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  1. so i know you can look up the cyberpunk items but i want to see them equipped, especially the outfits and glowing items. Foster looks best so far Dar C3HZ Helmet with glowing backbag
  2. you guys are really off topic, but who am i to give a fuck
  3. now i have 2 0.00% Ultra Rare trophies, what a day to be alive.
  4. i just did it till wave 25 and got about 25.000xp, lol.
  5. but man, i would love a trophy like "reach wave 200" or something
  6. hey, i made a little movie, maybe some of you enjoy it
  7. Spring Update
  8. Does it also work if i make fun of your taylor swift avatar?
  9. lol you cant compare a sackboy thingy with a "real human" story
  10. thanks very much, its my fav plat Dark Souls
  11. only 4 people in this forum are playing the game? 😅
  12. why do you consider Uncharted 4 as hard or long plat? ^^