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  1. Some players have it for 3 years already, are the trophies bugged?
  2. hello, today i saw these timestamps: He got "die with 36" in the exact same time as "bring 36 back" and thats not possible, right? Or is there a glitch i do not know?
  3. so i know you can look up the cyberpunk items but i want to see them equipped, especially the outfits and glowing items. Foster looks best so far Dar C3HZ Helmet with glowing backbag
  4. how tf do you get this trophy? i played for 3h and still couldnt get it its impossible -.-
  5. you guys are really off topic, but who am i to give a fuck
  6. hey, i made a little movie, maybe some of you enjoy it
  7. now i have 2 0.00% Ultra Rare trophies, what a day to be alive.
  8. i just did it till wave 25 and got about 25.000xp, lol.
  9. but man, i would love a trophy like "reach wave 200" or something
  10. Spring Update
  11. Does it also work if i make fun of your taylor swift avatar?
  12. lol you cant compare a sackboy thingy with a "real human" story
  13. thanks very much, its my fav plat Dark Souls
  14. only 4 people in this forum are playing the game? 😅
  15. why do you consider Uncharted 4 as hard or long plat? ^^
  16. Can be closed. They change on tuesday
  17. Its monday 4:30 PM and they havent changend yet?
  18. i have earned Killing Floor 2 for K
  19. i have LBP2 and karting
  20. i have fc 3, 4 and primal