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  1. Ps now has full package with all dlc
  2. Is server still up???
  3. Never coming back. They money and run
  4. I guess. It's been on there. Use 7 trial and 100% it
  5. It's on PlayStation now
  6. Did server reset
  7. Is vita harder than ps4 version
  8. Let's hope server resets if not plat unobtainable already
  9. U spend real quick u 100% the game. Only way I think
  10. Don't think so
  11. No not for two day trial
  12. Just create a us account and use 2 plus trial and 100% it
  13. Is there anybody playing it or is it dead
  14. Took me 10 mins lol lot faster
  15. Lost planet 2 is unobtainable already