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  1. Just download the uplay pass from the store. It's free.
  2. Same here. Trophy cabinet has completely vanished on my account. It's visibly gone and there are no tabs or buttons to edit it. EDIT I'm a dummy and momentarily forgot how to reselect trophies for your cabinet. All set now.
  3. It's not really viable to boost trophies in this game. I recently replayed this on PS4 and got every co-op just fine with random players. If you come across a white robed player try and stick with them. They will most likely know what they're doing and can help you the most.
  4. I was more referring to Daniel's mysterious power. They did absolutely nothing with it story-wise. Again, I felt the characters were poorly done and no one had satisfying story arcs. I didn't care for the political angles as it hit you over the head with it any chance they got. Just felt very forced, over the top and poorly executed.
  5. Nothing in the story connected with me and there weren't any satisfying character arcs. They really did nothing with the story and I felt bored playing every chapter. I don't know, to each their own.
  6. Absolutely hated this game. It was a chore to play let alone finish. The uninspired story and unlikable characters really killed it for me.
  7. This was one of my biggest complaints with the game. Really annoying and it happened way too often.
  8. Very helpful walkthrough, thank you.
  9. Thanks for the tip. Was wondering why the stupid trophy wasn't popping.
  10. Very helpful, thank you.
  11. Of recent memory, Albedo. Complete trash from start to finish.
  12. I also did all of the pizza delivery missions over several different patches and had no issues.
  13. The few in game save files I had wouldn't load. I had one early save file and that wouldn't load either so everything got corrupted. Basically all I could do was start a new game. I'm thinking it's due to the shoddy port of this game. I think GTAIII and Vice City ran on emulation on PS4 and the differences definitely show when playing San Andreas. The last time I ran into save file issues was back in the days of PS1, usually because all I could afford at the time was those crappy third party memory cards. Either way I started a new game and I'm already way past where I originally was so whatevs.
  14. The game won't load my save file, keeps saying load failed. Is there a fix for this or am I screwed? Playing on PS4.
  15. Because the junction system sucks.