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  1. Got it! I missed one dead body on the little bridge (on the right of the map of the main mission with the 3 switches)
  2. Alright I'm not too far, hope it will pop this time
  3. Do you remember where/when it popped for you?
  4. Can someone please screenshot all the upgrades needed (or at least a list) for Lord of War. I have no idea which ones I'm missing.
  5. I've played the Steam version, the game is not bad itself, but there are bugs that would crash the game randomly too many times and buttons were unresponsive at times. That being said, that was a few months ago since I played. Hoping the devs fixed those issues. The atmosphere is darkishly cool and combat feels real and challenging when not bugging.
  6. A game I've been following for a little while, very disappointing, full of bugs. Hopefully, they will fix all of it.
  7. I would usually say to go for every platinums but I guess there can be some exception, Crypt of the NecroDancer is one hell of a plat to avoid if you don't want to die of a unrhythmic beating heart attack 🤕
  8. Easily Stardew Valley 👍
  9. So many good ones, hmm, Super Bomberman R you can do it!
  10. My Name is Mayo, its own name says it all..
  11. Looks like the issue is fixed.
  13. Just so you know, I confirm starting fresh (1st slot) does let you get the dragon heart trophy)
  14. Can you show/tell us all the traits you have and how you got them?