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  1. I think its disk only. Never seen it on ps store
  2. Good luck with your goals. It will a tough challenge
  3. 51 hidden trophies. Not true 100% nice profile tho
  4. 99
  5. 74 match goodluck
  6. Anybody willing to help get this trophy
  7. Hope none of servers are closing because of this
  8. Mp is active.
  9. Any update love to play this
  10. Try to stay at 100% it dont stop from playing harder games
  11. Digital is 20 as well
  12. Safe. Sony could careless. I believe. Everybody does down grade on games
  13. Hey man. Any chance link to where send a letter to them. I'm gonna send one for bo2 and toy solider
  14. We should would love to plat bo2 mp would be hell because of hackers
  15. Trophy fixed I believe