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  1. I wonder if killing the robot dog was ever needed and if ‘blackout’ just referred to the DZ being occupied by Black Tusk? I think the initial description was just a bit misleading
  2. Having the same issues, rebuilding database didn’t help for me
  3. I have the digital version and my trophies are slow to pop, also most of the time the trophy image isn’t showing. This also happened quite a bit with AC Odyssey. I’ve rebuilt my PS4’s database to see if that makes any difference. I haven’t earned a trophy since, so I’m not sure if it’s helped yet
  4. They might be better in Black Flag than in 3 but I still hated them in both. I’m disappointed to see it’s back in a big way in Odyssey
  5. Some of the trophies are glitched, but I got the bored trophy ok. I didn't get the trophy for completing the game or for killing 100 red dudes with a pistol. The developers say they know some trophies are glitched and will be fixed in the next patch. with the bored trophy, I thought I'd clicked everything but found some extra things in sub folders.
  6. The colours are very light for me too, I'd like to see a platinum icon used instead personally