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  1. This is not bug. Abandoning validates the trophies for this championship. Sorry mate
  2. You can also use my video as reference. Video description: This is the hardest trophy in the Dirt Rally 2.0 Base Game. You'll need to finish in the top 10% of a daily Group B RWD event driving the Audi Quattro. The good news, Ghost has some tips and tricks for you. The bad news, the Quattro is a wild beast and really hard to control. 1. The first thing you'll have to do is drive a number of rallys in your carreer to upgrade your engine. You don't necessarily need to very last engine upgrade(group B is fast enough anyway^^), but try to be one or two upgrades above the standard engine to stand a fairer chance. 2. You can see the Rally location before starting the event, but not the exact stage however. 3. Go to the Time Trial section practice several long stages for this Rally before competing in the daily event. 4. Don't push too hard, this is Group B. At least 30% of drivers won't even finish. Top 10% in this vehicle class does not require a complete "on the limits" run. Drive mindful and aim for not going off the road, this is way more valueable than some extra flat out seconds on a straight. 5. Good luck mate!
  3. It has to be the specific „community event“, not the „special event“ or the „daily AI“ race. There is only one per week, so don‘t worry, it‘s not glitched
  4. There is really no need for that. You can set the AI to 1/100 in a custom race and you will be miles in front, even when taking it slow
  5. Yes my friend and that is exactly the difference. The Witcher III, Skyrim, Fallout... all these games are designed to be played and completed by anyone. This is exactly the case of "just play and you'll get the trophies" I mentioned above. Any you know what? This is good how it is. Not every games is meant to be hard. Fallout for example does not even have that pure and defined gameplay to be suitable for brutal difficulties. These games live from their atmosphere and great worlds. I played Fallout on normal difficulty and no higher. Racing however is a totally different genre. This is all about speed and adrenaline. I mean this is a sport! If you don't share this opinion, then I think rallying just isn't for you! And it's ok, there is a reason why The Witcher has 100 times more players. Racing will always be a more niche genre for those who want the stress of always being on the edge with all the great moments, but also frustrating experiences. And as @OBSTINATIO just pointed out, none of your games mentioned are even slightly hard. I think you're confusion time expensive with true difficulty. Playing games for many years also means nothing difficulty wise. And so do platinums. I see enough people with close to 1000 platinums, never having played any difficult games
  6. It is always sad to read reactions like this. This attitude of "trophies should be achievable for everyone" shows where all the easy PS4 platinums took the whole trophy community. I am really glad this game finally got trophies that are actually challenging instead of just time expensive. I have no offense against people who give up on this DLC, it is totally ok. What I disrespect however is that typical trophyhunter who does not even want to play the game and is just here for the platinum trophy only. I may cite myself on this: And that is exactly the case. I am not a racing expert with years of experience. I started with Dirt Rally 1 earlier this year. But I loved the game for what it is and not just the trophies. I invested time, improving myself and ended up on a level where I beat this DLC. But not even trying and just complaining about the trophies not being easy in general is really sad. If I'm honest, you should be glad the platinum was easy, because most likely you don't even deserve it. These days, people avoid challenges like the pest, boost multiplayer modes on release(see Resident Evil Resistance... came out yesterday and already has tons of boosting sessions) and use every little trick and glitch possible to make their game easier. Most "trophy hunters"(although that term has no meaning at all anymore) just want to sit back and have their trophies raining in for playing a game on easy and watching youtube videos for collectibles and everything else. And the thing with "don't have the time for this" is a really bad excuse, because 30h+- is around the average time for platinums and if you have time for playing other games, you definitely have time for playing this DLC Yeah sorry for the honesty, this is nothing personal, but more a reflection on the trophy scene in general.
  7. I also struggled a lot with the final metro event. Had more than 10 clean runs in time, which did not meet the damn damage criteria. However, my video series is now finished. The following link shows a complete, chronological playlist of all events. The only ones not included are the first two Scotland event. They were really easy and i did not record them as well as the four other events, where you only have to avoid damage(sweden in first era, wales and argentina in second era and the greece event without damage). Those are not included for obvious reasons. Enjoy!
  8. Alright guys, let's clarify something about these glitches. It also happened to me multiple times. First of all, backing up your save is useless, as everything aside from settings and time trials ghosts are saved serverside. After loading an older save, you will still be in the same situation as before. The first time I discovered there was a glitch was in New Zealand with the Sierra. I accidentally hit retire instead of restart. I then quit the game and found myself back at the most recent stage, but with impossible times. I then tried to retire in other events and found that the glitch is ALWAYS triggered if you retire, no matter if you quit the game right after or restart the race. Restarting the whole scenario however will clear the glitch, so it is not persistent luckily. I friend of mine could also confirm the same outcome for the PC version. The good news is that the times are indeed fixed for all versions and do not very aside from this glitch. Seconds thing that can trigger the glitch is quitting(not retiring) between stages of multi-stage events. This happened to me in said event in Australia. Where I took a break after the first stage and then found myself with impossible times on the second stage. Third occasion and this was extra bitter, so watch out for it. I finished the rather hard event in Finland with the three stages where you have to get 10th overall. I even have a video proof that i definitely completed this and went back to the menus. I then called it a day and when I got back into the game the next day, I suddenly found myself on the last stage of said Finland event. I thought "Ok, nice Codemasters! But I'll do the last stage again no problem" . I finished in time and noticed the times were glitched of course. My theory is that the server may not have responded immediately after finishing the event. The game did not tell me anything about connection errors but this is the only logical explanation. To avoid this, make sure to start any daily event or any other event after the last scenario before shutting off the PS4 and make sure to have seen to "communicating with servers" popup multiple times just to be sure. So to sum it up: 1. Always finish multi-stage events in one go without quitting out of the event 2. Never even hit retire. This triggers the glitch immediately. 3. Always do some other non DLC event before shutting off the PS4. 4. Always compare your times with this thread just to be sure. 5. If the glitch hits you, do not freak out. Restarting an entire event(may have to hit "abandon event" in the menus) will clear the glitch. Luckily the trophy for completing all events on very hard popped fine for me. As there seem to be occasions of this trophy glitching, 6. Make sure to complete the last Scotland event in the Metro 6R4 as your last event. And if you want to be extra safe, 7. Never change the difficulty and start with 91 difficulty right away. Lastly I wanna express my absolute disrespect to Codemasters to seriously fuck this DLC up with glitches again. Don't get me wrong, I had tons of fun with this DLC and I really love the old-school concepts of super hard challenges with fixed goals/times, but once again it is the little things that Codemasters manages to always screw up. I hope those trophy glitches remain an exception, because this is simply unacceptable. @x7eight For your Monte Carlo issue, I think you simply overlooked something here. No offense, but triggering this glitch outside of any of the scenarios mentioned above would really surprise me. I think the times of Alex are the correct ones
  9. Dope guide mate, thanks for the contribution! In case anyone needs visual guidance, I'm uploading all the scenarios on very hard on this channel:
  10. "4WD Masters" is actually just the name of that cup and does not refer to the master difficulty To the general discussion: I started in January with Dirt Rally 1 and totally love the series and the whole sport by now. While the Platinum in Dirt Rally 2.0 isn't particularly hard in any way, the game itself is and features an endless learning curve. Beginners can start on the easier difficulties and slowly learn the characteristics of rallying. Once you're into the game, the real fun starts. The pure joy of pushing hard on the limit in this game is unmatched. I'm starting to enjoy this on a level like the Trials series or Trackmania where you constantly push yourself to become better. It is a great experience for those willing to put in some dedication and sweat. If you're just looking for a solid racing platinum, you should try the game too, cause it's way more entertaining than most 0815 racing games these days.
  11. Duuude, this thing is brutal! I just completed my first 3 scenarios out of 40 on very hard difficulty(91). The AI is flawless and super fast. Even for the best drivers, this will be a real challenge. The new location Scotland is also very tricky and mean. It's a mixture between Finland and Wales... super fast with sudden shift into very technical and narrow sections. But I'm glad this game finally received challenging trophies. This DLC is gonna separate the real drivers who are willing to push themselves from the cheap trophyhunters, who played the whole game on easy for an easy platinum. For those still playing this game with a controller: "May god help you"
  12. Guys how do you estimate the situation regarding the player base? I haven‘t started yet with GT Sport but I‘m a little afraid the Multiplayer trophies might be way harder by now compared to the last two years... In Dirt Rally(2016) for example in the daily events it‘s clearly visible that the average player is A LOT better than in Dirt Rally 2.0(2018). Is it maybe already too late for chasing this plat at that point or do you think there is still a fair number of non-pro/average people playing? Don‘t get me wrong, I always welcome a challenge, but I know from experience that especially in racing games, mostly the hardcore gamers remain over the years and i still wish to have a fair chance and not race against „aliens“ most of the time
  13. You sound like a complete moron, who cannot value good games that try to actually tell a story and deliver more than just a 0815 shooter. Although I have to agree about the technical arguments, the rest of them are ridiculous. I you wanna rush a game then go play Call of Duty!
  14. Ok let me help you there. I played Trials Rising on release and had no experience besides Trials of the Blood Dragon Platinum. And then i did the 100% in Fusion a few weeks after Rising Plat. I think Rising is way above 7/10. What you have to consider when rating this game is the fact that most of the difficulty comes from the actual learning curve of the game itself and less the trophies. Rising took me close to 100 hours and and the game broke me several times, because both the extremes and the skill games really pushed my limits and i might say i already brought a relatively high tolerance for frustration from Trackmania Turbo Plat and other 9/10s. As i said after over 100h in Rising, I managed to complete all challenges in the Fusion base game(Is there anything you can't do) in merely 45h, which took many players i know well over 150h. Fusion is definitely harder, but only because of Top Roach and Pipe Phobia. Everthing else in Fusion is way below the Loose Screw skill game of rising. Objectively, when you play Rising as your first Trial Game, you still have to go through everything "Fusion-First"-players had to suffer through when learning the game. Trials Rising is slightly easier trophy wise, but not that much and the "bear" of learning the actual game is equally challenging to Fusion. Everything below 9 for Rising would be an understatement. Believe me, getting good in this game is way harder than most 9/10 games I've ever seen and 7/10 does not nearly describe the troubles you have to go through. But I can understand your point of view. Meanwhile getting gold in the DLC extremes is also rather easy with the experience of Fusion, but please don't let your current skill level on the base of many many hours deceive you. I think newcomers deserve a fair estimation when it comes to this Platinum. And the high plat rarity is easly explained by the fact that 90% of all Rising platters had already played Fusion before @westersburg, a friend of mine who started with Rising just like me had pretty much the same experience difficulty wise.
  15. Not sure, though I am certain that I couldn't share play with said friend from my neighbour country