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  1. theres absolutely no way you did it in 15min...
  2. sorry i put a wrong title
  3. thanks man thats GREAT !!!!!!!
  4. how tf do you get this trophy? i played for 3h and still couldnt get it its impossible -.-
  5. hey, can someone make a great dark signature (horizontal) pic with Devil Jin from Tekken? and my name that would be great
  6. definately not worth it
  7. hehe, grüß  gott :D

    1. StoRmAreA


      haben wir gemeinsame games ?

    2. Shirokane84


      Servus ;)

      Schön auch dass man hier mehr und mehr Österreichische Mit Zocker findet!

  8. Ah another Austrian... servus ^_^

    Bildergebnis für cute austrian anime gif

  9. Psychopath cause it looks sick af 😮
  10. dark souls for sure
  11. designated trophy hunter
  12. anyone knows?