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  1. Yes I'm a completist but wont stop me from games I love and hard games either.
  2. Hacked it. Ufc 3 servers are closed he got online in 2019
  3. Contact Activision daily. Get u 30 people messaging them daily. Maybe they will fix it. Maybe. I really want to bo3 maybe. I love zombies. But bo2 never got patched or fixed
  4. Probably not. I seen this at e3 video for xbox when xbox pass just like toy solider never got fixed by them love to 100% entire series. iv seen in couple tickets
  5. Yea still up
  6. Resistance remaster and dead space remaster and homefront remaster or a new motorstorm
  7. Trophies fixed update just released
  8. Not anymore plus is 64 dollars a month and games has sales taxs in every state
  9. Call Sony and give them hell u should be able to
  10. U should try and see if u can get toy solider fixed. it's by ubisoft as well
  11. Which telltale dont physical copy
  12. Badlands good couch coop
  13. How someone did this in 14 sec hacker??