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  1. Oh boy that Green Thumb trophy gave me so much trouble back on the PS3... I made the mistake of grabbing/stealing reagents from people's houses and it only counts when you actually harvest them. I ended up making a list of every reagent and putting a tally every time I actually harvested one. It... took forever.
  2. Dang, this is a super disappointing list... Almost every other Final Fantasy game released for the PS3 and PS4 has a platinum, but not this? Four of the Kingdom Hearts games gets two trophy lists each and they all have platinums? I played the crap out of the Gamecube version and I can very easily picture what other trophies they could've included. That being said... This is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, one of my favorite Gamecube games and my favorite out of the entire Crystal Chronicles series. I will still play this version (pre-ordered it) and I know I'll still have a blast playing it. With and without friends.
  3. Wow, this is really cool of you and the developers to do!
  4. Wow, this is incredibly generous of you to do, thanks for sharing!
  5. So according to BrunoBomb seeing just the slightest bit of partial nudity in a video game will mess up your future forever? Guess I better not run for president then because I just saw the main characters of Persona 4 Golden in their... SWIMSUITS! THE HORROR! Damn you Atlus for ruining my life!
  6. Way too many controllers... just way too many... I also threw a T.V. tray across the room after failing to get the Aerial Predator from Darksiders about 20 times in a row and I also punched my old laptop so hard it broke the screen. Funny thing about that is I got a new laptop about a month later for Christmas and I gave the broken one to a friend, he fixed it and now it works better than ever. Oh and for the record, I have managed to control my anger, now it's just reduced to yelling at my T.V. Oh, yeah I just remembered that I also smashed my GBA with a hammer when I was in third grade...
  7. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning- Having to collect 10 of every single type of alchemy ingredient was just awful, especially when you have to harvest the ingredients in order for it to actually count! It annoyed me even more when I found out the last ingredient I needed was the one from basically the most common plant in the entire game. Star Ocean: the Last Hope International- Having to open every single treasure chest is just plain ridiculous, especially when there's way too many areas you can't go back to. I even triple checked every area you couldn't backtrack to and I somehow only have 99% opened. Also, the battle trophies? Those are just insane...
  8. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nipples the Enchilada; I can break through stone with my rock hard fist nipples. ...Boy, it's getting kind of chilly out here today...
  9. Well... that was certainly random, but definitely had me laughing, thanks.
  10. Oh, the weather outside is Jeff.
  11. Well for me it's Sony Computer Entertainment with 17 games (maybe more) published, with NIS America being second with 8.
  12. #40- Far Cry 3.
  13. I blinked my balls. My eyeballs.