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  1. No dont think so. Same trophy list u wont have your save from ps3 to start from where u left off
  2. Its streaming only for ps3 games. And ps4 games u can download u can play as many want. Great for self boosting as well. Rdr is ps3 not ps4
  3. Requires credit card. Dont own xbox anymore was just add them in case I get one
  4. Use ps now to finish infamous
  5. Release date?
  6. Neo assault is great shooter no plat but fun
  7. Play from beginning played on alt tho. Never plated because of online
  8. Yea I did.
  9. I fill your plan. I did. Never saved. Died near end of game. I got plat. 3 was a pain as well
  10. I get stressed a lot as well. When I playing zen pinball I was stressed a lot dungeon good but servers closed made it harder
  11. Its alone I believe
  12. How hard was this 100% I brought ps4 version
  13. If u look trophys awhile online it will sync I believe
  14. Hacker. Flag him. A lot trophies in sec apart