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  1. Thought to say Remember Me, but then saw NCIS Game. I'd love to complete that game for the second time, now on console, because I like this show and game felt like several new episodes of it.
  2. Future Tone among Vocaloids is easy. But it doesn't have platinum. The only difficulty-specific trophy asks to clear one Hard song. Should be possible for average player as you can go with slow and easy one. As Future Tone has all songs from Diva games you can try them in it and see if you have a chance to clear Diva plats. Diva Fs platinums require to clear their playlists on Hard which is considered easy for Hatsune fans who is playing on Extreme, but there are at least two to five songs in each of the games which require more than average skill to finish them on Hard. So you can try those songs in FT before getting Diva. Trails of Cold Steel is easy. Yeah, some missables, but relationship system and NG+ make it worthy to get into the list. NG+ let you save your high levels for new game so it's no problem to clear "hard" bosses with such over-leveling (and you need 2 runs anyway for plat). Tokyo Xanadu ex+ is the same, but without cliffhangers at the end^.~" Among other games maybe Eiyuu Senki (there is actually one troublesome trophy), Exist Archive (very grindy) and Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity.
  3. Pretty sure you already don't need help with it, but I'll leave answer here to be. They're both from Kazue Souma's route. Should be some event during 2nd or 3rd chapter.
  4. It's Princess Sen[2]. Check Kazama's route. As far as I remember, it's hidden under some casual word like "us", "her" or "here".
  5. A bit late to write it, but I think it still can be helpful for someone (I really hate what it's nearly impossible to find lists of actual differences between Hakuouki's versions) Original Hakuouki was released for PS2, later ported to PSP and DS/DS3 (with "additional stories"). It has 5+1 routes: 5 Shinsengumi guys (Hijikata, Okita, Heisuke, Sano and Saito) and Kazama. Routes consist from 8 chapters with first 4 chapters being a common route and last 4 being individual routes for each of them. PS3-version is a remake of original + fandisk. Basically, fandisk Stories make it worth buying . These Stories are available outside main scenario, even if some of them tell about events during it. Kyoto Winds is a new remake for PS Vita. It has more guys: all previous are available, also you can romance unromancable guys from old cast - Sanan, Shinpachi, Yamazaki, and there are new guys as well - Ryoma Sakamoto, Hachiro Iba and Shinsengumi's Kazue Souma. But Kyoto Winds has only 4 chapters of common route and 1 chapter of individual routes for each of them. No extra stories also (both from PS3 and other releases with extras) Story was adjusted to add choices for new guys from Shinsengumi and new scenes were added, mainly for guys outside of Shinsengumi, but old guys get a bit too (there is CG with Kondo, for example). New side characters were added. But overall common route is the same as before. Individual routes end after battle for Fushimi Magistrate and setting on path to Edo. As I can again point out it's only first chapter of individual story for each of the guys and there should be at least three more chapters. And they exist, btw. In Japan, Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou (our Kyoto Winds) were followed with release of Hakuouki Shinkai Hana no Shou which is the continuation for this game. Overall, I wouldn't recommend Kyoto Winds as first otome because it barely gets to romance part, but it's still a good VN with a heavy historical focus. If you have PS3 version and not crazy about new guys it's worth waiting for release of second half of the story before buying it through (but I haven't seen any announcements or plans to do so, it's just illogical to not release it)
  6. You can have only 5 of the same item at the time, so you'd like to spend them along the way even without "5-songs-request", especially items with more than 5 events: Magical Silk Hat, Sketchbook, Calligraphy Paper, Game Show Placards and Hot Plate. They have two types by module style. For Classic, you need to give either some "making tools" like Cookware, Cooking Pans if vocaloid wants to learn another ways to sing or smth like that, or Song Book, Karaoke Set, Mics, etc. if she wants to sing better. For Cute, you need to give placats, decals, fans with vocaloids if she wants to decorate the room and stuffed/felt dolls otherwise, figurines will also work. For Cool, it's either musical instrument or seasonal decoration for the room (like Christmas stocking, Jack-o-Lantern, Tanabata Tree, Beach Ball). For Elegant, either sweets like cookies and cakes or Tulips, Daisies and Any Cloud Ornament. For Quirky, its either toys like Itasha, Building Blocks (afaik, the ones you can play while "resting", so no Bicycles or Stacking Blocks) or actual food (sweets will go too, but they give you less points). You also can click "Start" while vocaloid is explaining what she or he wants to skip request if you think you don't have the right items and don't want to lose affection. It works only while explanation goes. As soon as you're in gift menu you won't be able to skip gift-giving.
  7. You need to get all events in Album/Event Collection (Event Organizer trophy) and clear Normal/Hard (Intermediate Player and Advanced Player) in Free Mode for Platinum. Event Collection goes like this: - Story Events: you get them during tutorial, then you need to feel crystals twice to open Event Request with Ending Medley. You need to beat it to get it in clouds. After this, you need to fully charge Prisms (7 crystals each) to get final 8th festival and beat it. - Event Requests: you need to see and beat every Event Request in game. You get one request with each crystal, festivals when you get all crystals to some level (i.e. 2-3-4-5-6-7 crystals in every cloud) and additional requests which should be connected somehow with how much you played, but you will get them all by the time of 8th festival. The hardest ones will be with Extreme preset songs including Ending Medley on Extreme. - Friendship Events: you get one event at the start of friendship with each and one at the end. Friendship rises in this game only by gifts. - Gift Events, Pt.1 & Pt. 2: just give vocaloids all items that give events. They are generally the same as in previous game. Good news: there is Sketchbook and Calligraphy Paper but Events are never shown twice, so it's better. - Celebrations: 5 Events are birthdays of vocaloids and you simply need to gift them birthday cakes, the last two are given for collecting all modules in game and fulfilling all Cloud Requests. Other trophies are: one for each friendship at max (10 lvl), so six thropies like MEIKO's BFF, one for each leveling of all crystals one level up (Crystal's Whisper, Crystal's Glimmer, etc.). 10 Million Volts and 1 Million Volts for total Voltage. Grand Gallery is for getting all pictures in album, you need to clear every song at least on Hard in Cloud Requests for this. First Festival is fo clearing first Festival. Welcome to DIVA! is for clearing Tutorial. Photographer is for 10 photos. My Partner is for changing 10 times modules in DIVA room. Mission Chaser is for clearing 10 Event Requests. Stage Master for collecting all stages. To get stage you need to beat song once, so most likely you'll get it during Ending Medley. Hey, You Win! is for viewing staff credits. Challenger is for beating a song with three challenge items. Room with a View is for collecting all room themes. They generally given for competing Event Requests.