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  1. Hey question if I buy glitch car on update 1.00 Would trophy pop. If I update. Ps. Downgrade your game to 1.00 on digital version. I did on na
  2. How hard was plat.
  3. How hard Is plat
  4. Hacked. No body on psn profile has trophy. U going off ps4 I'm guessing.
  5. Is winter dlc delisted
  6. Theres one in dead island ps4 as well it removed Visa update. Worder if u go back to lower firmware can we use it
  7. Flatout 4 total insanity trophy Jay will be proud. Glitch new update. But works on lower
  8. U ever test and see if na was bugged or not
  9. Amplitude is cross buy as well. Dont know anybody said
  10. Yea it has trophys. Brought it my self
  11. It's still on na store not delisted
  12. Last boss was laggy on ps3. About froze my ps3 it so bad. Good game. I did blaster first run. Kinda pain with lag. Hoping ps4 version goes on sale
  13. It's only 1.26 right now. On sale
  14. So this is made by vlambeer