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  1. OMG. This is such an epic walkthrough. Such a wonderful and helpful job. Thanks for taking your time into that. I'm definitely using this very soon! WOW.
  2. I personally believe Sony / publishers won't bother the effort of doing such thing (but I wish they would).
  3. Looks interesting to me. It reminds of Firewatch somehow.
  4. There's no PS Now here in Brazil (which is ridiculous since Microsoft has released their Cloud Gaming throughout the country with no major issues whatsoever). So I'll have to stick to either PS Plus Extra or Deluxe (day one catalog will help me decide here).
  5. Got my auto-popped platinum trophy. I don't feel guitly at all, cause the one legit platinum was very hard to get LOL.
  6. Curious here about the prices Sony is gonna charge for all of this. I don't expect anything close to GamePass prices, but way higher. :/
  7. Weird that the game is confirmed for an April 7th release on Switch, but nothing really clear for PS4 so far - we're just two weeks away from it. We just have that announced title page product on the PS Store, with no button for pre-ordering it.vCan't wait to replay this game, so many great memories from my childhood!
  8. Hey, thanks for that. I'll try this within this week!
  9. Loved it! The image schema, the recording video template and the softer unlocking sound!
  10. 16th orth 17, sth like that. I'm aiming for the 20 wins trophy and that's all. Not gonna go for the 5 wins streak because I'll never get it anyways.
  11. Maybe we could have: - Watch Dogs 1 - Nioh - Stardew Valley - Undertale And hopefully not a sport nor a shooter game. Am I asking too much?
  12. Two I can easily remember: - Killing Machine (Resistance 2) - Auf Widersenhen Petrovic (GTA IV) I will never do the same thing again just for the sake of a trophy. That's what I have learned. As so, I quit trying to get the platinums for GTA 4 (Wanted trophy), Killzone 2 (Grand Valor Cross trophy), AC Brotherhood (boring MPs leveling and challenges stuff). Don't care about not having these platinums whatsoever. Just ridiculous having things like these.
  13. 8 is my favorite Final Fantasy!
  14. Well, I don't mind about that. Their decision on using such tricks does not affect my experience with the game. I will play naturally and will take the proper time to enjoy everything once again, just as I remember my 13-14s.
  15. I loved the trophy list. Very doable and a perfect fit to have a great experience with ease and no suffering.