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  1. Is there still spots on Stage 8 map where the boss can fall through and die?
  2. It has been mentioned that during Blow Up II mission a bounty periodically occurs. Without being a code writer employee of R* I don't think anyone actually knows R*'s code/game mechanics and then, could they be 100% certain a bounty cannot spontaneously occur? I would suggest that a case by case review is warranted in this game. Sans any other suspicious activity the Run Like the Wind trophy should be allowed. Roughly 100 people have attained it subsequent to it's "removal". Such an abundance of players cannot hack a trophy on their own. I think the root of my argument would be do not punish a person who has made no direct violation of game mechanics. Trophy criteria occurs during game play; a player than performs the actions related to obtain the trophy. Run like the wind is arguably harder to obtain than a typical boost where 10 players run to the center of a map and stand still while a player proceeds to perform 10 headshots; knife kills; grenade kills...
  3. IMO join friend always teams you together. Your friend should just search for the map and game type you are in.
  4. IIRC there were 5-7 unique QTE sets - Each set being multiple QTE's as in square than triangle which took near immediate actions. Some of the QTE sets had 5 different actions. I had to write them down as I failed. It was a challenge.
  5. Having completed I will never play this again. I play many games for hundreds hours; finish them and enjoy replaying. This one is in the trash.
  6. I'm chuckling at the 30 somethings answering here...let's just say one of my kids is 30. It's pretty sweet when you can send any of your kids to the liquor store while you're gaming.