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  1. Oh hai I started playing last month and I'm on the Cerberus server! *checks date of this thread*
  2. Platinum #52: Alone in the Dark

  3. #52: Alone in the Dark I actually ended up enjoying this game! Both endings were terrible though...
  4. Oh man... I was so undecided on this one, I forgot to even vote!
  5. I can't decide! Dem Ahri and Sona sigs doe...
  6. I've been planning on starting this series. I own the first one but haven't played it yet.
  7. No - not familiar with it. Have you seen Redline?
  8. I'm fully caught up on Game of Thrones! Ready for season 5! !
  9. Nope. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  10. I started Hunter x Hunter (2011) on Wednesday. It's AMAZING! I've just watched episode 18.
  11. Platinum #51: UP

  12. #51: UP Yay! Makes me wanna watch the film now. Just thinking about it gives me the feels again.
  13. Uhh well this is embarrassing but when I was 15 years old... I fell off my bike while it/I was stationary... I snapped both bones in my left forearm...
  14. AWESOME. That was fast and it looks beautiful. Thanks!
  15. Congrats CMG! I can't wait to see next month's League of Legends signatures.