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  1. Any update love to play this
  2. Try to stay at 100% it dont stop from playing harder games
  3. Digital is 20 as well
  4. Safe. Sony could careless. I believe. Everybody does down grade on games
  5. Hey man. Any chance link to where send a letter to them. I'm gonna send one for bo2 and toy solider
  6. We should would love to plat bo2 mp would be hell because of hackers
  7. Trophy fixed I believe
  8. Do they uk psn cards
  9. Silent hill vita is good horror
  10. No 10% for ea access people
  11. Do u know if true last boss is bugged no body has plat on ps4 two on vita for na none eu
  12. Yes u can
  13. U can play games on other account. I'm sub on alt and play on different alt works fine
  14. But if u buy season pass dont bikes come with it?