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  1. Trophy requirements changed. Psn profile dont show but ps app does when I checked
  2. Broken again. Wont connect
  3. Ps app will no longer send notifications for message. Sony really killing ps4 fast.
  4. Yea same. U ever figure it out
  5. Me either. Never figured it out. Maybe try buying it again on different account
  6. I get same messages. But I can play alt witch is wired not main tho
  7. U need 10 people to get mp started
  8. Fix There updating game so all trophys will be single player
  9. There updating game
  10. Yes one and sec obtainable but long long long grind 2000 or hours grind for each
  11. Self boosted it time of doing my self but very grindy
  12. Arcade mode
  13. Its same