or perhaps you'd rather just play the NES ABaHB? Tempting, but I don't know...

    1. MesopithecusUK


      I'm playing it at the moment off was fun for the first few levels and then gets very tedious and boring

    2. AdventCloud7


      Thanks for the input, Mesopithecus. Looks kinda boring from the vids I've seen and I don't really like the art style. Hopefully, you can at least salvage some trophies from the game (if that's your thing).

  11. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Underrated, in my opinion. Solid hack n' slash gameplay delivered with pints of blood-spattering, fast-paced action and humor. Delving off into his own spinoff game, Yaiba is essentially Ryu Hayabusa's opposite as a facetious counterpart ripped straight out of a Deadpool comic.
  12. And be careful who you Share Play with. I advise not from personal experience but from certain gaming news headlines and some common sense. Some people are worthy of a block as a preemptive measure.
  13. Milestone platinum #30 for Bloodborne! Hadn't planned on getting a plat from the game until I'd realized that I'd already done all of the dirty work of finding the necessary but elusive Chalice Dungeon ritual materials.

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer
    2. AdventCloud7


      Thanks. Next up are either Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 2 / 3 ... or maybe something on PS3. Not planning on the platinum, though... again.

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Uncharted 4 would be great to do next. That was my 30th plat.

  14. MILESTONE #30 Bloodborne All trophies acquired. Hats off! "Bloodborne Platinumith Cometh" Oh, Hunter! As a fellow hunter, I am obligated to honor the Code of Hunters and impart to you the following words of wisdom: Unless thou art a hunter of hunters, thou shall succumb to the bitterness of repetitious death. Therefore, 'tis wise to channel the forsaken powers of the Cult of Blue Oyster and chant "don't fear the reaper!" with conviction powerful enough to shake the very foundations of Yharnam's grotesque monuments. Dread serves only to consume those who falter along the arduous trek through the uninviting territories, whose paths yield unrelenting trepidation among an unending madness quenched in the vile blood of crestfallen Hunters and despicable foes alike, for Yharnam boasts wanton disregard for human life and entombs the crestfallen. Honor thy skills, temper thy weapons and trust thy instincts, for diligence remits blood. But remember, thy greatest weapons are patience and modesty. Wield these virtues in the heat of battle, and push aside hubris —the bane of hunters— if need be, in order to call upon assistance from thy fellow hunters. Many secrets lay hidden in Yharnam and await your discovery. Consult the layout of the terrain, beware the moors and remember that a hunter is never alone!
  15. With the exception of "Demon's Souls", which I've always admired, I've had a tendency to initially dislike every FromSoftware game I've played (3 and counting) only to ultimately offer them praise. The key is having enough patience to reap the ever so blissful rewards! Didn't see what was so special about "Bloodborne" at first, even hated the combat until I got used to fighting w/out trusty shields I'd equipped in my "Demon's/Dark Souls"...

    1. LetsTurnJu-On


      I never used shields in Demon's which I also loved. Dark Souls 2 was shite and Bloodborne was ok, but Demon's yep still the best.

    2. AdventCloud7


      Still have a ways to go before completing "Bloodborne", though, but it's a great game and I'd like to get to DS2SotFS and DS3, eventually.

    3. StrickenBiged


      DS2 wasn't shite. It's the worst of the bunch, but I think calling it shite is going a little too far. It's like comparing blow-jobs. They're all blissful, but yeah, sometimes you can have one that's slightly worse.