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  1. I ve heard that there was a problem with some trophies "Hat Trick" is one of them. Could you tell us which could be problematic?
  2. rather then blocking me and ranting and raving about em to people, you could talk to me man to man, its a little pathetic you whine about me run of in fear of me when i am offering to help everyone, boost games wiht everyone and etc, i never blocked or banned you from a gorup or have the power, no one hates me in your group exept you because you pick fights with me.


    i like you dude but you act so selfish and imature, and uncooperative, if you decidee to talk to me we can be friends and boost otherwise i wish you luck and have fun!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ProfBambam55


      haha...ouch...(I found your comment way funnier than I probably should have...)


      wild guess here...psn chat or discord group drama bleeding into the forums since they're both likely members here...possibly a first encounter through the gaming sessions or something...why the publicity stunt?...no idea...but hopefully it is resolved peacefully...

    3. PermaFox


      Something different for the chat fodder :awesome:

    4. Sarsky


      yeah some silly discord drama, its dead stupid but either way i was posting on his forum i thought, didn't know randoms would barge in critiquing or commenting, either way its nto a big deal

  3. Thank You for that information SniperEliteDido. I am goona play it soon.
  4. Guys i can confirm that servers still working on 15.11.2017. If you are late and missing something try to do it as fast as possible. You can get most of the trophies just in pair for some of them you need 2 other people but they are easy and quick to do. All ranks can be done in 12 hours. Rest of the trophies in an hour or two. If you wanna start do it with David_RE4br.
  5. Techland made his games, that there are no official servers. If there are people looking for games in multiplayer the first of them becomes the host. Statistics are stored in files on the console client. Thanks to this as long as people will be willing to play the game you can get all trophies. Look that they never made trophies with "ranked online" in their description.
  6. I need to change my opinion for the presence of hackers. I still believe that you can take the gun and look like your original class because I've tested it with my friends and the only thing that has changed is the equipment. However, I spotted a hacker, who piloted the helicopter on the map Oasis. I shooted down the chopper three times in a row and every time he jumped from the burning and swirling helicopter in such a way I would not have received for his killing points. Two other guys offered me some mods for Bad Company 1 to buy but i wasn't interested. No idea if i should report them somewhere? Do you know if EA will care about them?
  7. What are the servers of this game in 2017? Whether the player base is still high? Can you hit on a large group for coop missions?
  8. They just switch kits from dead bodies. You can look like sniper or any other class and play with different weapons. People who can kill you by 1 sniper shot have just practice i know some of them who playing this game since release. It is nightmare to play against them but in Battlefields hackers doesn't exist. It is different situation than in Call of Duty serie. The biggest problem in this game are spawnkilling and unstable servers.
  9. You can join to other people without any problems. There are plenty of boosters and can find active players here. Just ask them for help.
  10. Servers will be up till 11.11.2017 after that date Ubisoft will shut them down. Be fast people and make online trophies as fast as possible. They will also shut down R.U.S.E.
  11. I didnt met any teamkillers except guys who teamkilled me or someone in accident. In my opinion they killed you because you boosting and dont concentrate on fight. Team with plenty of boosters always loosing. This boost should be in public match and looks realistic for example you and your friend make road kills etc and each of you know where to met during the fight. Intentional boost will be always target for agression. For real boost you need minimum 8 people, the more the better.
  12. Skadanton don't be afraid and go play Battlefield Bad Company 1 this is great game. You can easy find people in public matches to play in both modes. Nowadays thousands of them are still active, you will met many new players too.
  13. I started playing online two days ago. I have problem with the connection but only first 3 or 4 games. After that every game I joined work good till the end. I suggest you to play and don't give up. I was surprised how many people still playing it. Most of my games was on full servers with 24 guys, maybe 2 times i joined to the game with 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 players. The biggest difficulty in Bad Company 1 are players because 80% of them are veterans who unlocked all additional guns, equipment and know maps very well. I am familiar with FPP games but in Bad Company 1 i feel like a newbie. Very often i haven't idea who killed me and how. If you have some time, concentrate on this game and you can easy complete 90% awards and trophies in public matches. Rest of them need boost. Just play it each day till you earn everything.
  14. All games from Techland working in Peer to Peer. You can earn all trophies.
  15. I would like to inform you that online game is still possible to do because all games from Techland working in Peer to Peer. It will always work. You just need some people to play.