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  1. Still no luck with Titanic vr
  2. Have try xbox guide for this.
  3. overpass for 10 is good price
  4. servers are closed its probably trial
  5. 34 very cheap not sure if this can be posted here or not its na only sadly
  6. U may want add titanic vr. Trophys list not on psn. I tried searching it
  7. Dlc is on na store
  8. menu%3Astore
  9. Its on na store now 19.99
  10. What price or u get it free
  11. Only 15 trophys? How u have it.
  12. Shellshock live. I tried contacting developer but no find email to contact
  13. Yes unless your stats save. Test and see. U won't pop any trophy. Keep trying leaderboard one i got to work eventually
  14. Activenemnt list or trophy list any where