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  1. Platinum #145 Knack 2 Platinum #146 Knack My bestie @AsheBurns wanted me to platinum both knack games on my birthday (4 December) and I sadly missed out by 3 minutes but still it was a fun challenge. I enjoyed Knack 2 way more than Knack 1 specially the coop features. Knack 1 felt tedious and so simple considering the fact I played Knack 2 first. I preordered Knack 2 but I never got around playing these fun games so this lil challenge helped me clean up these 2 games. Will definitely recommend others to try Knack 2 specially in coop mode.
  2. No worries you got this and thank you for the kind words! I didn't care for trophies back in PS3 era eithee but I did re buy ps3 a while back to platinum/try some older good games I missed/never finished
  3. Trophy named "Try it all!" Some people on the forum said you need to play in online mode, some said you don't. I played all other games modes first, got no trophy and then played an online match with some random in the end and finally got the trophy so from my experience you indeed need to play an online match for that trophy. No need to win the online match, just declare when you are batting & bowl the overs. Good luck for the platinum I just did the dlc so have 100% now
  4. I already have the updated teams on my account however I tried updating the squads on my alt a few weeks ago and I couldn't update :/ The online matchmaking still works as around that time I played an online match to get a trophy for the platinum. So yes! seems like online community is dead however platinum isn't unobtainable yet because online matchmaking still works so do that while u can Cricket 22 is out in 2 days so you never know when they might completely turn off the servers for cricket 19
  5. Platinum #143 Need for Speed Fun racing game with sadly limited customisation. I'm a night person so I liked the night environment however the cutscenes are so cringe 😬 Not worth going after it's 100% in my opinion. Platinum #144 It Takes Two (PS5 Version) My first 10/10 rating game since 2018! Absolutely amazing loved every moment! The best game I have played in ages and I really hope it wins game of the year but most likely Metroid will win it in my opinion. Shoutout to my bestie @AsheBurns for playing it all with me, we had loads of fun specially in the paint area painting a lot of stuff. Can't wait to replay the PS4 stack 😻
  6. Platinum #142 - Mafia 1 Definitive Edition Great remake in my opinion. Didn't play the original so was my first experience of mafia 1. I enjoyed the gameplay and story except the very final bit where Tommy was killed, that cutscene was so weird and I didn't like the fact he got killed. The race caused me some problems on classic difficulty but nothing too bad. Would highly recommend and might go back to it for regional stacks not sure yet. Onto mafia 2 meow 😸
  7. Platinum #139, #140 & #141 BATTLEFIELD 5 FIFA 20 CRICKET 19 Forgot to take a screenshot 🥴 That's what a month without trophy hunting will do to you! 😂
  8. EA occasionally opens entry to weekend league so we can get the trophy. That weekend league is unplayable, it's just for trophy purposes. After division rivals was reopened, I grinded a lot and now I'm sitting at 2000 Qualification points waiting for ea to temporarily reopen entry to weekend league so I can get the trophy
  9. Thank you for the update! I stopped checking it as I have been busy with Max Payne 3 lately but I'll get back to fifa 20 grind in a day or two
  10. Platinum #138 - AO Tennis 2 Was in the mood for a tennis game so I started it after I saw it on Playstation Now! It's a decent game with no big names except the cover stars. It was disappointing as my favourite players like Federer and Djokovic weren't there. No trophy was hard and even the luck based ones are doable with right methods however the career trophies were a boring grind as it got repetitive real quick. If you are into tennis games and like to platinum them then sure go ahead however I wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking to play for fun due to the lack of big name players and average game environment.
  11. My friend, @I_Am_Yuta_1999 and I were waiting for servers to be back up so we could plat these games together but I guess that's not happening now this is sad but thanks for the information on this Screw the losers who ruined it for us by DDoSing the servers ugh. Maybe grow up, get out of your mum's basement and get a freaking life for once 😠
  12. PLATINUM #137 (after hiding all crap plats) 0.39% ULTRA RARE/3RD FASTEST IN THE WORLD Long boring grind but me and my bestie were determined to do it! Big shoutout to my bestie @AsheBurns too for doing this and thanks for support! Might not be my hardest platinum but definitely a proud one! A lot of people are discouraged to attempt it cuz of the grind and I don't blame them to be honest. Glad this grind is over
  13. Platinum #136 (AFTER HIDING ALL CRAP PLATS) Personal Difficulty: 2/10 Personal Time: 14 hours Personal Enjoyment: 9/10 I have never played a ratchet and clank game before properly so I can't compare it to other games from the series but by itself it was an amazing game. Looks great, has a decent story and game play is fun with a nice variety of weapons amd traversal mechanics. I did face issues at times where the camera was in a bad position and I couldn't move after cut scenes but reloading checkpoint fixed that. The save file copy feature is broken and the spybot you get for collecting all 60 zurpstones for Trudi in Sargasso glitched on me so I had to reload the save file from before beating the final mission, redo final mission, collect all 60 zurpstones and other spybots again and buy RYNO in one sitting just to be safe then start New game+ to get weapon trophy then go back to other save file where I had more progress on other leftover trophies. I recommend everyone to play it though but maybe wait for a better sale as it's not worth $70 TL;DR: A very fun and good looking game but not a glitch free experience I expect from insomniac games. Will defo recommend it!
  14. I really hope it's a bug :/ Would make sense cuz like u said rivals in fifa 19 still works i just checked, still says competition closed but considering fifa 19 rivals is still up and u can play placement matches on fifa 20 leads me to believe it's a bug and will be resolved soon, at least I hope so fifa 15 ps vita version too as it has no online trophy
  15. I know what you are referring to but sadly this is not the case. Back then we could still play division rivals just couldn't redeem points till EA temporarily opened redemption for trophies. Now we can't even play a match/earn any point at all sadly the ones @zgz93 mentioned. I'm sadly locked out of "Welcome to the League trophy" I agree with you this sucks, even NFS The Run was unobtainable and I started it when they announced the server closures without realising it's already unobtainable EA never cared for trophies but aren't they legally bound to announce server closures in advanced? Thank you for warning me about FIFA 16, I was planning to self boost online draft in fifa 16 and fifa 17 next as I'm one trophy away from platinums there but after this I can't clearly do FIFA 16 and won't waste money on buying two FIFA 17 discs. I don't buy FIFA games anymore, last one was FIFA 19 , I just use EA Play now Currently seasonal objectives are Play and score in 10,20,30,40,50 Matches etc. which can be done in both Squad Battles and Division Rivals so my guess is yes it's achievable