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  1. Thank you guys, i succeed. Indeed, the R1 button makes the difference, i beat him on my first try with this button
  2. Oh i didn't know this R1 use ! Sure it will help. Thank you all.
  3. Thank you for the advices, i will try again a little
  4. Yeah i'm trying with rush mode but i really think that in that way, i don't do damages to him. In the same time, he makes me two shots, and i'm dead
  5. Hi, anybody could say me how the hell is it possible to beat Yasuda ? I tried a lot, and honestly, i really don't know how to beat him. At the best of my luck, i am able to put him "in yellow", but then, he becomes really impossible to touch, to grab, or nothing. I'm in hard mode, i tried to use my 12 xp points as good as i can but... after 50 tries, i can't beat him. Any advices before i delete the game ?
  6. It's not said anywhere that it is a solo trophy. So, i think that a Power challenge done in coop works for both players. The problem is for the Agility challenges ...
  7. Hmmm you mean that we could begin a Power challenge, loose it, 15 times, and we both have the trophy ? If you say 'no, you have to win the challenge', so i would tell you that only the winner of an Agility challenge can have the trophy in this case ... no ?
  8. Hi all, I would like to know a little thing about this trophy. I'm helping a friend to have it, so he comes in my game, we play, and every time we cross an Agility challenge, i let him win. So he will have his trophy. But, i'm wondering about what's gonna expect when i will try to have this trophy for myself ... all the agility challenges i let him win will be lost for me, no ? I think that i won't be able to do them (because they already will be done) ...
  9. Hi everybody ! With my coop partner, we have a trouble with the mission number 5, in authentic mode. When we have to detect the officer with the left hand bandaged. We have done it twice yesterday, and the game had a bug twice. The first time, my partner climb up the scaffolding, the cut scene starts, and as soon as it ends, we are together at the top of the scaffolding. We crawl, we detect the officer, but, at the end of their meeting, the game ends, saying that we were detected. We didn't even move ! Whenever, another game, another try. This time I climb up the scaffolding, the cut scene starts, and an soon as it ends, the game ends, saying that we were detected ! I didn't have the time to crawl ! I would like to precise that, for this two games, we had killed everybody, before to climb up, there wasn't anymore a soldier. Is there a tip or something for this ? PS : sorry for my english
  10. Oh yeah, you were right ! I found it, thank you !
  11. Hi, one of you know if, after the last patch, there is still 13 lockboxes in the acropolis ? I found 12, but i really need 13th because a lockbox in hades is missing for me
  12. Hmm no, but i would recommend you to often use the online save (through ps plus). Thanks to this, if you have the same issue, you will be able to find a safe save
  13. Right ! Wich is, indeed, a real shame ! For this trophy, it's not so boring, but for the "over the top!" trophy, it is. Doing 200 complete games means in reality doing 300 games because of the deconnexions