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  1. Too bad PS4 deals suck. I have the DLC, I guess it's the same. I would say buying the standalone isn't that good a choice. The game is great (For a DLC) but really really short and it's pretty much just an extremely extremely small sea open world (Like a few small islands, one major place and another couple of islands from what i remember) in the style of Black Flag with short missions. It's really fun, it's like Black Flag but with random slave missions all over the place everywhere you go which are very repetivie, like dying slave here, lift him and carry to there, running away slave there kill his chaser, slaves in cage there pickpocket/kill guard for key etc. (x50)
  2. What's the game deal about this game? I didn't even know what Street Fighter was until I saw this hyping-ness...
  3. Definitely Ezio, how can you call him boring..? Such confusion.
  4. Just got inFamous Second Son yesterday, played it a bit and am loving it.
  5. Killzone Shadowfall Trophy Guide I have been using this for the online trophies and it's been very helpful so far. Guide is the only place I could find that actually shows how to boost the abilities and has all the information needed.
  6. Maybe it has a really big open world? Lol, joking, this is hilarious that they think it needs to be next gen.
  7. It's not on the PS3, sorry, were you not aware of that? EDIT: The Walking Dead Season 1 is a very high quality amazing game. Though avoid Season 2, it is very bad by comparison (Based on Episode 1-4) and not that great. I own them for PC.
  8. I think it looks great and will definitely be getting it but am wondering how quickly it will get old. L4D2 was a great game and it is still hugely popular today so I have good faith they can make this last long in gaming.
  9. I think it looks great, will be getting for the PS4. I didn't like Dead Island though, only played the first and it was boring and bad IMO.
  10. This game looks really good, I love Survival Horror but never saw the films. Probably won't be preording it so won't be getting DLC. Wish it wasn't a preorder DLC.
  11. I never got the Far Cry games but Far Cry 3 didn't look that great to me when it was popular, am not sure about this game yet.
  12. This game looks very promising, would really like to hear more about it.
  13. Resogun is really high quality.