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  1. Been waiting for some season pass price drops.
  2. You're not missing out on much.
  3. PS4 is definitely the way to go. Tried it on Vita first and it always crashed at some point. PS4 version never crashed on me once.
  4. Really not that hard. Playing on Vita I used the dpad and got it my second attempt. As long as you're quick you shouldn't get hit. The arcade boss gave me way more trouble than this one.
  5. After playing both games Arthur by far is the more interesting character.
  6. I came pretty close to quitting the trophy hunt for this game. Replaying the missions for gold medals alone almost broke me. Now that it's over and done with I'm ultimately glad that I stuck with it and got the platinum even though it was a grind.
  7. Playing this right now. The lag is really frustrating...
  8. I found them on a road outside of Tumbleweed.
  9. They also need to make free aim lobbies and matches as well. The auto aim can be a little ridiculous at times.
  10. My advice would be to server hop until you find a session with fewer players. That and try to be in an area on the map where other players aren't.
  11. Zoologist Red Dead Redemption 2
  12. Guess I lucked out. I found it randomly one night near Tall Trees.
  13. WTF did I just "play"...
  14. Pretty much what I did as well. Another bonus by using this method is that you rack up tons of kills so it's easy to get multiple gold buckle awards over time. I lost count of how many times I reset awards related to kills.
  15. You're welcome. Happy hunting.