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  1. Funny thing is, the same exact thing happened to me. Might be a recurring problem.
  2. Thanks for the answers. I didn't have a local save file from (since I upgraded to PS4 Pro yesterday, and got rid of my PS4) which was what made me panic. Thankfully I had transferred a good amount of old saves to my PS+ cloud prior to factory resetting my old PS4, and I actually found one from only a few hours before starting Boethiah's Calling. Gonna try that save now, as it should work. I actually remember reading this way back when I started playing Skyrim on the PS3, but I must've forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me, as it might get me out of these confusing situations in the future.
  3. Hi fellow adventurers! I was going to work towards becoming thane of Falkreath (so that I could purchase land). The Jarl asked me to clear the bandit camp Knifepoint Ridge and I obliged, as any good dragonborn would do. I was doing the Daedric quest Boethiah's Calling. I came to the part where I was going to retrieve the Ebony Mail. And where does the Daedric Prince of deceit lead me? You guessed it; Knifepoint Ridge. I don't really think that this will cause a problem with my long term plans, so I finish the quest, and go on playing like normal. It was only now I was starting to focus on Master Architect. I remembered that the Jarl of Falkreath wanted me to kill the bandit leader, and I sort of thought that he would appear now that I wasn't doing a specific quest. I go back to Knifepoint Ridge to find the place completely void of people. "Ok," I think. "I'll just wait it out. Play as normal until they respawn." Today I checked Knifepoint Ridge again, and the bandits had in fact respawned, but there was no bandit leader there. Now I'm stuck without Thanehood of Falkreath, and without that I won't get the trophy. And just FYI: Knifepoint Ridge was never marked as "cleared". - Suspicious Edit: The link leads to the PS3 version of the trophy, but the description is the same
  4. While this is entirely true, it's just far more convenient for me (due to my current living situation) to have it on the PS4.
  5. As the Elder Scrolls is my favourite series of all time, I'm really excited about this. I have already pre-ordered my copy. The main reason why I'm buying it is just that I get to play it on the PS4. I have it on PS3, Xb360 and PC. For me, I would still have bought it even if Bethesda didn't bother to add depth of field, "god rays", and other graphical upgrades. I just want to experience the game again. (Still it would be nice if Bethesda could fix some glitches. I mean Skyrim is nowhere near a perfect game).
  6. You know that friend that suddenly leaves without telling you why, and when he/she is going to come back? Well, that's me. I used to be quite active a on here a while back, and then I disappeared (the attention-whore side of me is wondering if anyone even remembers me. The other side is hoping for a clean slate). I hope a second introduction is not too controversial (and if it is, please tell me), but I felt like reintroducing myself. The new and improved Waffle. Hi, I'm Vico/Victoria/Waffle/Suspicious... I'm a woman of many names. I'm an 18 year old Norwegian gal, with too many games to complete and not enough time to play the games I really want to. Since I left this site in 2015, my life has been flipped upside down. I was forced to grow up quick, but I think it made me into a better person. I live in a student flat with three friends. When I'm not at school, I'm probably working. I have a pretty good job at our local GameStop (though I have a feeling I'll get fired 'cause I'm the most incompetent salesperson in the world). I also love riding my scooter, going for late night walks... and I still love writing. Writing is my absolute passion. More so than gaming (and that speaks volumes). Fun fact: In Norway, so celebrate our final year of high school, we have something called Russefeiring. It's pretty much an excuse for us students to get drunk and party every night, but it's a pretty big deal here. The different Russ are divided into colours. (Example: Those that do 2 years of high school are black russ (like those that study mechanics, carpentry...). Those that do 3 years of high school (and do subjects like academics, media and communication, music...) are red russ.) Some russ buy vans or even busses and do them up. The russ also wear special clothes so they are easy to recognise. The most fun however, besides the parties, is making the russekort. Russekort is a personalised card that the russ hand out to children and friends. The cards most commonly have a picture, your name, which school you belong to, phone number (probably not your real number. I have the number to the Norwegian hotline to quit smoking), and a slogan or two. This has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. But I just thought it was a fun fact Thanks for letting me have another chance at the PSNProfiles-game, and I hope I won't suddenly leave this awesome and welcoming community again. - Waffle out
  7. So I was having a jolly good time, streaming on Twitch when I came across some problems. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance. 1. I failed the quest "Underground Undercover" at the "Talk to Desdemona" part. I don't know how it's possible to fail that, since I had done all the other steps correctly. The trophy for "Institutionalized" popped, even though I hadn't done all the steps. 2. Now I can't get out of the Institute HQ. The teleporter, which previously worked, isn't working. Tried loading, but it didn't work.
  8. Thanks. This is really helpful.
  9. I think PS4trophies on YouTube has a pretty good guide on which order you should do the faction quests in. I think it's worth a watch.
  10. Who needs friends when I have Fallout 4? But seriously, no blank requests. WaffelCactus98
  11. Have met two major bugs. One was a face-disappearing bug like those horrendous ones in AC: Unity, and another one was that I couldn't get out of the cryogenic pod in the beginning of the game. To fix the last one, I had to restart my whole system.
  12. Picking it up tomorrow, then rushing home from school to stream. Need to find an excuse to get out of school early.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Got to get to grinding again then
  14. Horror story time: I had been playing all day and was only missing one very grindy trophy. I only had about 15000 lifetime wishes left, which was very much possible to do in one day. I went to bed and when I woke up this morning, my save file was gone. All my progress, gone. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Is there a way of recovering the save file, or do I just have to start a new family and grind my way to the 250.000 lifetime happiness point? This is really annoying, because I really hate this game, and I'm only playing it for the platinum. Thanks for any answers
  15. I can't wait. I have played WoW for (only) three years, but I fell in love with the lore and the game right away.