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  1. Yall gonna test 2011?? Other one need 20 people as well I think
  2. Zen pinball 2 south park is delished as well
  3. Do u think that guy got it working as he said. Or lied about it. I remember u comment on it about it
  4. No somebody got law breakers to work on lower update. It was online only. I think block update with block program
  5. Wonder if this will work on micro machine
  6. Wow. That's a 1000 plus hour 100%
  7. Star wars base is included. I just everything for vita
  8. All star wars pinball DLC are on sale as well. Really cheap about 8 for all its Crossbuy as well to ps3 and ps4 and vita. Only star wars standalone one on sale tho
  9. They easily get online 4.83 was name change backend for ps3 I believe
  10. Never. Sony dont care
  11. Anybody having problems getting passed create a new pw. I get a error everytime
  12. Bad think is u cant reward yet. Unless they ship it ground
  13. Since u like platforms. Try gianna sister very hard game
  14. No season pass for bfv and battlefield 1 season was free couple weeks ago
  15. Maybe. But. Someone claimed that they law breakers to work. Before it closed. With disk.