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  1. Lot of 360 getting removed. Some these are on ps3. Anything Playstation will do same
  2. Nope error connectioning just checked on alt
  3. Still on na store
  4. Unfortunately closed source so u play it u will get flagged if u unlock online trophies I ask someone in
  5. Nope. Not up. Recent person hacked it. Just checked on game on xbox no event
  6. Compete edition code still works. I brought use copy and code worked
  7. I was asking if u had a ps4
  8. Trophy works on 1.00 digital. Game runs like ass on 1.00 U have a ps4. Downgrade is essy. Trophy takes 10 mins or so. To get boombox
  9. Is this possible solo with 2 ps3 and two copys?
  10. But different company not own by ea. Ea shutdown on both usually
  11. Can this be done solo with 2 copys and two ps3s??
  12. Don't see them shutting this down for another year or so. Unless sony force them to. Bad company is on gamepass servers are active. On there.
  13. Yes. I did with iron man.
  14. Yes solo able. Everything can be done solo