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  1. If I were to start the grind for the plat how long would it take me?
  2. Ah damn that's a shame then can't wait to get an extra 4 crowns.
  3. I remember when Deviljho first came out and this question was asked about the base game and he wasn't needed. The description for the trophy says "almost every monster" But with Iceborne it could be different.
  4. That's a shame, I spent several hours and haven't caught any rare. I looked up online and everything seems to point towards 5. Only seen one comment saying they caught a rare one under 5 but their level was 3. =/
  5. Been trying to capture any of the rare molys and have had no luck, I read that they only spawn once you get an area to level 5. Have any of you captured any of them and your level was below 5? Or maybe i'm just having horrible RNG.
  6. Has anyone had any luck with the weekly quest The water blues? Trying to get minis for both of them.
  7. Are you going to plat BD?
  8. GTA 5. I need to finish it some day
  9. Private matchmaking does not work from my experience good luck on getting the trophy it's a pain
  10. I don't understand the purpose in making these types of threads, it's obvious that majority of users are pro for these games. But I do think it's funny that people here who plat these games get defensive and start insulting people lol. People get so strung up over little things, I hope at the end of the day everyone has fun with what they do
  11. Might end up picking up Odyssey Gold Ed and Slime Rancher.. Very tempting since I have a massive backlog :v
  12. Honestly don't have a problem with these games at the end of the day they are just trophies. If it makes people happy then let them continue to buy the game it's that simple.
  13. was gonna plat Dissida NT but man I was just not having fun with some aspects of the game. it didn't seem worth it. maybe in the future.

    1. RedRodriguez87


      I haven't heard many good things about it either. It's always a shame when companies have these solid winning formulas (especially 10 years later AND from a handheld), but then manage to muck it up in future installments with needless tweaking and altering of gameplay.

    2. New_Age_Black


      It really is a good formula but I felt the execution was pretty mediocre. I really wanted to plat all the FF games but now I realize I probably won't lol. Honestly old me maybe would of sucked it up and still plat but i'm not having fun with it. Feels like the gacha game is more fun than the ps4 game :(

  14. the servers are still up?
  15. This is nice for the people who really needed a name change now too finish my backlog before i make the leap.