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  1. But different company not own by ea. Ea shutdown on both usually
  2. Can this be done solo with 2 copys and two ps3s??
  3. Don't see them shutting this down for another year or so. Unless sony force them to. Bad company is on gamepass servers are active. On there.
  4. Yes. I did with iron man.
  5. Yes solo able. Everything can be done solo
  6. Working fine. For me in lobby
  7. No trophys unfortunately just tested it
  8. Platinum it just fine. Worked fine last nmonth when tryed it
  9. Yes keep playing. After u invest in the future trophy
  10. Just play ps5 ver. Disk without updating for investing in future
  11. Hit egg lane 5 times
  12. Na possible??
  13. Goro thing that how u spell it
  14. Invasion Is up