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  2. EDIT: Cel helped me with everything so I'm all good. Hello, I would greatly appreciate any help with the Knight's Honor trophy. I am currently level 90 at the moment. Lordvessel is unlocked so we can meet wherever is convenient. I've been going back to my playthroughs of Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls III while I still have the Fromsoft muscle memory from Elden Ring. After a quick run to become the Lord of Hollows, DS3 is done! It's just this game that remains. Well, until I finally get around to Sekiro and Demon's Souls Remake....
  3. Platinums #122 - 124: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition Grand Theft Auto III As fun as I remember it being! Claude, top tier gaming mute, never looked cooler. In fact his character model looks miles better than the one he has in San Andreas definitive edition… First time seeing the ending! When I was younger, I gave up on one of the last missions where you had to destroy fake coffee stalls across the entire city within a time limit. Decades later I finally have closure. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City I’ve never played this before and have always heard great things. I was a bit sceptical to start off with but it really is as good as people say it is. Loved the movie references, the music and simply the whole vibe of the game. Tommy Vercetti is awesome and now I can see it’s a shame it never worked out with Ray Liotta so that Tommy could show up in San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas This one is still my favourite GTA of ‘em all. So much to do! Excellently designed and varied missions, both for the story and side content. Plenty of customisation. Samuel L Jackson. Etc. I know this trilogy and GTAIV&V are set in different universes but I always wished CJ made some sort of an appearance in GTA V. It’s sad to see the Ballas occupying Grove Street in GTA V. - - - I’ve had my fair share of bugs. GTA3 was mostly fine. Vice City had cops teleporting to my car door & instantly arresting me on more than one occasion. (One time I was up on a rooftop too!) Meanwhile San Andreas had it the worst. It turned into a slideshow multiple times, parked cars would over-spawn and explode, random helicopters were flying in the ground with only the rotor poking out spinning, and more. All 3 games had issues keeping vehicles saved in the garages for me. San Andreas is also much easier than I remember it being. I was shocked to have done Zero’s RC plane mission on the first try this time around. I’ve heard that this trilogy is based on mobile ports, so it would make sense if the difficulty feels dumbed down. Regardless, it’s been a blast revisiting these games and was well worth it. I’ll definitely play them again someday. There’s always the PS4 versions to platinum after all..!
  4. I don't know if there's an easier way but what I do for platinum images is: > Your PSNProfile > Click on the platinumed game (e.g. Final Fantasy XV) > Click on the game's platinum trophy (for FFXV it would be The World Wanderer) > Click on the platinum trophy's image that's right next to the trophy name > Copy the image's URL > Click your post's Insert other media dropdown and choose Insert image from URL > Paste URL and Insert into post
  5. Oh I forgot to follow up on this, I saw the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie in the cinema when it released here. It was great!
  6. Platinum #120: Saints Row: The Third Remastered A mindlessly fun game to revisit. Story is as short and forgettable as ever. It can be fun to play in co-op. Cause havoc, lure the spawning mobs to the motorway and have a grand battle on the bridge! First time playing the DLC, it’s just more minigames… Saints Row 2 is still superior. Looking forward to the series reboot, simply to see what customisation it offers as that is what I enjoy the most in this franchise personally. Platinum #121: Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age My first Dragon Quest and it is a phenomenal JRPG. I love the writing & voice acting, all of the characters ooze with charm. I appreciate all the time-saving features that lessen the typical grinds and pains of the genre. The visuals are great. I love Tickington and its classic pixel art. The ability to play the entire game in either 2D or 3D is also very cool. Story is alright with some outstanding moments. Not sure how I feel about the post-game "undoing" some of it though. This is a good time to mention my small gripes with the game. They could've mixed things up a bit more with the music. The whole playable cast look awesome except for the main character. I wish he looked more like the guy he was reincarnated from. Also I wish a certain party member got her original body back. It definitely seemed like she would. Easily would've been best girl but leaving her that way, it's just weird. I'm definitely eager to play the next Dragon Quest.
  7. Likes cute, smol, chibi-esque characters?
  8. Monster Energy SuperCross? WTF. Monster has a videogame lol.
  9. I saw Belle at the cinema yesterday. I loved it!
  10. I've finally gotten around to Jujutsu Kaisen. I'm enjoying it!
  11. Platinum #115 - 119: Assorted Vita Cross-Buy Games An assortment of games I fired up my PS Vita for. A couple of arcadey, retro-style games, a platformer, a puzzle game and whatever the heck My Name is Mayo is. Nice and simple gameplay experiences that are not bad at all for when you’re on the go. They were also good reasons to blow the dust off the old, abandoned handheld. Which reminds me, I still need to get around to Media Molecule’s Tearaway! That has been waiting in the backlog since nearly as long as I’ve owned the Vita probably.
  12. Platinum #114: Fall Guys Most of my playtime on this game was back during its first season. Fun to play as well as to watch, so it can be a good game to take turns with others and laugh at the chaotic silliness that occurs. I remember liking Slime Climb the most. After a while, the fun converts to rage at your fellow bean people. Especially the grabbers. Curse the grabbers. Back then all I had left to obtain were the Infallible and Squad Goals trophies. The closest I got to Infallible was 4 wins in a row before giving up. I was capable of it but there were just too many random factors in different game modes getting in the way. So I took a break. I came back to the bean game sometime last summer. Apparently I missed some glitch that made Infallible easy last May or March? Fortunately a new “special show” had begun in July and was my biggest saviour. I believe it was called Hoverboarding Time. Everyone who could survive the obstacle-ridden hoverboard ride until the end was awarded a crown. This seemed to be unintended as it was patched after the first day it was available. In any case, I never have to suffer from beans who invade my personal space and drag me into slime hell ever again. Bonus Vids: Hardcore parkour in Fall Guys - YouTube Fall guys Titanic [Meme] - YouTube
  13. Platinum #113: Astro's Playroom For a lot of PlayStation 5 trophy hunters, it may be safe to assume that this will be their first PS5 platinum trophy. Apparently Genshin Impact has a tight grip on me as Astro is my second PS5 platinum. Anyway, this is a charming platformer and a fun way to test out what the Dualsense can do. More than that, it is a joyful virtual museum to PlayStation’s history with plenty of cute gaming references that are (or have been) connected to the brand. Delightful-looking environments, awesome final boss and some short time trials to get competitive with friends over. Great launch title.
  14. Platinum #112: Genshin Impact I’ve got to do a bit of catch-up with reporting my platinum trophies. Jeez, I obtained Genshin’s platinum half a year ago! I kept putting off writing my thoughts down regarding this game because there’s a lot that can be covered. I’ll try and keep it succinct. Genshin may be lacking a good ol’ lock on system but the gameplay is surprisingly deep. The playable roster has exceeded over 40 vision bearers and there are more to come. Each character has their own skills & abilities. You assemble a team of up to 4 to set off elemental reactions against your foes. Most of the game is easy enough that you don’t have to worry about the meta. It is absolutely fine to pick your faves and run with them. There is so much more when it comes to aspects related to Genshin’s combat (weapons, elements, talents, the artifact grind, etc.) but we don’t have to get into it now. Over time, I’ve been particularly impressed by certain gameplay features miHoYo has introduced. Some have only been available during limited time events. Theater Mechanicus - a fleshed out tower defense mode. Peculiar Wonderland - a collection of minigames that felt amusingly like a watered down Fall Guys. Windtrace - Prop Hunt from Garry’s Mod but Genshin style. And more. A feature I like that has become a mainstay is the Animal Crossing-like Serenitea Pot System. In fact it does some things better than Animal Crossing New Horizons! (Like having more than one “island”.) You can stick your characters in there, craft furniture and visit your friend’s teapot homes too. People have even made mazes and obstacle courses on their realms! One final gameplay feature I’ll mention is the addition of your own boat! The Waverider (introduced in the summer and now here to stay in the third and latest region) makes the game feel a bit less Breath of the Waifu Wild and more like Wind Waker! Oh I’ll sneak in a mention that fishing has been added of course. What game doesn’t have fishing for crying out loud. Skyrim? Oop nevermind. I’m enjoying how deceptively dark and mysterious the story and lore can be. (T H E S K Y I S F A K E) Hearing about the dev’s other work (Honkai Impact 3rd) where they have no qualms killing off main characters, I’m looking forward to seeing how much darker things may get. I should check out the webcomic/manga some time. Some of the cutscenes look stunning and I love how items in the game provide lore. This lore-feeding method always reminds me of the Soulsborne games. For example glimpses of Rosalyne and Rostam’s story can be seen in the descriptions of specific artifact sets. If you're curious at all, here’s pretty artwork of their story in a similar style to certain in-game cutscenes. The soundtrack is spectacular. Yu-Peng Chen and the HOYO-MiX music studio did a stellar job. From the gorgeous ambient music to the epic boss battle themes. The character demos on miHoYo’s YouTube channel also have fantastic music. Zhongli's one being the most popular but my personal favourites being Keqing and Ganyu’s demos. It is also especially awesome to see the team behind this game’s soundtrack work with the London, Shanghai and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestras. Each region has their own soundtrack that really solidifies their identity. We have 3 regions so far (I thought I'd include 3 song examples for each) and they are; the mainly German inspired land of Mondstadt (EX1, EX2, EX3), Chinese inspired Liyue (EX1, EX2, EX3) and Japanese inspired Inazuma (EX1, EX2, EX3). Islands and areas within those very regions have such haunting musical pieces specific to them that I love. Examples being Stormterror’s Lair, Seirai Island and Tsurumi Island. In conclusion, I’ve enjoyed my time in Teyvat and will continue to do so. There are at least 4 more regions still to come! I can’t wait to explore them and see what new things they bring to the table. Oh there are definitely issues I never got around to ranting about. Overall though, Genshin is a great gacha game! (Say that ten times fast!)
  15. YES THANK YOU I HAVE INFALLIBLE NOW. I managed to fall on the 5th crown's final round LMAO. I died a little inside.
  16. Popped Squad Goals today and it worked fine on PS5. All I have left is Infallible. I don't think I'll be seeing that pop any time soon.
  17. Platinum #111: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim A few nights ago I obtained this platinum. Glad to have it done before the 10 year anniversary on 11/11. Clocking in at just shy of 160 hours according to Exophase. 2 out of 3 DLCs done. I don't know when I'll take on the Dragonborn DLC but I need a break. Honestly, I thought I'd dread playing this without mods and indeed it did feel terrible to begin with. However, it holds up well enough. Umm, with a few crashes and bugs here and there. Standard for Bethesda Softworks. In playthroughs past, I'd explore the map in its entirety without touching the main quest and put off some of the factions. This meant I would burn out pretty quickly without ever seeing the ending and a lot of story content before that. I've never even seen Windhelm and Solitude until now! So I am thankful for this trophy playthrough as it has forced me to get through the major set-pieces of Skyrim. After all these years feeling like I'm familiar with the land of the Nords, seeing jaw-dropping places like Blackreach, the Soul Cairn and Sovngarde blew my mind. Companions -> Thieves Guild -> College of Winterhold -> Dark Brotherhood -> Dawnguard -> Main Quest -> Civil War The order above is how I went about the chunks of content in the game. No particular reason, it just felt natural to me/my character. I did end up doing extra side quests here and there as I couldn't help myself. The best faction is the Thieves Guild with the Dark Brotherhood being a close second. The worst faction by far is the Bards College. 1 quest, then 3 fetch quests and that's it. Can't even play an instrument afterwards. I put off the Imperials & Stormcloaks civil war until the end because I just do not care for it at all. After seeing the Hall of Valor in the main story, I sped-ran all of the fort battles as fast as I could with a one-hitting Daedric greatsword. (I prefer the edgy Daedric set to the bony dragon sets.) I went Stormcloaks and by the end it felt like regret for some reason. I didn't want to kill Rikke and Tullius. But boy was I glad that was over. Oh speaking of the Daedric set, the Daedric quests were awesome. My character is a Redguard. The same as what I played in Oblivion. I've always liked the look of Redguards the most and their lore is pretty cool too. I thought it'd be interesting if the Last Dragonborn would be from the race that has no connection to Atmora. Anyway, my Redguard was mostly two-handed melee but used a lot of one-handed for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. I was close to ending up with a stealth archer quite a few times during my plathrough! She was going to marry Muiri (as she is best girl without mods) but of course the game bugged and she only gives the one same response. (Yes I did both objectives for her.) So she ended up marrying Mjoll the Lioness instead. (I miss Bijin Warmaiden Mjoll *chef's kiss*.) Here's a few other random stuff. Sacrificed some drunk called Cosnach to the Daedric Prince Boethiah. When choosing 1 of 3 potential targets to kill at the beginning of the Dark Brotherhood story, I killed all 3 to parallel the Night Mother killing all 5 of her children for Sithis. Savior's Hide is my favourite armour in the game but I mostly wore Daedric, Linwe, Guildmaster or Jester armour. I like the design of the Silver Sword/Greatsword the most, but I mostly swung Daedric Sword/Greatsword, shot with a Daedric Bow and blasted the spell Incinerate. Whirlwind Sprint is my most used shout. Hmm... I feel like I'm forgetting something but that'll do. Skyrim is a good time. Still not as good as Oblivion. Some day I'll get to Morrowind.
  18. Senran Kagura (either of the 2 you have)
  19. Rise of the Guardians (Ya, the video game based on the animated movie.)
  20. Ashelia is what I named my Lumine. Simply because she reminded me of the Princess of Dalmasca.
  21. Horizon: Zero Dawn (Don't forget to pick up your free HZD Complete Edition while it is available)
  22. Dragon Ball FighterZ The grind for 20 Million Zeni is insane if you don't use any glitches Also be careful with J-Stars Victory VS+. The card decks bugged out for me.
  24. Platinum #110: Monster Hunter World This is my first full playthrough of a game from the Monster Hunter franchise! I did try a demo on the PSP a long, long time ago. Don't ask me which Monster Hunter that demo was for specifically, I have no idea! I went into this with no expectations and had a great time. Bought it on release and only stopped playing back then because all I had left to do was grind for elder dragon gold crowns. I didn't care at all for the story. Not sure if the series is known for their narratives or not but it is completely forgettable. You follow some huge volcanic, lava island dragon thingy while constantly rescuing your assistant. Palicoes are super adorable and every game should have them. So without the story keeping my attention, it was the gameplay loop alone that kept me going. I started off making an insect glaive guy. Flashy moves but I kinda got bored of it tbh. As usual with games that have character customisation, my interest really piques when I make a waifu character lmao. So second character I predominantly used longswords and never looked back. I was too much of a noob to use the counter/parry mechanic so I'm one of those LS users that simply combos and dodges... Initially felt pretty bad for the monsters when they tried to limp away from their deaths. But the sweet, sweet weapons and armour though... No remorse! Especially after all of that crown farming! I never want to see a Kushala Daora again! I've definitely had my fill for a long while. I don't plan on trying Iceborne and not really interested in Monster Hunter Rise for my Switch. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that this game was one of my faves of 2018 and it felt very easy to come back and finish it off.
  25. Platinums #101-109: Super Destronaut DX, 36 Fragments of Midnight, Chickens On The Road, Road Bustle, Cat Quest, Snake Boat: Otterific Arcade, Burly Men At Sea, Drowning, My Name is Mayo 2 Uhh... Yeah... I have a problem. That was a questionable night... Never again.