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  1. Probably server issues happened with me in the last day of competitive but after that was back to normal.
  2. Well is your opinion so we must respect, but is not that bad for what I remember playing. Remember people think BoTW is a masterpiece and i hate the combat(hope was something cool like KH) and the stupid climb in that game(rain makes even more boring), my favorite game this year was Gravity Rush 2.
  3. What is the point of the good/bad icon if you can only see after the match ? I hope the improve their servers,too much time to update, be more stable would be good too.
  4. Only stuff I want is to see who is my opponent, tired of fighting the same rq(yes even after the last update) and the same guy over and over, I just need the 300 wins to plat this game.
  5. Really hope they release this month with stats in game update and other stuff,I still don't why Capcom treat this game like a F2P game.
  6. I don't think they disable in this version, just read Vice City forum and you will watch people unlock them while using code .
  7. Always love Hawkgirl, so play as her I don't care about how they play as long as like the char.
  8. Did you check if both of u are the have game with same region ?
  9. Keep trying until you find a game you like and more important a char that fits your style, then try to understand the mechanics of the game will help a lot. If you are new to fgc pick usf4 is better for beginners. Any problems you can ask me.
  10. The first Silent Hill.
  11. Einhander should be on psn, and for me I just buy the console that has more rpg and fighting games.