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  1. I was hoping the online trophies would pop and with my shit internet its going to take me a long ass time to get them this time round. My old house had great internet. My new house nope
  2. Ok. I just got past the pro bowl and i hit the button to take me to the superbowl so i can win it with my team. But all it did was let me scout players no option to move on to the superbowl any ideas how to fix it as its in the EA cloud
  3. Haven't heard of any of Yea i dont like reviewing a game unless i 100% the game or 100% the trophies. I think its because im old as i 100% every ps1 ps2 sega dreamcast and sega game i own
  4. 1st what exploit has i haven't heard of any for fall guys. 2nd i enjoyed some of the Ratalaika games over some big name games not every great game needs to be 60 bucks. 3rd i never heard of Mein Leben. Lastly Cuphead and knight have exploits news too me. I think the 5 wins in a row is more luck then skill as you need to not get put on a bad team, hope no trolls F you over and lastly hope the game doesn't kick you back to the lobby
  5. Yea i tired everything and still no unlock
  6. I would say yes for a few reasons. One. I can get 2 wins in a row but right before i get my 3rd win the game kicks me out every Ffff time. 2nd the trolls on the team matches. The last 2 weeks any time a team comes up i know its over as everyone on my team trolls the team or B toss the match like with rock and roll last night i was the only one pushing the ball. 3rd when it comes to the tail games maybe its me but every time i lost my tail no body touch me and i lose it but when i go and try to get the tail back i have to touch them. And what cheats has i haven't heard of any? Yes i love this game but i put trophy on the same page of the price is right decades no strike trophy alot of luck and hoping you don't get F
  7. the game keeps freezing at the start of 1-3 does anyone know a away around this or do i have to hope they fix the bug
  8. ok. as this is the 1st telltale game to do this to me
  9. dam i just saw this dam my compter
  10. i Take the xbox 360 as someone got the xbox 1 code
  11. I dont understand how its limbo mostly because of the mislead part because you went the wrong way you wasn't told to go that way so going the wrong way was the right way for the trophy. Im not trying to be a dick or a assclown but i dont see how that's misleading
  12. i dont know how many shots we get but here is my 2nd one BioShock Infinite
  13. I'm most likely wrong but this is a shot in the dark Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
  14. good job to the winner. but what the hell is Driveclub
  15. 9: The Last Resort is the only thing i can think of
  16. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for if they is any left
    1. DaivRules


      754 trophies with no timestamps... That sucks!

    2. dougbarrett619


      yea that was when i didnt have online

  17. i give you a 7 out 10 mr2k_pdh