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  1. Already. Game dont release in Nov
  2. Do I need upgrade legand gun from raid to get collection badge trophy.
  3. Adventure pop is delished
  4. How hard is this. Anybody know
  5. Anyone know release date
  6. Are servers still active.
  7. Adventure pop has been delished on na. Dont know about eu or JP. Game unobtainable as well u cant buy gems anymore. Makes some 3 star level impossible to do without buying gems
  8. Its 9.99 and has a plat
  9. Be cheaper to buy disk copy
  10. U have a nice profile u should get your 100% some day. U should do battle fantasia hard ass fighting game.
  11. Mine popped on alt first match. When servers where active
  12. Is crysis 3 still active people still
  13. I competed 12 no for 6 and 12. Had to restart game compete one more to pop. Little buggy
  14. Server are dead. Is why its closing. I'm pretty sure. No body plays. Anymore. Never find any match anymore sucks I did this my other account had about 100 in it love it