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  1. I'm surprised no body rest vita one
  2. Already pulled. Don't know if u dlc has. Na was pulled. They should game
  3. I see u have joe danger 2 could u test it please and see if u can those 2 upload trophys
  4. Is this game hard. I see it's out
  5. I hope it done. It's has private match I think.
  6. Is this game on disk or any psn store
  7. I'm surprised no trophys glitch. Deveper has bad track recorded never fix anything
  8. Dam. How about homefront. Any chance of it working.
  9. Is 100% still achievable
  10. It's fun game but unplatable. 2 people have king of day in 2017 both are hacks.
  11. I may. U don't have 2 ps3??
  12. Does cellfactor work it's still on na store for 5 dallors. And superstars next is on uk Amazon for 11 pond
  13. Is this game possible in 3 mins. Somebody has 3 min time compete
  14. Yea. Top rated was na only this time eu only. I have eu account but no money. Just some stacks
  15. Eu only. Na will not be getting it.