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  1. If live streaming counts, I saw Coheed and Cambria's Neverender: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 tour a month or two ago. If it doesn't, then hell, I don't remember.
  2. Special Fusion Expert "Use 4 or more Personas in a special fusion" Fusion Expert "Perform 50 Persona fusions" The Nose Doesn't Always Know "Experience a fusion accident" Welcome Back "Rescue Marie" Legend of Inaba "Max out all Social Links" Tactical Fighter "Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times"
  3. Metrico's gyroscopic controls.
  4. This is a fairly simple suggestion. If a game's Platinum or 100% is unobtainable, a number of users can flag it as unobtainable (this number could be specified by the site staff at any point). If this specific number of users flag it as unobtainable within a certain period of time, somebody on the site staff could confirm that the Platinum or 100% is unobtainable. If this is the case, the game can be flagged as either ":platinum: Unobtainable" or "100% Unobtainable", or both, depending upon the circumstances. Then, the games which are flagged as either or both of these can be grouped into a section so that PSNP users can easily find out what games to avoid in the event that they don't want to add unobtainable trophies to their list. SIDE NOTE: This feature may also be used to whitelist games for hiding. As in, if a user hides trophies from a flagged game, the "Hidden" flag doesn't appear on their profile. I'm not sure whether this could be abused, which is why it is included as a side note.
  5. Breaking Through the Fog "Secure Tohru Adachi"
  6. So this is definitely inspired very heavily by the adapted TV show. That's a shame. I was hoping that Telltale would do their own interpretation of the (in my opinion) superior books. I'll play it regardless, of course; it's just disappointing to me that they didn't take the opportunity I was hoping they would.
  7. Compulsive Reader "Read all books"
  8. The catalyst was Soul Sacrifice for me.
  9. Platinum looks like a good major milestone. Enjoyed the first Dead Island game, didn't play Riptide, not sure how this will be. If I recall correctly, this is developed purely by Fatshark with little or no involvement from Techland or Yager. That alone makes it interesting. In addition, I've heard that a Dead Island 2 demo will be available to players who pre-ordered this one, just in case that convinces anybody to pre-order it.
  10. In It to Win It "Place first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions" Only one to go!
  11. Piece of Cake "Complete a VR or Alternative mission" Mr Perfect "Max out all social qualities" Food Fighter "Finish Aiya's special dish" Big Bro is Worried "Visit Nanako in the hospital 3 times" Bond Maniac "Max out 10 Social Links"
  12. Tell Me a Tale "Complete all Snake Tales"
  13. Even better, why not just keep a publicly accessible log of a user's previous IDs? Seems fairly simple to me...
  14. Return of the Angels "Rescue Nanako Dojima"
  15. I think the title explains the basic idea I'm trying to get across, but I'll elaborate a little further. If statuses are essentially informal and more personal threads, why, then, should we not be able to Like them? I will provide an example. Somebody posts a status that I would generally Like, such as on Facebook or on the forums. Like so: I am, of course, unable to Like this status. Thus, I am reduced to having to comment upon it in place of a Like, which causes clutter and is not quite so eloquent as simply Liking it. Like so: I can hardly say "oh, I Like this status"; that's awkwardly phrased and a useless statement outside of a recognised system of Liking. This is not a major gripe that I have. It's simply a question of whether this is a feature that would provide additional utility to the somewhat lacking status system. I don't know how difficult this would be to implement either, of course. As always, merely a suggestion. Please feel free to leave feedback, either in the above Poll or in the reply section.
  16. Just going to quietly bump this as, although it was speculated that this wasn't a feature that could actually be changed, we never reached a conclusive answer.
  17. Boarded-Up Lab "Rescue Naoto Shirogane"
  18. It's a Rainmeter setup and it's hooked up to the Weather Channel... so every day it updates. I haven't got the year working yet since I messed up the coordinates somehow. And the previous day relies on API that I should have set up properly and I'm not totally sure how I messed it up really. But I can come back to it.
  19. One thing I'm disappointed with...
  20. Fishing Master "Catch the Sea Guardian"
  21. I'm almost certain that these will be separate lists as the eighth-gen version appears to be a totally different game; for example, the addition of a first-person mode indicates that there have been significant alterations to the code base which would preclude their trophy lists being shared as they are, for all intents and purposes, intrinsically different and separate versions of the game.
  22. It won't stay Ultra Rare for long. The trophies are mainly comprised of gold-ranking one campaign mission, completing the campaign and performing a number of tasks in multiplayer, mainly focused around kills. As the campaign is essentially just "try until you make it" and there's no way to miss them, especially since I believe there's a mission select feature (though I'm not certain as this is a port), and the multiplayer trophies can be very easily boosted... I'm calling this probably a 3/10, possibly less if the AI is predictable and a reliable video guide is uploaded. I will note that these observations are based on the PC version which I've played and there may be balancing tweaks I'm not aware of.
  23. Timestamps aren't based on system time. The first time the system is connected to the internet, the timestamps are absolutely locked in and cannot be changed by the user. That's why trophies with no timestamps exist. tl;dr: that's not how timestamps work. Whilst your opinion is inherently valid, I hate to see people discard others' preferences as far as having fun goes. There are people who find enjoyment in the leaderboards and dismissing that as an illegitimate hobby because it doesn't align with your personal preferences is not a logically sound position.
  24. I'd like to see a new MediEvil personally, along with a fair few other things mentioned already. Oh - and a good Jak 4. The Lost Frontier doesn't exist. EDIT: on the topic of Jak, I'd much prefer a new game in the vein of The Precursor Legacy; à la the original wave of 3D platformers from the PS1-PS2 era. tl;dr: give me Jak without the guns.