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  1. I can guarantee they will go bankrupt if they keep making them longer, no one is gonna buy their shitty 2d 8bit side scrolling garbage without the easy platinums. Trophy hunters put them on the map without trophies hunters their games are nothing, and not only me many people buy their games just for the short platinums. They will be doomed if they forget about trophy hunters.
  2. @RatalaikaGames Quit making the platinums so long. stick to those 30-60 minute platinums. Will stop buying ur games if u start making platinums this long.
  3. When does it come out on the NA store?
  4. i just raced very carefully not to get dq or get taken out by other racers i have the latest patch installed if that makes any difference try starting a new pro season championship and go for it at the australian gp without using saves and loads
  5. just got the trophy at the australian gp without using saves so i guess using saves glitches or voids the trophy
  6. thanks for the info guys i managed to kill the dog use the grenade pistol rounds did not use the minigun
  7. stuck on the bridge cant kill the stupid dog !