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  1. Only thing u can hope for is developer fixes it. Or start challenges over and do it in. Setting and see if that pops it
  2. Someone got 100% there a 1 in completed no body there tho
  3. Glad I didn't buy it. Looked fun
  4. Dam ps3 would nice. U need to get ps3 dev. Love yall games
  5. No patch. Anit been fixed. Yet
  6. No. Last person was 12. Its Easter egg trophy in that dlc.
  7. Bo3 ps4 , love and war from decent dlc. Is unattainable freeze at cutsese
  8. U can its mp in local. I'm pretty sure
  9. Psn has been having problems last few days. Try again in couple. Should work.
  10. Ps4 don't have any hacker. That I know. It's only ps3 version of cod are bad
  11. Black mirror is really fun game
  12. Anybody know how hard this is. Can it be done without buying anything
  13. Yall release those games on ps3 lol
  14. Release date???
  15. There's 2 people now