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  1. Welcome to the team, brother. I also realised it on Full Throttle III and after breakes when i came back relaxed and didn't press R2 too hard, that i actually don't get 100% acceleration with my R2 trigger. I then validated this yesterday in Trials Rising where you can see the inputs on screen and it's clearly visible that R2 only goes to 95% if you don't press the button REALLY hard. So for anyone into these kind of games, definitely check if your triggers are still perfectly working. Even the slightest handicap makes it much harder.
  2. Don‘t know how I landed here, but funny how most of you guys actually play those powgy games or other shitty platinums, but still complain about it.
  3. I‘m in. @EmperorElfenSky @Birdzilla Still interested?
  4. Then this game probably isn't for you. Alone, you won't stand a chance on higher difficulties
  5. Payday 2: There's not a single mission without heavy RNG impact
  6. There's Videoguide out for this already 😉 Despite that, i had quite some trouble getting this to work due to AI glitches. The first time i tried to escort the butler, we ran into **story relevant person** and the butler lost focus and retraced back and i couldn't talk to him again, as the promt wouldn't show up^^ The second time he stopped following after about 2 minutes saying "I'm just teasing you..." and he went back into the castle again. I had some manual saves just before he turned back and screwed around a good 30 minutes before giving up💩 The third time around, i found out that the phrase above is from a dialogue with a guard inside the castle, before i talked to him. So the dialogue didn't finish properly somehow and that made the butler go back later on. To sum it up, be careful guys as this is pretty bad programmed and not fail safe, so make some saves every few steps
  7. This is the most idiotic trophy list i have ever seen. Despite the first season, these games are pretty boring anyways the second time around. I probably wouldn't even have played it, giving 3 extra plats. But this list - 30 hours of already known telltale content for 1 platinum - just ridiculous...
  8. Gonna be a damn fine platinum. Glad insane mode is back on board💪🏻
  9. You're my savior! But what did the trick for me was adding another **3 to each set with a Button that wasn't on screen.
  10. The new maps are really cool, but this game has 2 big problems. 1. The cops: They are only chasing you. This is just annoying and adds even more luck to the races 2. The tournaments: You can't actually retry an event once you cross the finish line. So you have to always watch out for the timer in elimination races or time based modes, cause as soon as the event is over, you're screwed and have to move on to the next event. What an idiotic mistake of the developers.
  11. God I loved this game! Can't wait to play it again
  12. I don't quite get it. How can you be stuck again when reloading a save from the before that scene?
  13. Finally...
  14. Your only rule should be to totally enjoy it. Don't stick to any habits or rules and just play whatever you want. In terms of the trophies, it will develop itself over time. The more plats you have, the more you will form a personal habit of choosing your games. Your taste might also completely change in the progress. Trophy hunting made me play soooo god damn many great games, i would've never played as a "normal" just for fun gamer. Congratulations on joining this great hobby and welcome to the family