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  1. Man I wish first game would return to the store I'd buy it. Disk copy pretty hard to find cheap
  2. Has anybody tryed buying it here.
  3. Then dlc is useless for new people mine has no updates
  4. Question. Can anyone confirm warhammer 40k space marine. Its 1.00 I'm sure that had a update at some point I own digital
  5. Yes I brought from there my self
  6. I would play though again if it had 4k and 60 frames on ps5
  7. On sale in na store for 3 dollars
  8. Trophy requirements changed. Psn profile dont show but ps app does when I checked
  9. Broken again. Wont connect
  10. Ps app will no longer send notifications for message. Sony really killing ps4 fast.
  11. Yea same. U ever figure it out
  12. Me either. Never figured it out. Maybe try buying it again on different account
  13. I get same messages. But I can play alt witch is wired not main tho
  14. U need 10 people to get mp started