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  1. Honestly I respect your dedication for coming back again and again after all those freezes. Honestly if that game froze on chapter 13 just twice, I definitely would have broken that disc and never tried again° But seriously, this isn't normal. I assume you are using the digital version, because I've never heard of these freezes from disc people. If I were you, I'd just spend those 10 bucks on a disc copy and easily grab that trophy you deserve for a very long time. If you actually use a disc version, then is must be your System. If so, go call a buddy and borrow his PS3. But going on as before really seems pointless. Have you ever made it past that freeze spot on chapter 13?
  2. My strategy for this room is to place myself in the top right corner of the security room when facing the elevators. The room is very tight in this corner but the walls will protect you from direct fire up front. Stay in this corner while not using the cover mechanics and aim to the left(facing the entry door to this room). The enemies will come over the left side of the room, where you can easily take them out, one buy one. Sometimes, a guy will rush into the room. Just be ready for this and active bullettime to easily kill him. With this strategy I never died on that room and take 2 Painkillers at most if something would really go south
  3. These are the most important part to practice from my point of view: * Chapter 5 final bulletcam on the boat (Everything before is too early to explicitly practice and you will know the first 5 chapter in and out after the first two attempts * Chapter 6 Part 2: Make sure you can do this part 100% safe. Also watch out not to stand still in any way while walking through the fire, it might trigger an instant kill. The first part of chapter 6 is not too bad and if the game wants to kill the IT guy with a granade, there's nothing you can do about it. * Chapter 7: The hardest part is the beginning and the end with the Molotovs. Practice those sections. This chapter has a lot of painkillers so you shouldn't have too many problems in the middle section. Also make sure to never kill the guys with flares as that might trigger a bug where enemies won't spawn anymore * Chapter 8: The entire chapter is tight on painkillers and hugely dangerous. At least practive the part up to the shovel scene. * Chapter 9: This chapter is not really difficult and very short, but you can die easily at the beginning, where you're being rushed. Also make sure to know the QTE button for the final scene. Pressing a wrong button and even pressing the correct one twice is an instant game over, so make sure to never mash any button! * Chapter 10: Practice the scene at the gas station to get into an offensive rhythm, where they cannot corner you with grenades. The final defense part in the bus is also worth practicing. * Chapter 11: Make sure to know this chapter very well and develop a strat where you can safely snipe the guys when having to go up stairs. * Chapter 12: I found this one to be rather easy. Only the final MG dude is risky, to practice that part. * Chapter 13: I played this chapter multiple times in it's entirety. The most dangerous parts are the very beginning(blindfire the first guy and then kill the other two with bullettime), then the APC scene. Get a feeling for the timing and get comfortable with leaving cover rather late here. Don't make the same mistake as I did and get out of cover to early. There is a lot of time in his fire pause, so better be a bit late here than too early! And not to mention, the Bachmeyer fight is also extremely dangerous as you will not have a final stand when he kills you * Chapter 14: Practice the shit out of the Becker fight of course and also the final vehicle scene.
  4. Alright guys, so here's my take on this brutal trophy. I started the game back in 2014, but eventually lost motivation after only 2 tries. This year, I decided to claim this only trophy I have ever given up on in my life. I started with a full run on medium difficulty to once again fully enjoy this great game and get a feeling for the chapters again. It is surprising how much(almost all) I still remembered of the game, but in the end you need to know every single spawn so the training was more than necessary. After this run, I took another 5-6 hours to practice the more difficult chapters and specific checkpoints(looking at you, final Becker fight ) So here's my full breakdown of all runs: 2014: Attempt 1: (Chapter 7) Caught the bug, where after the flare guy, enemies wouldn't spawn anymore and I had to quit the run with close to 20 minutes on the clock --> Bug, not my fault Attempt 2: (Chapter 3) I don't remember this try exactly, but I think it was a grenade in the VIP section. Meanwhile, I completely rock this section and the enemies never even get a chance to throw grenades due to my offensive playstyle, but back then this had cost my run --> partly my fault (grenades are always somewhat unlucky, but mostly a too defensive playstyle leads to getting spammed with grenades) 2020: Attempt 3: (Chapter 3) In the sniper section where you are on rails, in the final part some object suddenly blocked my view and I couldn't shoot through it -> Passos died. --> Bug, not my fault (I've read about this bug already somewhere in this thread, seems I wasn't the only one) Attempt 4: (Chapter 5) Shot Fabiana in the final bullet time sequence. Honestly, I knew people already failed in this part and I was like "who would be so dump to f*** this up?"... and then I did it too But wanna know why? For some reason, Fabiana stood in a different place than on my practice run before. I remember her being behind one of the thugs in the middle of the boat, but on this run she stood alone and slightly more to the right. And with her black clothes I only realised it was her the moment I had already aimed at her head and it was too late --> my fault (but wouldn't have happened if the position hadn't changed to my previous run) Attempt 5: (Chapter 7) I failed literally only 5 minutes later than in my first run, due to massive bad luck in the Molotov section. I popped the first 3-4 guys really fast, then the scripted Molotov came my way, I moved to the right side im my cover, only to notice that a second guy also threw a "dynamic molotov", which hit me directly and killed me instantly. You die so fast from these molotovs, there's zero chance to avoid death with painkillers. --> not my fault (Honestly, I never died in this section and I it was the most unlucky situation to ever happen in this place. I had no chance to react or do anything. Sadly all went smooth in my practice run and that's why I underestimated this section. I studied that checkpoint after this death and found out, that the second molotov is 100% avoidable, if you explicitly know the guy who's throwing(always the same dude) and kill him fast in bullet time. If this wouldn't have gone so smooth in previous runs, I'd definitely have found this out earlier and thus avoiding this death. I'll definitely count this as pure bad luck and not my fault.) Attempt 6: (Chapter 6-2) Another damn bug, right in the first minute after the beginning of this chapter(no enemies there), a death scene suddenly triggered where the house would crash down... WTF?? Of course I immediately tested this in chapter select and could not reproduce this bug. The only way to die here is to wait for 10-15 seconds while Max suffocated. --> Bug, not my fault Attempt 7: (Chapter 13) This was my best run ever and there was a time when I had over 25 minutes on the clock(around chapter 11 I think). From that point on I took it a bit slower and was very determined to nail this run. But on chapter 13, the impossible happened... I died on the APC scene, because I went out of cover too early and he instantly popped my head in the first damn frame... holy cow. I was completely dead and empty in that moment. The frustration killed any emotion and just I stood there not knowing how to react. --> 100% my fault Attempt 8: (Chapter 5) Died in that section where the enemies throw the grenades. Usually I was really rocking that part, but this time the spawns were kind of messed up and most enemies were either hiding or now spawning. I could hardly regenerate any bullet time and had to do some long range kills to stay in the action. At this point, not a single grenade was thrown. Suddenly some enemy from the far back sniped me and put me into last stand. I was able to hit him in time, only to notice that the first ever grenade in this whole run was already sitting 5 meters in front of me, waiting for Max to take 3 seconds for getting back up and bam... game over --> Unlucky grenade, not my fault (Another run where I made no explicit mistake and just died due to back luck) Attempt 9: Success! I really had to force myself to play on at this point as the game was already frustrating the shit of my, but eventually I forced myself to do another painful run of this nerve wrecking experience. And it was a very good decision, needless to say BUT: This run had quite a few heart attack moments, where bugs almost screwed me again. Chapter 7, right after the Molotov sections, there is a scripted event where a guy shoots an RPG. I hit the RPG, but something glitched out and the RPG blew off right in my face... I survived with 1 millimetre of health... Jesus! Chapter 8, in the section with the van where Passos in on the ground and you start on the ledge above the enemies. My aim was pretty messy in that scene and some enemies waited out behind the pillar. I ended up consuming 2 painkillers and I took a lot longer than usual. After I killed the final enemy, I suddenly got a cutscene, where somebody was burning to death... and I was sure it must be Passos, but the game went on... Chapter 12, the final MG dude on the roof. I had a bulletproof strat for this, there is cover where if he downs you and you keep lying on the ground you can hit him, but he cannot hit you. I used this method, but for some reason the dumb tremors started shaking every 3 seconds and I could hardly get any hits on his head. My heart stopped beating because I knew if you take too long, the building crashes and it's game over. Eventually I managed to get enough hits on his head, despite the extremely difficult circumstances(must have been a bug too) Chapter 13, this was the pinnacle of bullshit in this run. In the Bachmayer fight(which I learned really well), I triggered the second phase while staying behind the big safe cover on the left. Suddenly the game's framerate slowed really hard and I had trouble staying still behind my cover due to the input lags. Suddenly one of the two reinforcement guys hit me and the cover was blocking my sight... tried the shoulder switch, but it didn't work... I was dead... 100% dead... but then an angel saved my life and by moving the camera, I managed to aim around the cover after more than 5 seconds and killed the guy in probably the final second I had. I almost got a heart attack here and again it wasn't really my fault. Without the lags, this could never have happened. Then came the fact that I almost ran out of ammo on this fight, because the final ceiling part just didn't want to trigger. Chapter 14, I recovered from the shock and killed this chapter like a pro, but then on the train section, another brutal test of my mental health. I had trouble killing the final 3-4 guys on the train, because they constantly camped in cover and only showed their head for 1 or 2 seconds. Again, this has never been that unfair on any run before. For the final guy, I had to run around for 20 seconds on the train to even find him... and suddenly the other train started to speed up and I saw the timeout-gameover coming, then my train departed to the right and went into a "tunnel-section". I was waiting for the game over screen to appear any second... but it didn't happen... clueless about what the hell was going on, I drove in my private train when after another 10-15 seconds, the train tracks when parallel again and I could finally kill that last bastard. All in all it was a true test of endurance and mental dedication AND a damn lot of luck. This final run could have failed so easily all these times due to bullshit factors I had no influence on. Luckily god spared me the freezes and the performance itself was rather stable, it was more the in-game bugs and unlucky molotov/grenades that made my life harder. For me this is easily a 9/10 plat difficulty because the frustration kills you inside when failing and the constant pressure and fear is nerve-wrecking to the core.
  5. Is proud of his Wipeout Omega Collection Platinum. And probably loves fast paced games(referring to Hyper Light Drifter)
  6. I can also recommend Suicide of Rachel Foster. Although the reviews are not that great, it it very atmospheric and has a really nice "The Shining" touch.
  7. To answer the OPs question, in the scene where the group enters the final house(ruined house), John tries to barricade the door and there you will get a dialog choice between "Go, leave me behind"(or something similar) and "please help me here"(or something similar). Choosing the first option makes John leave the house in the end and survive, while choosing "please help me" will make him stay and die. That seems to be the only trigger for his death
  8. Great job guys! This will be a lesson for Codemasters
  9. Nice to hear, looks like EU is gonna get it for free too in the end. The game was great, can‘t wait to play it again
  10. This solved the problem for me too
  11. This is not bug. Abandoning validates the trophies for this championship. Sorry mate
  12. You can also use my video as reference. Video description: This is the hardest trophy in the Dirt Rally 2.0 Base Game. You'll need to finish in the top 10% of a daily Group B RWD event driving the Audi Quattro. The good news, Ghost has some tips and tricks for you. The bad news, the Quattro is a wild beast and really hard to control. 1. The first thing you'll have to do is drive a number of rallys in your carreer to upgrade your engine. You don't necessarily need to very last engine upgrade(group B is fast enough anyway^^), but try to be one or two upgrades above the standard engine to stand a fairer chance. 2. You can see the Rally location before starting the event, but not the exact stage however. 3. Go to the Time Trial section practice several long stages for this Rally before competing in the daily event. 4. Don't push too hard, this is Group B. At least 30% of drivers won't even finish. Top 10% in this vehicle class does not require a complete "on the limits" run. Drive mindful and aim for not going off the road, this is way more valueable than some extra flat out seconds on a straight. 5. Good luck mate!
  13. It has to be the specific „community event“, not the „special event“ or the „daily AI“ race. There is only one per week, so don‘t worry, it‘s not glitched
  14. There is really no need for that. You can set the AI to 1/100 in a custom race and you will be miles in front, even when taking it slow
  15. Yes my friend and that is exactly the difference. The Witcher III, Skyrim, Fallout... all these games are designed to be played and completed by anyone. This is exactly the case of "just play and you'll get the trophies" I mentioned above. Any you know what? This is good how it is. Not every games is meant to be hard. Fallout for example does not even have that pure and defined gameplay to be suitable for brutal difficulties. These games live from their atmosphere and great worlds. I played Fallout on normal difficulty and no higher. Racing however is a totally different genre. This is all about speed and adrenaline. I mean this is a sport! If you don't share this opinion, then I think rallying just isn't for you! And it's ok, there is a reason why The Witcher has 100 times more players. Racing will always be a more niche genre for those who want the stress of always being on the edge with all the great moments, but also frustrating experiences. And as @OBSTINATIO just pointed out, none of your games mentioned are even slightly hard. I think you're confusion time expensive with true difficulty. Playing games for many years also means nothing difficulty wise. And so do platinums. I see enough people with close to 1000 platinums, never having played any difficult games