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  1. Just purchased and downloaded the first bioshock from Japan the list is a new separate one!!! Can't purchase bioshock 2 from japan due to the cero z rating needing a credit card.
  2. Another missable trophy I believe is identify theft it seems you need to become unique characters. I missed 5 not thinking about this trophy. I have already travled place to place assuming idenities and progress has stopped at 35.
  3. Nvm better idea.
  4. The dlc is out it relased today it cost 4$ USD
  5. I dont see a optical cable plug i say fake.
  6. Can someone help me I am doing this game for the 3rd time but on this level/case I can't call teng to proceed I've tried everything I can think of.
  7. Also a bleeding out enemy doesn't count. The game will just say blank gunned Bob no credit for the kill/death is given to who downed them.
  8. 10m is required it won't change from Don to godfather without your character having 10m
  9. A note when i was preparing for this shots fired by anyone add to total shots fired but the accuracy won't add criminal rank in till you fire 100 bullet
  10. I got mine by seeing a defender punching holes in the wall so I placed the charge and blew it. So that is a option but the way I thought to be the easiest way to get it would be to place a charge on the ground then place the bomb defuser on it (only if the locations floor can have a charge placed) then wait for someone to stop the change.
  11. I don't want to lose quite so I am going to make a separate save just to do the side op then revert to keep her.
  12. Well already payed to get the game back hopefully has more to offer than that.
  13. all trophies but HMP iorngate will be easy
  14. Infamous first light
  15. so the servers are offline could I get all the dlc trophies solo or do I need another person?
  16. ok thanks for the quick answer wasn't sure.
  17. Is proud of hard and time consuming trophies nice one on the harder duck's balls I have tried way to may times.
  18. likes platinum's and proud of soulcalibur v plat!
  19. Well I have 2 Stainless steel Gold savage