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About Me


My name is Victoria, but that kind of doesn't really matter since I go by an outrageous amount of IDs, nicks and usernames. I've been an on-again, off-again member of this community since 2014, and I actually really like it here (though i tend to disappear without warning for months on end).
Other than games I love any medium that conveys a story. My true love is the art of telling a story. I love literature, and I writing is my

insert the "graphic design is my passion"-meme ... Anyway, I love writing as a way of expressing myself, it's therapeutic and artistic, and it makes me really fucking happy m'kay? I love film and TV, comics, cartoons, graphic novels, manga , anime, photography, and of course music (my *hipster* record collection is worth quite a lot, actually) .


If I could give u one piece of advice, it's this: Never take shots of moonshine (we're talking the 96% purity-type moonshine). You might think it's a good idea then and there, but it's not! You're gonna start puking, and passing out everywhere, maybe dying a little bit, which ruins the party for everyone.

Be a good friend, don't shot moonshine!

My favourite games of all time:

These are the games (or game series) closest to my heart. All of them had an impact on my life, giving me unforgettable experiences, and fond memories. Not in any order unless otherwise specified

The Elder Scrolls-series some people actually get angry with me when I tell them TES is my favourite game/game series of all time. This is because I jumped on the Skyrim bandwagon, and played the shit outta that game. But unlike the majority of people who had Skyrim as their first TES experience, I bought Oblivion and played the shit outta that, then I got Morrowind and my computer crashed a lot until I learned how to run it... and then I played the shit outta Morrowind. I even learned to use DosBox specifically to play Arena and Daggerfall (I'd say Arena definitely isn't worth it, and Daggerfall hasn't aged well at all). So stop hating! Just let me love my world of cat people, adoring fans, and ex-prisoner heroes.

BioShock-series description coming

Mass Effect-series description coming

World of Warcraft description coming

The Last of Us(-series?) description coming

Life Is Strange(-series?) description coming



1:platinum: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim || 2014 || PS3 || *

2:platinum: Assassin's Creed II || 2014 || PS3 || *

3:platinum: The Walking Dead || 2014 || PS3 || *

4:platinum: The Wolf Among Us || 2014 || PS3 || *

5:platinum: Minecraft || 2014 || PS3 || *

6:platinum: Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments || 2015 || PS3 || *

7:platinum: Heavy Rain || 2015 || PS3 || *

8:platinum: Portal 2 || 2015 || PS3 || *
9:platinum: The Wolf Among Us || 2015 || PS4 || *

10:platinum: Life Is Strange || 2015 || PS4 || *

11:platinum: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition || 2016 || PS4 || *

12:platinum: Heavy Rain || 2017 || PS4 || *

13:platinum: Assassin's Creed II || 2017 || PS4 || *


100% without platinum:

The Swapper || PS4

Hatoful Boyfriend || PS4



Level 2: Tomb Raider Equalizer 23rd April 2013

Level 3: Batman Arkham Asylum Double Trouble 1st May 2013

Level 4: Skyrim Apprentice 15th May 2013

Level 5: Assassin's Creed II The Birth of an Assassin 12th July 2013

Level 6: BioShock Infinite Written in the Clouds 22nd April 2014

Level 7: Assassin's Creed II The Vault 29th May 2014

Level 8: Call of Duty: Black Ops Eaten by a Grue 22nd June 2014

Level 9: The Walking Dead Unexpected Delay 18th July 2014

Level 10: The Walking Dead The Walking Dead 1st Aug 2014  :platinum: 

Level 11: The Wolf Among Us Once Upon a Time 30th Aug 2014

Level 12: Mass Effect 2 Head Hunter 9th Nov 2014

Level 13: Heavy Rain Saved the Kid 15th April 2015

Level 14: Until Dawn The Skilful Wolf Man11th Sept 2016

Level 15: Life is Strange: Before the Storm O, Wonder! 20th Oct 2017