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  1. really wish i was able to beat yakuza 3 minigames. if i cant even beat baseball how the hell am i going to beat pool?!

    1. Otonio_Bruno


      I understand the feeling, have been there. I can't talk specifically for Yakuza 3, but having played Yakuza 4 minigames to the point I've done all their requirements at least 3 times and in some cases going even beyond, I think I got some good knowledge on how to beat pool and batting cage (baseball) with some consistency:


      Batting Cage:


      There are 2 important things about batting cage minigame if you want to hit the desired number of points to clear it. First is: You need to press X to hit the ball the moment Kiryu stops "shaking". This works for all kinds of throws and speeds, so paying close attention to Kiryu is more important than paying attention to the ball's path when thrown. That said, it's good if you know which kind of ball is being thrown and at which speed, because you can focus more or less on where you aiming the shot, so it helps to write down the ball type and speed thrown for each throw (It doesn't vary with each game).


      Second tip is: In higher difficulties, you want to "combo" your points. I don't know if you already noticed, but if you managed to hit a ball in the lines that separate the targets, you will score points for both and those are "combos". Say, if a single target is worth 20 points and if hit you both at same time, not only you get 40 points, but it also doubles your points because you hit 2 targets at once. 3 targets triples your score and so on. The best though is when you complete a line or column, that gets you even more points. Now, if manage to hit all the remaining targets in single hit and that complete both all lines and all columns, you'll get big bonus points. It's kinda hard to describe in words, but basically, try to hit the targets in a pattern that let you "complete" the whole target board with the maximum amount of scores at once. For example, in HARD batting cage, you can at maximum knock 3 targets at once and on EX HARD, 4 targets at once. Those are vital for getting high scores.



      Pool is hard, very hard to play it properly. Took me around 2 weeks to actually learn how to angle properly how much force you need for each shot. There isn't much advice I can give outside watch how the CPU plays on expert and try to copy it's movements, you'll get a feeling what angles are good to get a ball in or not. The other tip I can give is: never use full force when shooting the ball, it will always mess up its intended path, go for medium to small force depending on how far your target ball is from the hole.

  2. i love ur pfp
  3. Had fun playing the beta for this game, i thought maybe if I found some cool peeps to play with I would give this a shot. This is funny as hell, oh well time to play this in 2 years from now vs launch. Plus is it really that buggy? Yikes.
  4. Doing this method will it bug the 100%?
  5. Having played the demo it seems very fun and simple. The full chain on proud/com battle seems annoying but it seems like over time you will get better and better at the game. If I can do the awful rhythm game on BBS I think i can plat this.
  6. Is there a list of which V Tubers are in the game? I'm hoping for Mikochi and Korone. Would love if Haachama was in it as well
  7. Are you still plan on doing it? How's your success been?
  8. Ether One was so boring!! god the voice acting made it even more borning!! it seemed kinda cool then went into a snooze fest. plus the controls were so awful ugh
  9. If I were to start the grind for the plat how long would it take me?
  10. Ah damn that's a shame then can't wait to get an extra 4 crowns.
  11. I remember when Deviljho first came out and this question was asked about the base game and he wasn't needed. The description for the trophy says "almost every monster" But with Iceborne it could be different.
  12. That's a shame, I spent several hours and haven't caught any rare. I looked up online and everything seems to point towards 5. Only seen one comment saying they caught a rare one under 5 but their level was 3. =/
  13. Been trying to capture any of the rare molys and have had no luck, I read that they only spawn once you get an area to level 5. Have any of you captured any of them and your level was below 5? Or maybe i'm just having horrible RNG.